Kasam 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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In the room, Rano and Raaj discuss what was God’s wish that Tanuja has turned to Tannu. There, Manpreet relaxes Ahana that she was angry and slapped her. Ahana says Tanuja has played a game with them, it was good Rishi overheard Rishi and Tanuja. Her guess was right, Tanuja was posing to be Tannu. In Bee ji’s room, Bee ji was upset about Tanuja’s betrayal.
Tanuja cried and ask the moon why was she given the face that Rishi loves so much, how would he now live hating this face so much. How would she bear such hatred? She insists that if it has to be a miracle, Rishi must get his Tannu back. He can’t live without Tannu.
There, Rishi was curt at Tanuja, he says he can see Tannu’s love in Tanuja’s face, her eyes belong to Tannu. He cries that Tanuja betrayed him badly, why someone

else got a face of Tannu and demands the God to bring his Tannu back.
At home, Bani and Neha awaited Tanuja with their bags packed. Tanuja return home with a crying face. Bani cheers, Neha boasts Tanuja has come to pick them up as she can’t stay without them. Bani asks Tanuja what happened. Tanuja inquires why they did this, aren’t they shocked to watch her face. She questions Neha if she is so indifferent looking at Tannu’s face whom she hated badly. If they thought her changed face would turn their lucks over, didn’t they think she is a daughter of this house? She tells Neha nothing they had expected happened there. Neha cheers Rishi must have proposed her. Tannu qualifies he pushed her out of the house. Bani accuses Tanuja to have done something wrong, else why he threw her out.
Nakul was shocked to her Tannu’s face story. Nakul wonders if Rishi is angry. UV says he is actually enraged. Raaj was upset that Rishi returned to his normal life after so many years, he fear he again gets silent and shuts him into isolation again and get the bitterness again. He takes a seat, that he has been sleepless for last 20 years only because of his son. Everyone go to console him, UV suggests they must give Rishi sometime. Rano asks them to go and speak to Rishi, Bee ji assures Rano everything would be fine, but right now they must give Rishi sometime.
In the room, Rishi was restlessly walking around. The wind chime played the music, while Tannu’s photo sparkles. Rishi looks towards the moon, then walks downstairs where everyone was upset. Raaj goes to Rishi advising him not to hurt himself with the fake face of Tanuja, he must remember Tannu is always there with him, in her promises and memories. Rano assures Rishi she will never be angry at Tannu again, but he must please be as smiling as he has been for last three months. Rishi says now he realize why are they so worried, they all fear he again become that angry, bitter and curt human. He has now realized that Tannu lost her life, to save him then why shouldn’t he live. When he first saw Tanuja he was enraged, then he thought he shouldn’t be effected. Tanuja took Tannu’s face, but she can’t get Tannu’s soul. He has decided to be indifferent to anyone taking Tannu’s face, he wants to stay happy for his family.
There, Bani and Neha shout at Tanuja for blaming them. Tanuja cries saying Rishi told her everything. Neha pushes her out of the house, cursing this face as the same which ruined her life. She can’t stay with Tanuja under a single roof now. Tanuja pleads at them wondering where she would go. Tanuja keeps on crying, while knocking the door. Neha shuts her outside. Tanuja qualifies she is not Tannu, she is their Tanuja. Neha scolds Nidhi to get tea for her, and unpack the luggage.

PRECAP: In the temple, Tanuja was sure Rishi must get the best girl. He shouldn’t get someone whose face reminds him of Tannu’s killer. At Bedi’s house, everyone was jumping in excitement as she is returning tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Serial is becoming worse day by day.Hating it now.l’m gonna stop watching it.

  2. Nice episode….waiting to see Smriti khanna’ entry to the show…it will be obviously very interesting to watch how this new entry n new twist n turns gonna make tanshi closer n together….

  3. Serial is getting worse day by day.Hating it now.l’m gonna stop watching it.

  4. Shalini Senthil

    Yes ekta is correct I’m also going to stop watching this show its became wrist when tanuja face changed before that going awesomeee

  5. Sad episode

  6. Not really it’s better than before it’s good now the trp’s are gud now
    unlike before it was really low so stop complaining ppl

  7. guys DEAR @EKTa and @ shalini senthil and @sia @ann @aleena . rishi get tanuja home thinking of tanja as an orphan.and it would be very interesting to watch as to how tanuja with herlove force rishi rishi to love tanuja. and they will fall in love again. guys just waite and see.
    if you donot believe me. so refer to kraha in instagram and see with youreyes.

  8. Rubbish… Cant tolerate this now

  9. @Guys.rishishate convert love for tanuja ( hate tarnsforming love) .you just little wait. because tanuja comback in bedihouse. refer to krasha instagram and watch news with youreyes.

  10. u r right dear sia.

  11. guys if you watch serial punarvivah so you will notice that frist yash hate ARTI and then love her. in serial kasam also frist rishi hate tanuja but then madly love tanuja .so it searial is nice.

  12. Now the serial is interesting. As Rishi hates Tanuja now, I wonder how he will fall in love with her again. A new track and no repetitive of Bani and co. tricks.

  13. its so bad this serial is going to be the worst serial in comming days

  14. Heyy guys i mnew here so i dint get Who is coming to bedi house that they are so excited?can someone reply for this what’s her relation with rishi

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  16. @Sweety Dear, Rishi’ old n best friend is coming in the bedi house….n she is rithika (Smriti khanna) from meri aashiqui tumse hi….

  17. @arman khan and @sweety refe to krasha in instagram. guys donot upset. just little waite. rishi get tanuja bedis home thinking of tanuja a orphan. andso will see how tanja with her love force rishi to love tanuja. infact hate transforming love).if you watch punar vivah that how frist yash hate ARTI and then love her. in kasam also frist rishi hate tanuja and then madly loved tanuja.if donot believe me. refer to instagram kraha.and see news with your eyes.

    welcom dear @sweety .tanu was the wife of rishi in previous brith but was later murdered because she save rishi .then she reincarnated as tanuja to fillfull her pormise with rishi but rishi recognize her and even she doesnot remember her previous birth.
    ruchika in new characteron the show. ruchika is rishischildhood will com. some source say:
    she and rishi are a strong bond of friendship.she will bring some helplnes into rishi lifelss life.tanjawill realize that she kn love with rishi .when she spots rishi with ruchika she will get jealous. ruchika is married but will fall in love with rishi while he will consider her as nothing more than a hisfriend.ruchick is newgirlin rishislife that hercharacter into negative in the show. but this pain and (enter newgirl )new twist rishi and tanuja make them closer and together.
    tanuja will save rishislife again and it would make rishi thank about tanuja really is tanusreborn

  18. going soo slow man…….director sab…..kahani ko aage bhadao…….bore hotha ja raha hai……

  19. Thank u vafa……..ab tho muje or beicheni ho raha hai yAr……….tnkx….vafa…….lub u…..

  20. Soo sad yrrrrr

  21. Thank u guys @vafa and sia.. 🙂

  22. luv kasam especially now and not sure how rishi will luv tanuja now lolx
    plz can someone update kasam evry single day as some others miss a episode or two and regret it later so they really wanna catch up so thanksx.

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