Kasam 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rishi takes Tannu’s hand and begin the rounds of fire. Everyone was shocked, Tanvi tries to get rid of his hands. He stops Pavan’s father as well. Bee ji holds Raaj from interfering, its all about luck. Guljeet says five rounds have been taken, after two more the wedding would accomplish. The sixth one completes. Bani moves forwards, UC and Manpreet stop her way. Guljeet calls Bani back. Pavan moves forwards, but Bee ji holds him back. Rishi holds his finger at Pavan and takes Tanvi to complete the last round. Guljeet announces the wedding has been complete. Bani shouts from behind at Rishi to stop, he must look at the girl who awaited him since childhood. Neha does the acting about being upset. Bani accuses him to be selfish. Neha runs inside, Swati follows her. Rano questions Rishi, Raaj shouts at Rishi

for not saying a single word. They broke his promise to his friend today, Tanvi isn’t made for him but Tannu is.
Rishi says he is aware of everyone’s anger, but he loves Tanvi. No one can marry Tanvi. Pavan heads towards Rishi with a punch, Tannu blocks his way. Pavan calls her as his wife to be. Tannu says after these rounds she is now Rishi’s wife. Rishi smiles victoriously towards Pavan. Manpreet brings Rishi back from his day dream and asks what happened to him. Rishi accuses Manpreet of breaking his dream, he married Tanvi. Manpreet congratulates him, then tells Rishi that dreams are unreal. Rishi says his dreams are special, they come to him anytime. UC comes to Rishi, Rishi tells him he had been dreaming and got married.
Neha was curt at Pavan, Swati comes to her and forbids her go with any other girl. Swati calls Pavan to be really hot. Neha tells Swati about Pavan’s inquiry about Tannu and Rishi. Rano watches Neha talking to Swati and Pavan’s stare at them. She wonders why is Tannu talking about Pavan, and she fixed her proposal with Rishi. She was determined not to let Tannu be her daughter in law. Bani comes there, Rano says this time she won’t share her thoughts but will announce her decision. Bani wonders what is going on in Rano’s mind.
Pandit asks Ahna about coconut. She turns around to hit Manpreet. Both have an argument, UC comes to stop their cat fight. Ahna heads to leave. Pandit calls all the males to take a round of fires. Tannu walks inside. Rishi confirms the Pandit if they take seven rounds around the fire their wedding would get accomplished? Pandit asks who said this? Rishi looks at Bee ji, Pandit ji tells Rishi wedding can’t be accomplished around this fire. Rishi leaves annoyed. Raaj comes to Pandit to ask him about Pavan and Tanvi’s wedding date. Rishi asks what? Bani comes to announce its after 7 days. Raaj then asks for Rishi and Tannu’s wedding date? Pandit ji stares only. Raaj says marrying in India is really difficult. Pandit ji says he already told Rano the wedding can be done four days after Tanvi and Pavan’s wedding. Rano makes up that this wedding isn’t a confirm deal. Pandit ji asks Ahna for corn for Pooja, Manpreet says he already brought corn. Both Ahna and Manpreet argue about bringing them here, Raaj interrupts and sends them along. In the way, Ahna and Manpreet continue their argument. Ahna was about to fell down and her foot twisted, UC comes calling Manpreet. Ahna follows them with her twisted foot.
Raaj asks the youngsters to begin the circles first. Bee ji asks Manpreet to join as well so that he can get someone too. She sends Ahna into the circle as well. Rishi smiles as she walks beside Tannu.

PRECAP: Tannu’s dupatta gets fire. Rishi helps put it off, there Pavan helps Saloni’s dupatta’s fire.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Dream?????

  2. Er! For a sec I thought it was real! !!!!?

  3. omg..,it was a dream.i thought it was real.so sad.

  4. Plz unite.tanshi very soon.today episode is awesome

  5. Dragging toooooooooo much>:)

  6. I knew it would just a dream ????

  7. This episode is awesome.Know?

  8. Shard you like our episode hmm mm.

  9. shit!! it was dream… but episode was good….

    Manpreet & Ahana…????????????????????????????????

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Nice episode. ..toooo good to be real…just had to be a dream…man/ahna…wow…I like….get on with tis truth. ..we got abt a few days left to watch….

  11. Colors ke serials main aaj kal ye dreams ka fundaa bahot hi chal raha hai….

  12. I was fist pumping the air thing YES!!! FInallY! GO RISHI!

    blo*dy dream!


    1. The derppream bit was super lovely though… If only it had been the end of bani witch and pawan creep!

      1. Dream bit

  13. Malini Sharma

    Yeh sirf ek sapna tha?

  14. I just luv manpreet n ahana …..just rocks n ofcourse tannu n Rishi

  15. In dream they call swatii…i like most manpreet nd aahna nok jok..??

  16. Uffff.. It’s a dream.. Still I loved it.. Now Ahana and Manpreet track also get started.. Soooooooooooooo good..

  17. This is crazy y can’t Rishi tell once dat Rishi n tanvi r made 4 each other eh do sucks!!!!

  18. Dream????? Oh shit…

  19. At first I thought it was real then when Bani said Tanu/neha waited for rishi all these years and ahna n real tanu kept mum that’s when I was like it must be Ekta’s recycled dream sequence from her production house…?

  20. while watching yesterday’s epi precap i juz believed that it would be real but soon after i realized this vl not be possible in ekta kapoor’s show..that’s what happened??it was juz dream..i hope soom dream comes true….dragggggggggggggggging more to unite tanshi…but honestly i njoyed the dream part…sharad is realy cute….mahna’s cute knok jhok fight was awsome..

  21. I love manpreet and ahna

  22. I Want Manpreet & Ahna Romance … They are tooo Cuteee :*

  23. according inner news it has been reported that soon manpreet and ahana will fall for each other……..where as rishi and tanu/tanvi will secretly get married but in front of everyone pawan will marry neha by accident ……..nd bani’s truth will be found out by manpreet and ahana …….rishi will scold real tanu for some reason nd she will go….he will realize his mistake and will go to apologize to her ………she will accept his apology but she will die in an accident the very same day and hence rishi will blame himself for her death and from there the actual show will begin where tanu will come again by rebirth but with a different face to complete her KASAM !!!!!!

    1. Oh really,…

      Sad to hear she’ll die so soon after they get together,

      How far away is the wedding., I know it’s 7 days but how many weeks is that in reel life?

      1. u r a fool i was just joking…….hehehehehe

      2. Wow nice! now fans are having dream sequences hehe hehe?

  24. tannushree bedi

    Yaar sharad aur kritika ka har show mujhe bohat pass.d hai. Love u both n u both look very cute together sharad & kritika u r awesome. Maharana and laxmi bai ki jodti ko kisiki nazar na lage

  25. What the hell? jst dream trying to fool……when will everything be okay??? waiting for their marriage

  26. Kaash if I get sum1 lyk rishi……. The episode was good….. But shit rishi was daydreaming ???

  27. I love manpreet and ahana they are so…..cute they be a best couple there chemistry was awesome………?????????????

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