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Divia was taken aback hearing her own words. Everyone was shocked. Divia creates another drama to leave the house. Rano stops her, she comes to count Tanuja. She shouts its their household matter about what Divia is doing and what not, Tanuja must only remember she is the one to get divorced and leave the house. Tanuja says Rano never likes her, Tanuja argues Rano that she brought Malaika’s reality to her, she would unveil Naitra soon and this Divia is also betraying them. She tells Rano two things destroys a man in the world, ego and doubt. Rano holds a hand but Rishi stops her, he insists there must be a reason why Tanuja is saying something. UV sides Divia and says Divia loves this family by heart, he doesn’t agree to what Tanuja is saying. Rishi insists on them to at least listen to Tanuja for once.

UV asks Tanuja for a proof. Tanuja says it’s in her phone, she wanted to create a video but… UV wasn’t ready to listen and asks for a proof.
Tanuja plugs her cell phone and plays the projector the photos in which Poorab and Divia were standing together. Tanuja says the all were thinking till date who leaked their quotations, it was Divia who takes the petty matters at home. Divia has shared the details of Smiley’s pregnancy till her proposal with Poorab. She asks Divia. Divia turns to UV who slaps Divia on the face. He questions if she was helping Poorab, knowing Poorab is their enemy. Rano asks Divia if she hates them so much. UV wasn’t ready to listen to any explanation. Divia calls this all a lie. UV asks what’s the truth then, she always had problem with Rishi; if she did this because he wasn’t getting what Rishi was. He drags Divia outside and pushes her. Nakul stood there and asks what’s happening. He was taken aback hearing Divia brought the information to Poorab. Divia denies it being truth. She complains no one heard her for once what the whole story is. Tanuja asks Divia for the complete truth, she asks when did the enemy of this family became her friend. Divia tells Tanuja she had slapped Poorab when she held his hand, he insulted her in the midst of market. Tanuja tells Divia she had called Poorab and wanted him to meet her. Divia calls it a lie. Divia says it was their anniversary, she went to orphanage for some donation. She met Poorab in the way where he insulted her. She says she met Poorab in the market where the orphanage is.
They come inside. Divia shows them the orphanage behind. Tanuja asks why Divia didn’t tell anyone at home, Divia says she filed a complaint in the police station. Tanuja tells Bee ji she heard their conversation, Bee ji says she was also there and didn’t see Poorab there. Tanuja asks Divia which police station did she file the complaint. Divia was confused and says in their area’s police station. Everyone wasn’t ready to go to police station, but Tanuja demands a chance. Rishi asks what if Tanuja is proven wrong. Tanuja says she would return the whole property that she has taken from Bedis. In the police station, Divia was worried. Tanuja questions an inspector who denies Divia didn’t come here. Tanuja says she told them that Divia was lying. Another inspector comes there and asks what’s going on, he looks towards Divia and says she came in the afternoon today with the complaint. Tanuja calls him a liar. The inspector says he filed her complaint. Tanuja demands what’s the proof, where the written complaint is. The inspector shows them the register. Tanuja was shocked, while Divia was relieved. Rishi leaves the police station. Divia had asked for a chance to go to washroom. Tanuja had demanded Divia for her phone. Divia remembers she handed her phone to Poorab, and brought a hidden phone from under the basin of washroom. She recalls texting Poorab about it. Poorab had offered the inspector a bribe of 50k. Bedis apologized the inspector and leaves the police station.
Tanuja follows Rishi outside. He tells Tanuja it was again a betrayal, he asks Tanuja to spare Divia. She has been lying for long now. Tanuja says she wants his trust, Divia is playing a huge game. Rishi says this time he trusted her, but he again got betrayal only. He gets into the car. Tanuja gets in the car with him. Someone from the front stops a bike, Rishi saves Tanuja’s face from getting hurt by his hand and tells her to tie a seat belt. Next time, his hand might not be there. Tanuja asks if his support would be?

PRECAP: Malaika tells Divia and Poorab they must kill Tanuja because if she stays alive, they would get killed. Divia was worried that this way they will be sent to jail, Malaika insists they would be sent to jail even if Tanuja stays alive. /strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what is it with Indians why you r so in love with crying being humiliated deceive exaggerating and doing nothing but taking a tray with a burning kindle and some sweets and flowers going to your holy places or rotating before someone else? I was doing a project as a very young university male student with Indian films and shows subject that was my reason of watching but I found them so unpleasant copy of each other due to a mass products and lack of creative brains and story line they are unbelievably boring like kasam look at these cuckoo land cvs and their cheap story.

    Annabel my 8 years old sis called Annabel and it is a pure English name why u want to leave this page? stay intouch but ditch the show if you wish.

    1. //what is it with Indians why you r so in love with crying being humiliated deceive exaggerating and doing nothing but taking a tray with a burning kindle and some sweets and flowers going to your holy places or rotating before someone else//

      what does this means!,,,,I mean I didn’t understand,,,,,how is it related to this epi….well I’m not a follower of this show,,,,may be bcoz of that

  2. The reason why these shows are like this because there are some people in the society who don’t want to see a happy couple and a happy marriage. Maybe it is not us, it could be someone else . And no one can help it as there are all kind of people watching shows like kasam.

    1. @Nicole thank god for your reasonable comment on my comment u look like a vise human I usually don’t involved myself into a fight over some irrelevant reply to my comment therefor
      i celebrated your fair reply by replying this to it

      Hi Annabel please don’t leave this page I am loving your comments

  3. Actually the show has reached a place where you don’t just feel like watching it. And that is happening. Last weeks trp- 1.2

  4. And dil se dil Tak trp 1.1
    But that show is nice.

    I really never understood trp.

  5. Ayonija

    Rishi and tanuja never live without fight. Everyday they has arguement. Cannot they live like a happy couple. I have notice that in one episode they become romantic and after that 2 or 3 months the fight goes on only one small matter. And this Divia is creating more nonsense with those 2 villians(poorab and malaika).

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