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They all take rounds around fire, when it spreads and catches Tanvi and Saloni’s strollers. Pavan hugs Saloni who begin crying. Everyone was shocked seeing them together. Pavan’s father explains Pavan was tensed, what he had replied his brother. Pavan takes Saloni to the bed and scolds her to wear such clothes that catch fire easily. He holds her burnt hand in concern.
Raaj asks Tanvi if she is fine. Rishi comes to Ahna and questions if Pavan doesn’t seem to be over caring to Saloni. Ahna calls him to over think. Pavan goes to get ointment for Saloni from inside, Saloni insists on him to go to Tannu first. Rishi thinks that now Pavan would go to Tanvi and show him about his false cares, he walks to Tannu. Pavan comes there, Ahna questions Pavan what he was doing to Saloni when Tannu’s dupatta

was burnt. She shouts at him to reply. Pavan stammers that he got confused about Tanvi and Saloni’s voices, everyone was here with Tanvi but his sister in law was alone. He apologizes Tanvi and asks her to understand. Raaj let go of the matter and takes them all inside.
Neha wonders what was going on in the Pooja. Bani tells them that there is something wrong in Pavan’s family, she wonders what that is. Neha says every family has some loops, like their family in which Raaj thinks that Neha is Tannu. Bani sends Swati to make tea for everyone as Tannu’s hand is burnt.
Saloni questions Pavan why he cared so much for her in front of everyone. One proposal has already been broken, he must not do anything to break another. Tannu is a good girl and may give them anything they want, but he if loves her like this they will both have to cry one day.
Rishi brings the first aid box to Tannu’s room. She withdraws her hand, he asks for it. He didn’t come to worry her, but to apply the medicine. It must be hurt badly. Tannu watches him as he blows over her hand to make her feel well. He heads to leave silently, Tannu stops him. He asks what she wants to say, if thanks? Tannu nods. Rishi smiles. He promises to be with her, anytime and be her shield. He takes responsibility of her happiness. Tannu asks why he always forget she is going to marry someone else. Rishi asks if still? If she can’t see anything wrong between Pavan and Saloni? He calls Pavan a liar, he always make a new story; she must see what everyone including her sister can. She must not spoil her life with her own hands, there is some connection between Pavan and Saloni. Pavan daily forgets Saloni is his sister in law. He asks if Tanvi and Tannu both get fire, whom he would save. Tannu says me. Rishi says this point is crystal clear. Tannu asks him to get her what is in her fate. Rishi says he is in her fate. Rishi says he will throw Pavan out of her life once he gets the truth of their relation. Ahna enters the room when Rishi was leaving. Tannu tells Ahna about Rishi’s doubts, Ahna was upset as well.
Saloni says she wants Pavan to marry Tanvi. Pavan says he loves her so much. Saloni was worried if he doesn’t marry Tanvi they can’t ever live under a single roof. Pavan insists he will always take care of her whenever she is in trouble, she is his wife. Saloni shuts his mouth.
Rishi comes looking for Pavan.
Pavan says he is her husband and has taken rounds with him. Rishi comes thinking about Pavan and Saloni being together. He wonders about the secret hidden at which fate is pointing again and again. Pavan was upset they always hide from people, he is restless to live and spend his life with her. He doesn’t want to do this hidden from others. Saloni hugs him and assures they will always be together. Pavan holds her face, and shares his fear of losing her. Saloni wipes his tears and promises to be with him always.
Rishi enters the room, they were both worried. Rishi says he knew it, this is what it had been. Rishi says he understands well this isn’t a relation between Dewar and Bhabi. Saloni says they are more of friends. Rishi asks her to explain what it was about, when she promised to live with her forever. Saloni explains that Pavan called her here and she is his responsibility. Rishi questions Saloni why Pavan cares for her more than Tanvi? Why he came to her before Tanvi, when they both got fire. Pavan qualifies he cares for Tanvi as well. Rishi says his answers have ended and so does Saloni’s answers. He tells Pavan he would get proofs against him now, and will get his wedding broken from Tanvi. Pavan laughs that Rishi wants to break this marriage since it got fixed. Pavan says he will marry Tanvi, its 7 days from now. He shakes Rishi’s hand wishing him luck and takes Saloni out. Rishi thinks about doing it soon.
Raaj shares his happiness with Rano and wish Rishi and Tanvi’s wedding takes place on single day. He called Tanvi as his daughter and has more responsibilities. He wonders if he has a relation with this girl, he is always attracted towards her. He loved Veeru’s daughter Tannu in the same way. He asks Rano to jerk anything in her mind about Rishi and Tanvi. Rano says this time its about Pavan and Tannu. She watched them both in kitchen. Raaj wasn’t ready to listen anything against Tannu. Rano says she watched them together, they lost watching her. Raaj calls her insane.
Ahna hits a cupboard and drops the box. Tannu notices Ahna to be really tensed. Ahna tells Tannu she doesn’t trust Pavan, she can’t accept him to be true. She tells Tannu that Bani was bribing the Pandit for her wedding in three days. Ahna says it feels everyone is planning against Tannu, she wish they had someone to take care of. Tannu thinks about Rishi. She tells Ahna they aren’t alone. Ahna assures they both are there for each other and hugs her. Tannu thinks Rishi is also with them.

PRECAP: Tannu thinks she never feels strange when Rishi speaks to her about such a thing, then why she disliked it so much when Pavan did.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow u r really a fat updater
    It was a good episode finally rishi saw them together I wish it could happen before their marriage

    1. Sorry by mistake fast*

  2. Omg
    Rishi and tannu are going to get married
    After knowing about pawan’s truthtruth tannu will call off her shaadhi
    And irritated rishi will marry her on full too filmy style

  3. Ahna needs to team up with rishi and his gang to save her sister from marrying the wrong man. Also, it will be nice to see Ahna bonding with her juju to be, rishi and we will get to see funny Ahna n manpreet chemistry ?

  4. I wish that dragging should end up soon! Thnku Sona fr fast updates☺☺

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Funny hey hw pawan worms his way out! Rishi or others are filmed one or minutes always late wen truth is been spoken about! ?****.TannuTanvi knows who Rishi is really but he doesn’t know who she is??? Really now draggggg

  6. awsome episode.this tanvi is unbelieva ble..why can’t she see the truth of pawan??nyc part when rishi confronts to pwan and saloni…i luv cutiepie ahana..i luv the way she fight with everyone for her sister…i need rishi and ahana to join hands in xposing paloni….manpret and ahana’s pair is really awesome..want more cute knok jhoks amid them…rishi u r mindblowing.lots of luv for u…

  7. Guys today in my dream I saw tanshi got married and that Neha and bani got exposed.but when will this happen in real?

  8. Waw what an episode and finally rishi came to know d truth waw

  9. when rishi tanu uniteekta starts a good show but a big drag dont drag it more now………

  10. Manpreet helps when ahana foot was twisted that seen was reallyyyy……. awesomeness…….??????????

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