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Rishi comes to Tannu’s room watching her sleep under the fan and removes her hair off her face. He promises not to let anyone hurt her, get close to her, and says I love you. Ahna wakes up at the voice, Rishi hides himself. Ahna was irked at the cats, Rishi meows. Ahna gets to sleep again. He smiles people turn to dogs in love, he became cat, and his love is a bit different; gives a flying kiss to Tannu before leaving.
The next morning, Tannu serves breakfast. Raaj asks her to join them, Bee jee asks Tannu why she is watching Bani. Bani asks her to join them. UV leaves his chair for her, Rano gives her a plate. Manpreet leaves his chair for Rishi who joins them, he asks Tanvi about passing him everything on table. He asks Raaj to bless him their couple always stay happy together. Raaj blesses him.

Rishi holds Tannu’s hand. He asks Tannu to pass ketchup bottle. She takes her hand off his, he suggests her about thanking him. She leaves the table irritated, he calls her why he is leaving him? Everyone eyes them, he asks her to get juice for him. Rano thinks she already knew there is something between them, Bani was worried for Neha being curt and heads to tell them about Tannu’s engagement. Rishi gets a cough, Neha comes to tap his back. Raaj joins her, Rano gets him juice and sends him to bathroom. Tannu eyed Rishi, worried about him as he poses to be dizzy and fell over her. UV laughs and tells Manpreet he is doing a drama only. In the washroom, Rishi struggles with cough while Neha helps him. He poses to puke over Neha, she gives him way. After sometime, Rishi gets well and sends Neha to tell everyone she saved his life. Neha was excited and goes outside.
Rishi holds Tannu’s hand and asks why she came forward when he was about to puke. She was speechless, he leaves his hand. He tells her it was all a drama, just to see what would be her response. Tannu asks if he is crazy, she was about to die…. Rishi gets her by her words. He asks who he is to her. He again warns her Pavan isn’t good for her, Neha comes to take him out. He requests her with his eye movements.
Neha brings Rishi out. Bee ji promises to feed him bread in torn pieces, it won’t stuck his throat then. Bani says when they are done with Rishi, she now announces Tannu and Pavan’s engagement today’s evening. She sends them all to get ready. Tannu leaves the room, Rishi looks down. Rano eyes them thinking there is something between them. Bani informs Bee ji its good, both will get married together. Rishi excuses himself and leaves the table. Rano watches Tannu unhappy, and asks if she is happy and likes Pavan. Tannu says yes she is, Bani smiles victoriously. Guljeet reminds Rano she was also nervous at the time of her wedding. Bee ji wonders why Neha is not nervous then.
The boys wonder how to stop this engagement. Bee ji comes asking Rishi to stop this engagement. Manpreet suggests Bee ji to tell Rano about Rishi and Tannu. Bee ji was afraid of Rano. She asks Rishi to save Tannu from getting engaged to that Pavan. Rishi kisses her forehead and takes Manpreet along.
Rishi comes to Tannu in kitchen, asking for his tillak ask he is going for war. She asks if he is fine. He says he is going to make things fine, and save her. Tannu wonders whom is he talking about. Manpreet was in the hall, Bani calls Guljeet. Manpreet keeps an eye on her, Bani and Ahna both feel his eyes on Bani. Bani asks Guljeet to drop Shagun’s thaal to Pavan’s family. Manpreet texts Rishi, Rishi asks him to take the thaal that he is going there and would drop the thaal. He gets Guljeet on the door, Guljeet was afraid of Bani. Manpreet evokes if he is a man’s child? Guljeet boasts, Rishi watches Manpreet take the Shagun Thaal.

PRECAP: Tannu stops Rishi, Rishi asks Manpreet to say bye to her and smiles himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Uff Bani Drama Dead Drama………..

  2. Thanx 4 d update sona

  3. Lol the Tilak part reminded me of maharana pratab n ajabde scene lolzzz

  4. Omg!!! Precap was nice…. manpreet calls tannu bhabhi…. so cute….

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wow maharana pratap n adjabe…..so sweet….my tears brimmed..love malpreet n ahna….move it along now tanvi n rishi….

  6. Gd episode

  7. Today’s epi was quite good…
    BT don’t understand that why ekta is willing to kill all those characters who r fab in there acting…kratika is really a good and best actress and she has proved that this damn ekta series r gd at start BT flop as the series reaches height ….

  8. Are yaar esi story pehle bhi Hum dekh chuke hain Indian television par …writers should try something different…..Ok now I am Starting to watch Ek Duje ke vaaste instead of this show.

    1. ya its an old story in indian television series..shud really try smthing new

  9. Nice episode….and that bani…hmmm..wat would happen to her when the truth will reveal….hahaha???…

  10. Guy’s anybody had seen Ekta show kis desh mein hai mera dil……. Kasam is just like that coz in that serial also…. The engagement is fixed in childhood… Girl parents will die………. And there aunty make use of this situation just like bani………………………………..

    1. devishivakumar

      Now that serial is going on star utsav

  11. Absolutely agree Swara and Smriti?

  12. Bakkwaaaassss serialllll……..
    i dnt undrstand y theyDraaaaagggggg

    1. Shruti Malhotra

      Dear Seher, if u realy think this serial bakkwaass so dont watch it
      watch something else & comment on that serial.

