Kasam 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek plans to buy Rishi’s company shares

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The Episode starts with Rano asking Ahana if all arrangements are done and asks her to do it soon. She asks Beeji to read lakshmi’s story and not Novel. Beeji says you are lakshmi. Manpreet asks Ahana to make aarti plate ready as Rishi is bringing Tanuja and Natasha home. Ahana says she didn’t tell me. Manpreet says even she doesn’t know and says it is a surprise. Tanuja makes the garland for diwali. Abhishek admires Tanuja while she is playing with Natasha. Teri aankhon song plays….Maasi sees Abhishek looking at Tanuja and smiles. She asks him to come and talk to her. Rishi comes and says he is going as his family came. Tanuja asks him to go in the evening. Abhishek says let him go. Natasha asks him not to go. Rishi says beeji invited them for Diwali celebrations. Maasi agrees. He tells Abhishek

that he will celebrate Diwali with his family. Abhishek asks him to watch out. Rishi tells maasi that he will help Tanuja. He hits hammer on his hand. Tanuja gets concerned and says she will come to his house. Rishi says he will give good news to manpreet. Tanuja thinks whenever he is with her, she feels good and asks if she really wants him in her life. Oh Re Piya plays…

Abhishek thinks Maasi and Myra are getting concerned for Rishi rather than helping me. He gets an idea and calls rohit. Manpreet gets happy when Rishi informs him. Tanuja says she is coming for an evening. Rishi says may be her stay gets extended and says he is mad. Tanuja says you are really mad. Rishi says yes, he is. Kasam tere pyaar ki plays…..

Maasi is reading a novel. Servant comes. Maasi gets scared. Servant says Rohit called her. Maasi talks to him. Rohit tells that AK is unwell and they shall celebrate Diwali at home. Maasi says ok. Rishi thinks he is acting. She comes to him and asks what happened. Rishi comes there and says he made kada for him. Servant recalls Rishi asking her to make kada seeing on net and gets tensed. Abhishek refuses to drink kada. Rishi says he is lying and don’t have pain. Abhishek says I don’t trust him. Maasi says you know him. She asks what you are hiding from me. Abhishek says you are thinking right. I know him. He says Rishi is staying here since longtime and I think I know him since childhood. Rishi says I love you a lot and asks him to drink kada. AK thinks he has surely added something in it. Maasi makes him have kada. Rishi drinks spicy kada and asks for water. Manpreet laughs and asks Rishi from where he got this idea. Rishi recalls Tanuja making him have chilli parathas.

Tanuja comes to Rishi and asks what he did. Abhishek plans to buy Rishi’s company shares and thinks your lakshmi will go. Servant tells Rishi that she told Tanuja everything. Tanuja scolds him for making Abhishek have kada. Servant says you are scolding him as his wife. She asks her to say sorry. Tanuja asks him to say sorry to Abhishek. She says I am angry, leave my dupatta. She turns and sees the dupatta stuck. Rishi says if you look back in life then would have understand. Tanuja says you have always betrayed me. She says I loved you so much and couldn’t give that place to anyone.

Tanuja says she has just pain in her heart and says you aren’t that bad. Rishi asks then who is bad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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