Kasam 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: AK gets upset as case hearing postponed

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The Episode starts with Peon telling Tanuja that he brought the stuff. Tanuja asks him what is Rishi doing? He says Rishi is trying to cut tomatoes, but it seems he don’t know even how to boil water. Tanuja says yes and goes to kitchen. Rishi is having a tough time in kitchen. Tanuja goes there and tells that she will make food. Rishi says ok, I will supervise. He takes flour and it falls on Tanuja. He says you are looking beautiful. Tanuja smears flour on his face. They start fighting like kids. AK comes and asks what is happening? He slips as she steps on oil. Tanuja helps him get up. AK says mad man to Rishi as the latter laughs. He says lets go to court after freshen up. They reach court. Lawyer informs them that the hearing is cancelled as they got late.

AK asks when will we get

new date. Lawyer says after holi. Rishi tells Tanuja that hearing is cancelled as divorce will be cancelled too, and asks her to come to his house. Tanuja refuses and asks are you mad. AK comes in car and rings horn. Rishi says you have to ring horn all life.

AK comes home. Myra asks what happened? AK gets angry on her. Tanuja asks why is he scolding Myra? AK says I will tell directly and says I can understand that Rishi and you are having an affair. Tanuja gets sad.

Natasha sees Tanuja crying seeing Rishi’s pic and thinks there is some thing which is hidden. She looks out of window and prays to moon asking it to fulfill Tanuja’s wish. A star breaks.

Natasha comes back to Tanuja and says magic will happen, your face smile will be back. She asks her to make her sleep. Tanuja makes her sleep.

Kanchal asks Rano to get ready to do Tanu’s aarti. She gets angry at her worrying about Netra. Rano goes.

Rishi wakes up from sleep and thinks Tanuja will come to office. He gets Tanuja’s message asking him to hire someone else and says she can’t come to work. Tanuja tells Myra that she is not going to Rishi’s office. Myra asks if she is crossing her limits. She asks if she is falling in love with Rishi again. Tanuja is silent and then says no. Myra says you should have slapped me when I asked you this. She says AK knows that you loves Rishi very much and he told this many times. She says you are happy when you are with Rishi and asks her not to let anyone dictate her what to do. She asks her not to hide her happiness and don’t do anything against her wish. She says bro, my mum or me don’t have the right to force our decisions on us.

Rishi tells Manpreet that Tanuja messaged him that she is not coming and says this time she is serious. He says I love her and don’t want to upset her. Manpreet says we will go to Tanuja’s house and take4s him.

AK thinks about Rishi proposing Tanuja infront of guests and do boxing without gloves. Tu safar mera plays…Tanuja comes and asks him to stop it. She asks what is bothering her. AK says he can’t bear when she is happy with Rishi. Tanuja asks what is the problem if I meet him, she says it is not like that I am not divorcing him. She says you said that we are having an affair and reminds him that they are still married. AK s ays sorry for telling this. Tanuja asks him why he is behaving like her boyfriend and possessive about her. She says nobody can understand our relation and asks him not to think or say that they are having an affair. AK says sorry for hurting her and for making her clarify. Tanuja says it ‘s ok and asks her to have juice. AK thinks don’t know if I would tell you how much I loves you.

Rishi tells Tanuja that if she is not with him, then his heart will stop beating. Both of them gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This was a decent episode. Tanuja seems powerless she does not want to disappoint AK. He has been brainwashing her all this time. Myra gave a good lecture to Tanuja,I hope she realise that AK is controlling her.

  2. Since last two week to get tanshi seen precap is emosional

  3. Tanuja is naive,how long will she mother AK. The assurance she is giving to both guys,to AK she is promising to divorce Rishi just to keep his temper down. To Rishi she gives that assurance using her eye. It goes on and on. She enjoys attention from both guys. Myra was telling her to be strong but she goes to AK shouts as always but making him happy about divorce. What a confused,weak woman.

  4. Yes tanuja is weak woman , I used to love tanu but tanuja crack she knows rishi loves her and if he wants to clear his mistake he is trying hard but tanuja dumbo loves someone else lives with someone else and she is so unpredictable . Why is don’t want to be with rishi because of so old misunderstanding like she carried at time,of tanu and lied about herself . She can bear ak insult and doninate her seriously not liking her

  5. my question is…how will Tanu stop Rishi from his daughter even after she’s married? He is still her legal father…writers are all messed up! Marrying AK will not keep Rishi out of her life!!! dahhh

  6. Writers I don’t know why u still havinh a job. It’s almost 4 months u haven’t written any words for Tanuja, she is a leading lady .All these months what comes out of her mouth is shouting divorce,custody and her mood swings and crying. REPEAT and repeated all over again.It is not interesting any more.

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