  13. Guys i enjoy this episode. bahut maza aagaya it’s just fun to watch.it’ s better than the other. i like the funny movements by rishi,manpreet,beeji. specially the last scene when rishi ask to tanu for tilak.and manpreet bani ko watch karna,ahana neendh karab karne kiliye billi samajkar rishi ko dotna. Anyone agree with me please reply me.And please mujhe maaf karthijiye agar mere hindhi me koi mistake ho toh kyunki mujhe hindhi nhi aathi i am from tamilnadu . pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me

    1. You’re right, it was a fun episode and lots happened.

      Still want Rishi to ‘man up’ and openly declare his love for asli Tanu to his mum and dad.

      Really love Beeji, manpreet, the cousin whose name I can never remember, Ahana and Raj.

      Rano is very astute. Interested to know how she’ll deal with her suspicions.

      Can I ask… Does anyone know why Rishi isn’t just speaking his mind? He was shown as a bit of a rebel in the early episode, being cheeky with his mum and dad. Why isn’t he just telling his mum and dad? Even Beeji knows and is behind him.

      1. kyunki rishi ki dad ko apni dost ki beti tanu ki saath hi rishi ki shaadi karna chate hain aur according to him neha is tanu.and tanvi(krathika) aptak rishi ki pyaar ko accept nahi kiya.

      2. Hi chand, thanks. I meant to reply here but it went to the bottom. Can you help with my next two questions please?

    2. Shruti Malhotra

      I agree with u it was realy a fun

  14. Minakhi, u watch whatever u like….. Y u told those all things in kasam comment box.. If u like ek duje ke vaaste u should comment on that serial updates………. pls don’t degrade our kasam serial there is lots of fan following for kasam and they are watching it regularly…

  15. Hey chand I totally agree with u pa… Nice meeting to u….

    1. thank you niya .i see this comment only now sorry.and mujhe galath math samjiyeha main rose net nahi use kar sakthi hoon so aapki comment ki reply nahi ki toh mujhe galath math samjiyeha iam soo happy about your reply

  16. Dear Niya …completely agree with ur suggestion Bt do u know the latest Chaska meter Ranking no .2 And 20 …plz Search .u will get the answer why I Quitting to watch this show…And of course this is my fault that I Wrote my thoughts about this serial …..Well Every show Gets some negative points and positive points….It’s only depends on story

  17. The story is similar to kis desh mein hain mera dil…BT characters of kasam r too good ..if tanu (kratika) dies ….then plz instead of other actresses again bring her back bcoz hrishi and tanu’s chemistry is fab..

  18. good after noon friends ….. CHAND DONT WORRY …… this story is enjoyable … bcz bolh actors r experience one they r leading position …. all the stories r having +
    just like this ……

    ahana can easily proof …..with photo after bani told …. first they need not come from PATIYALA ….. 2 NO ONE CALL AS TANU HER SIS by birth onwards she is calling as tanu …

    every time she cannot hide her name …… 3 tanu is not having any dialouge .. …..always blinking …. ahana u and manpreet do something show the photo to manpreet dadi explain everything …….rishi acting is very nice …….. bani”s 2 daughter over talktive

  19. Shruti Malhotra

    nice story,hope the next episode brings a good news….. waiting for the next update. Thanks for the update Sona

  20. Shruti Malhotra

    I want to meet Ssharad Malhotra . I just love him he is soooo cute……..

  21. rishi so sweet

  22. but every time I think about feuture …what will hapen..i become sad..bcz after unit rishi and tanu….accident happene…and tanu dead….I’m so sad

  23. Another question, when they were all having Raj said that any pair that was created by Kali ma will be happy together forever, did Asli Tanu hear that? Did she have a lightbulb moment? She knows that the Rishta Raj was talking about is hers and rishi’s and nothing to do with neha.

    I wish she had said something out of surprise at that point.

    Also when Rishi asked for his dad’ blessing that he and his wife stay together forever, why did he look at neha ? Was that at the evil eye bit,?

    I,m a bit confused. Sorry.

    1. When they were all having breakfast Raj said…

      1. 1-tanu sacrifice her love for bani kyunki bani ne emotional blockmail ki hain
        2-rishi looks at neha because kisi ko shak na ho isiliye.
        phir bhi it’s just my point of view.

  24. Hi minakhi.. I understood ya, I saw the chaska meter ranking also…and ranking is not a permanent thing it may change next week or next month… Ur word is right its just depend on story only and Moreover ur comment is genuine.. What I am saying is y u said u saw ek duje ke vaate instead of kasam it may create some negative thoughts abt kasam among viewers so that’s why only I said… If anything wrong in my comment just forget it……….

  25. Oo dear …I completely understood ur point I shouldn’t take name of other shows…..My thoughts are not soo negative…bt I only want that Some creativity should apply on Kasam Story So that Everyone gets close to it.Look It is a new Family nd youth based show .I was also a Regular watcher of this show Bt after some time I found that The story should be better like other new started shows…That’It….And if u noticed that some Negative thoughts are written Above the comment Box ….soo Can u change others Thoughts ..It is nt possible …viewers Said what they feel ……soo sorry for naming other shows

  26. wow very cool & nice episode

  27. Oh buddy,… no need to sorry I understood yourself..and ur comment is really genuine..

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