Kasam 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update Rishi brings Tanuja home for Diwali

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The Episode starts with Tanuja telling Rishi that she loved him so much, but couldn’t forget the pain, and couldn’t forget whatever she has seen and those memories are so deep that she can’t make new memories. She says she can’t go with him as she has pain in her heart now and is afraid of love. She says you are not that bad. Rishi asks then who is bad. Tanuja says circumstances. She says my 7 years ago came out and that’s why I called you bad. He asks if she missed him. Tanuja says no, as our daughter was with us, who is naughty like you. She says she is going to give diwali gift to everyone. Abhishek and Maasi wait for Myra to come. Myra comes. Maasi compliments her. Tanuja comes. Rishi and Abhishek look at her. Main Dil hariya plays. ]

Abhishek compliments Tanuja.Rishi compliments Maasi

and Natasha. He asks them to come.Natasha says I will sit in front. Abhishek says I will drive and thinks why no call came till now.Rishi gets call from his office informing that someone bought company shares at high price. Rishi says I will get it at cheap rate tomorrow. Abhishek asks him to go and handle business. Rishi says I will get back my shares. They are on the way. Tere Bina plays…They get down at Rishi’s house. Natasha runs inside.

Maasi tells that she will come inside with Myra. Rishi asks Tanuja to come and calls her Sita ji. She says I have come here for a day. He says when Sita returned home, ghee diyas were lighted. See, here also light is everywhere. Ahana and Beeji welcome her with aarti and tilak. Manpreet brings the rice pt for grah pravesh. Natasha brings colored water and it falls near her feet. She walks stepping on it. Rano is upset. Rishi tells her that he brought Tanuja back home.Tanuja is tensed and sees Abhishek standing behind. Abhishek greets Raj and Manpreet. Ahana takes Tanuja inside. Rishi tells Rano that he loves her and Tanuja both equally. Raj says he likes surprise. Maasi and Myra comes inside. Rishi introduces them to his family.Natasha wishes Raj happy diwali and calls him Dadu. Everyone is shocked.

Rano tells Rishi that she knew that he was at Tanuja’s house as Manpreet told her. Rishi says he told you. Natasha is playing hide and seek game with Myra. Myra asks Manpreet if he saw Natasha. Manpreet hides his face. Myra sees his face and asks if he is a star. She says you are handsome. Manpreet tells his name. Ahana comes and calls him pati dev. She sends Myra from there and scolds Manpreet.

Tanuja lights the diyas and tells that she will light the diyas. Rishi says ok. They have a talk.

Rishi talks to Tanuja romantically. Tanuja says don’t know what happens as you come closer to me without my consent. Rishi says we would have been united.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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