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The inspector calls Rishi to come to police station, as they have caught Sandy. Rishi tells him not to release Sandy and hurries there.
In the jail, Sandy accepts his crime.
Rishi thought about Tannu’s promise, he stops the car with a jerk and his phone fell on floor, and Tannu’s last video he taped plays. She vowed to come back in this world if even she dies.
A daughter is born to Vikram and his wife.
Rishi cries watching the video as he miss Tannu. Vikram suggests they must name their daughter as Tanvi, his wife rejects. He selects Tanuja. His wife likes it, but suggests about asking Pandit for once as well.
Manpreet walks restlessly at the door, Rano assures him that Rishi will be back. Manpreet cries that Rishi has not been able to bear this pain, he was worried what if

Rishi does something wrong. Rano assures nothing will happen to Rishi. Rishi comes home then, Manpreet hugs him saying everything will get well. Rishi questions what will get well now, had Rano accepted Tannu he wouldn’t have to run. Now everything has ended, Tannu lied to him about living with him forever. Rano says this was fate, Rishi asks what if he kills himself, and would she call it fate? He goes to lock himself in the room, Manpreet and Rano knock from outside. Raaj comes to them, and asks them give him some time. He needs time to get out of such a trauma, time is a healer.
In the room, Rishi watches Tannu’s photo in his cell phone and cries. He recalls Tannu had been writing R on her hand with sindoor. He came behind her. She says it’s an omen. Rishi said he likes it that she isn’t afraid of anyone now. He shared that he likes this henna, and narrates her about getting henna into her hands. He wanted to put on henna as well, Tannu says boys don’t put on henna. Rishi suggested her about getting tattoos done, they had hugged at this agreement. Rishi wipes his tears and smile watching the cell phone. He burnt a rod to write tea over his arm and laughed doing so; then cries again.
Pandit suggests Tanvi, but Neha objects it to be old fashioned. She agrees at Tanuja. Pandit approves it. Vikram’s mother shows a birth mark at Tanuja’s back, Pandit suggests it’s some mark from her last birth. He reads her birth chart, and cheers that she is a saver of death curse. She has been born to marry someone having a death mark, she will save him from a death curse and be a fate changer for him. She has been born on a purpose, and she will marry someone older than her.
Rishi breaks all his trusts over birth charts, over Tannu’s promises and over Goddess as well. He complained that Tannu went away from him. Tannu broke her promise, Goddess also broke it but Rishi Singh Bedi won’t break his no matter what. He drives the car, thinking about Tannu. He stops his car on the same spot on road again, saying here Tannu died and he is sure he will get his Tannu back here. He shouts I am coming Tannu, gets in his car again to drive furiously. The lady’s words echo in background, that Tannu will be re-born to save Rishi again. She will save Rishi in every of his life. Rishi accelerates the car to drive down the cliff.
A leap of 20 years is show, the staff stood alert as the boss has arrived. Everyone hurried to clean the mess inside as sharp 9. Rishi enters the office, wearing glasses.

PRECAP: Rishi was curt man, telling a lady that this stroller is just an indication of betrayal and pain of your beloved leaving you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. That’s too fast.. I honestly didn’t expect leap this week.. Anyway new tannu entry reduced my interest over the show..

  2. Love you Rishi,, but miss you so much kratika….. Please come back. By the way,, the storyline ahead is sounding interesting

  3. Siddhi

    Hi kasam family how are u all?Why don’t u all get registered?if u all will get registered then we can talk with eachother

    1. How can we get registered?????

      1. Ther’s a register tab at the top, click it and fill the form and register.

    2. Siddhi

      Go in menu and choose register option and fill necessary information

  4. Yaar can’t see sharad crying

    Want Kritika back
    And also want see Wht comes next


    Full of emotion episode…. I was like so sad and wanted to cry?????????…..
    But so cute name Tannuja.. short form Tannu… ☺☺☺☺☺☺
    But I hope Rishi is not harsh towards Tannu (kritika) as seeing his face expression and precap i think he do not believe in love as well as not his love for tannu…
    And yes plz make Manpreet to marry ahana…

  6. ???????????
    Kash nayi tannu kratika hi hoti….?????

  7. Guys 43 age man married with 20 age girl ekta was a crazy

    1. I know crazy. Rishi was 23 and then tannu was reborn so there is at least a 20 year difference

  8. Can I know whos this vikram?

    1. Sriranjani

      Vikram is Sandy’s Brother.

  9. Sriranjani

    I’m very sad that they took the episode in a new way….Hmmm well waiting to see the new tanu’s acting…Guys in this birth she will shows her attitude just like Rishi…She is fun loving girl and Rishi will get shocked to see her and maintain a distance from her as he felt Tanu’s resembles in her.

  10. Well love the show and no matter for kratika as the story should be interesting not dragging and dragging

  11. What a sad episode

  12. Its really so sad

  13. Hey i love that seen where rishi was making a tatoo of T and the new born baby was having r in his back

    But anyway i will miss kratika
    Kratika plz read our comment im really missing u i luv u kratika

  14. guys this story is going crazy & how 2 become registrd member.

    1. Siddhi

      Go in menu and select register and fill necessary information

  15. Hi guys this is yasmeen.

  16. This was shit….why did Tanu die so early???

  17. Rishi will be 43!!! omg!!

  18. The episode was quiet sad.now rishi will be so dam strict. I just want the old funny rishi back at least after this tanuja uff tannu will come back in her life.

  19. Luvleen

    Hmmm I think I will watch for a lil bit more to see where it goes….cause I want to see how it all plays out. I read new tanu will be the love interest of Rishi’s nephew! ? But we all know what happens….she will eventually marry Rishi story ends lol

  20. Hii frnds can i join in kasam family

  21. Why rishi is so rude I want risk and tannu back…….

  22. Hw to join kasam family

    1. Siddhi

      Nothing if u sant to join kasam family then u are welcome in kasam family

  23. Without kartika..no kasam…

  24. so exited to see what happens with Rishi, Manpreet, Ahana, Neha, Yuvraj after 20 years

  25. Miss u sooo much kratika…… love uuuuuu….?

  26. Love u a lot my dear Kritika….miss u ……….
    What about Ahana ? waiting for your entry…

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