Kasam 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja clears to Rishi that she will marry AK

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The Episode starts with AK seeing Rishi in dancer’s clothes and asks him to go out. Rishi goes. AK thinks his voice is familiar and tries to stop him, but Rishi goes. AK thinks he is doubting unnecessary. Ahana takes Tanuja to room. Tanuja says she knew that she is Ahana. Ahana requests her to hear Rishi once. Rishi removes his beard. Tanuja looks at him. Tere bina plays….Manpreet praises Ahana and tells that Rishi and Tanuja will unite.. She sees Maasi coming and hide with Manpreet. Maasi checks and goes. Manpreet says we shall distract AK so that Rishi can Tanuja can talk. Tanuja asks what you are doing here? Rishi says I don’t know, I just know that I love you so much. Tanuja asks are you mad? Rishi says I will return in your life. He says whenever we are together, we feel love from soul. He says

even if I die, I will love you. Tanuja is shocked. Rishi sees broken star and asks her to pray that they will be always together. He asks her to go and marry Netra. Rishi says I am not marrying Netra. Tanuja asks what do you mean? Rishi says I tried, but I can’t marry Netra. Tanuja says you aren’t marrying? Rishi says I am only yours and asks her to hold his hand. He cries. Tanuja is shocked. He asks her to come.

Rohit tells AK that you did wrong with Romi. AK says I don’t like his comment on Tanuja. Rohit says Romi was worried for you. AK says if you wants to say samething then you can go also. AK says now Rishi is banned and can’t come here and manipulate Tanuja. Tanuja tells Rishi that she can’t do this and this is not game for her. She can’t leave AK on mandap. Rishi asks her to make him understand. Tanuja says AK has shown trust on her and made her wear his mom bangles. She says this is wrong and she can’t do this. Rishi says these bangles are stopping you. Tanuja says everything is game for you, and says I might cry in future, but I don’t want to betray AK. She asks him to go. Rishi asks him to understand. Rishi says our marriage will happen again. Tanuja says marriage can’t happen like this, and says there are many rituals, blessings of elders, mangalsutra, sindoor etc. She says you have left Netra and wants me to leave AK. She says she can’t leave AK. Rishi says you can leave me to die, but can’t leave AK.

Tanuja says yes, and says he is AK who trusts me a lot, even you don’t trust me that much. She says AK trusted her when she went before her mehendi when you met with an accident. Rishi says my love is nothing infront of AK’s trust. He asks her to tell once. Tanuja says even now I love you so much and don’t know how I will live my life. She says their love is of births and of soul. Rishi asks then what is stopping you from coming to me. Tanuja thinks of seeing Netra and Rishi sleeping on bed.

Rohit gives photo frame to AK. Ak says it is the best gift and sees his pics with Tanuja and Natasha. He says he wants Rishi to see the pic. Rohit says Rishi must have married Netra by now. AK tells that Rishi can’t enter here and says only Dhol walas can come without invitation. He realizes and says Rishi is here. Rishi asks Tanuja to give his daughter and her. Tanuja refuses and says AK is her father since her birth and not now. She says I respect AK a lot and tells that she proposed AK for marriage and he agreed immediately for my happiness, so that Natasha can stay with us. She says he did so much for me, and you want me to leave his hand infront of everyone. She says now she will live for her daughter and die for her also. She folds her hands and asks her to go and not to take advantage of her helplessness. Rishi asks her to calm down. Tanuja asks him to just leave and says I will go. Rishi tries to stop her and gives his Kasam. Tanuja asks him to stop giving kasam and says you have become my past. Rishi says you are scared of love. Tanuja says I will not stop and says you have given me pain which nobody gave her. Rishi asks her to hold his hand. Tanuja says I will hold AK’s hand.

Maasi comes and asks AK to come as Pandit ji is coming. AK says we will marry and holds Tanuja’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Tanuja does not deserve for rishi.He trusted on AK more than rishi so now she must marry to abhishiek and dont feel guilty after knowing the truth because tanuja you never trusted on rishi and always trusted on AK.If you left rishi because of that night what happened between rishi and netra so actually what you saw only netra was speaking not rishi and you just saw netra’s face and didn’t see rishi’s face clearly.You are so idiot that did not ever think that this could be netra’s chaal to seprate rishi and tanuja you know that rishi can never do that and he never flirted any girl after he fell in love with you.So you never trusted his love really.On the other hand,You always saw abhishiek flirted with every girl and saw him on the bed with many girls but you trusted on him.You dont know abhishiek now he wants to marry you just for his sake.He told you everytime that he loves you and you are so idiot can’t understand .So you don’t deserve for rishi you must marry to AK PK.Where there is no trust,there is no love.

    1. This is absolutely Crct my frnd….

  2. Exact my point , your every point was true arslan she doesn’t deserve rishi , mistakes were done by both but rishi is trying to rectify that , and he many times did but tanuja is a wrong case she only trusts fake like when tanu she belived neha, bani, pawan inspite of rishi pleading and he was pleading to trust him to save her from pawan ,agreed sometimes he also dint trusted her but never left her he brought her back or apologized atleast rishi realized his mistake , in relationship there are fights , where no fights no love but togetherness should be maintained and tanuja always lied to rishi and hidden truths although to save him but she doesn’t trust him to share problem. All says rishi is mamas boy and and behaved rude but no one sees his pain of love where whenever he trusts her she breaks him hard .and,to marry your loves killers daughter which he considers is big thing for him and rishi even fighted sometimes for her like when rano was slapping her , she told him many times that she doesn’t love him but money still he accepted her and thought that may Be there be reason so he asked her but tanuja dint utter a single word so why would he trust her after so much of bearing but tanujas time rushi still feeling guilty came back to call her back then tanuja dint mention wat she saw and ran and left him insulting his character ,still after she insulted hummilated him and his character infront of court ,both families society he doesn’t care about world and his self respect but love and daugter and also she hidded the truth of natasha , rishi cannot tell her about tania because of ahana and here tanuja trust abishek who only took care of her so that he can spend time with other girls and never suffered for love ,and tanuja is doing same and more wrong tham wat rishi did or not did only tanuja thinks so

  3. I am eagerly waiting for tuesday episode bcoz i want to see how Rishi stops this marriage. Of course they won’t show this on monday……hamesha ki tarah epi kheechna hai bas….jab tak week mai ek ya do din time pass na kare kisi episode mai tabh tak aaram kahan milega weiter ko….anyways just wanna see ki shadi kaise rukti hai

  4. I’m still wondering where are the children? They weren’t invited?

  5. This is absolutely Crct my frnd….

  6. it is true. Tanuja does not trust Rishi at all. Most of the times she gets carried away in other’s talks against Rishi whereas Rishi always tries to listen to tanja first. she doesn’t trust Rishi and still she says that she loves him. what kind of love is this??? it is nonsense….. and after knowing the truth I really do not want rishi to accept tanuja easily. i want tanuja to go through the same pain as went…..nonsense……

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