Kasam 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir slaps Malishka for her cheap act

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The Episode starts with Malishka asking Ranbir who was the girl because of whom he is so much troubled. Ranbir tells that that the girl whom he saved and gave CPR thought that he tried to take her advantage. He says you might have thought me wrong. Malishka says she should thank you for saving her life. Ranbir feels pain in his head. Malishka says may be drink is showing effect and tries to kiss him. He pushes her and asks her to go. Malishka says night is hers now. Ishani tells Pummy that Kritika is good and sweet and helps her and give make up tips. She says her story is like Cinderella types. Pummy tells that Kritika must have called Ranbir there. Malishka tries to force herself on Ranbir and scratches his neck. Ranbir asks her not to touch him. Malishka pushes him on bed and asks him to do whatever he

wants. Ranbir pushes her. She hugs him again. Ranbir slaps her and calls her cheap girl. Malishka gets angry on him for slapping her and says nobody can save you from me. She tries to stop him, but he goes. Malishka calls her dad and cries. She then laughs. Batra smirks. Malishka comes out of hotel room and acts as Ranbir had molested her. Waiter looks at the marks on her shoulder. Ranbir manages to come home. Akki holds him and takes him to room. He sees scratch on his body and asks who did this. Ranbir faints. Akki asks whom you want to talk. Ranbir takes Kritika’s name.

Akki calls Jiana and asks if they reached safely. Jiana says yes. He asks if Kritika and Ranbir had any fight and tells about scratches on his body. Jiana says nothing happened between them and says she didn’t remember that he had any scratch on his body when she met him last. She tells about cold storage room. Akki says ok, bro is fine and asks her to take care. Kritika is angry and thinks she will teach a lesson to Ranbir for calling her in the hotel. Jiana comes to her and asks to whom she was to teach a lesson.

Jiana asks Kritika what happened to Ranbir and tells that his condition was bad when he reached home and he had many scratches on his body. Kritika says I didn’t do anything and tells that he was talking and she was silent. Jiana says Akki called me and told that. Kritika says Akki called you. Ranbir wakes up with the hangover. Akki brings lemon juice for him and asks him to tell what happened last night. He asks about cold storage room incident. Ranbir tells him that he saved her life. Akki says you have saved her and she did this. Ranbir says she didn’t do anything and recalls Malishka scratching him intentionally while trying to force herself on him.

Kritika calls Ranbir and tells that whatever he did is right and she reacted wrongly. Ranbir says it is good and asks can we be friends. She asks what?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Because of negative going on I just read and did not watch. I m no longer excited by Precap anymore it is done just to draw u in and get disappointed just like Tanuja days.I have seen love stories but I can’t call this a love story.Once a woman is horriable and have split personalities it puts me off I’m sorry

    1. Hinal Lapasia

      Same here

  2. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Does she really changed now and is soft toward ranbir or its just like the freezer episode. I dont get this character she be different for a moment and she agains shows her bad angry shouting behaviour. Ranbir and other peoples character r perfect but i didnt get why writers r playing with her character. She is acting like a abnormal person. Plz just stick permanently with the soft character and i hope writers dont again show her shitty fighting blaming messes. I dont get why writers r not making the show as we want as in social medias i have seen a lot of people complaining about kritika and why they stopped watching kasam. The people wants a good heart touching story of love in which the female lead should be less talkative mature thoughful just like tanu in preleap and that the reason the show was so famous back in days with hitting trp above 2.5 all the time but now due to the bad story and bad character of kritika people thinks watching the show is just a waste of time now and no one is intrested to watch the show and the show have got such a low trp. I Dont get why the writers r hitting axe in their own feet by presenting their shitty character in the show.

  3. Absolutely correct pops and undertaker justin bieber. The precap is shown such a way because they want us to excite that kritika is changed and when we watch the next episode they had made us an owl. Yes she is behaving like she is abnormal. I want her to build a permanent behaviour and personalities but she always shows different. I cant understand this character.

  4. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

    Guyz @pooja or i say lotus will come barking in this page again and i guarentee u that because u know those fools cant digest the truth anymore. I think they r suffering from gas so that they cannot digest the truth thats why she always sees the mindless senseless blaming shouting kritika as a god. Man she even do the same thing by blaming ranbir like there is nothing to blame him but she blames him like she is suffering mental disorder. I know pooja and lotus that u r mental so get well soon.

  5. It seems that some cheap people have no any kind of job, so they always keep on bashing the character Kritika blatantly. Don’t know they will get a life for themselves. Who is forcing them to watch the show if they aren’t liking one of the leads at all??? These people always love a woman being portrayed as a passive bearer of pains only that why they frequently mimic about getting Tanu back again. A vast majority of fan have been loving Kittu fully along with Ranbir, the viewership in youtube is a proof for it. The TRP is quite low not due to any character but due to the worst possible time slot and sheer negligence from the PH & the Channel.

    In fact, the writers are gradually evolving the leads. Firstly, they showed both the leads quite egoistic and full of attitudes. But they are gradually lessening that. RBK is much different from how he was being shown in the beginning, and now they will start to show softer Kittu towards RBK.

    Like many many viewers and fans I’m fully loving both Kittu & RBK. Those who are not enjoying either of them, why are wasting your time? Use it for a better life.

    Some people think that their hue & cries made in this page are heard by the writers. But the truth is that they never do that as they have not much time to waste. If anyone really wishes to tell the writers his/her views, please message them personally via Instagram or Facebook, sometimes they may read them.

    In the end, we are completely loving new Kasam, so please don’t disturb us.

  6. Get some treatment those fanatics..
    One idiot commented that it’s tanuja’s Character which kasam BRAUGHT down this position.
    All know the real truth it’s Rishi’s Character which BRAUGHT down kasam. Have never seen any hero who throws out his wife just after the night he had consumated his marriage..
    Neverseen a shameless hero who being married goes to sleep with another woman room in front of his wife ..

    Never seen a hero who is ready to sleep with both mother and daughter…

    Neverseen such a hero who is ready to marry another woman on the behest of his mother..

    1. The whole world knows it was Tanuja s misunderstanding and nothing else
      If a girl tells to her hubby that I m pregnant with someone else s child then no one will love and support that girl ??
      Moreover everytime situation were against her that anyone can believe it except us viewers as we can see but Rishi can’t (CVS wrote like that)
      So it were circumstances not Rishi who brought kasam down

      1. she never talk about Pregnancy track lol married man or not he is always there to marry other women .whole world knows rishi as mama boy . am not your boy toy am just a mama boy . at the time of tanuja mu sitution were never in the favour of rishi too lol . if tanuja were at BH at the time of her pregencey rishi dear mother will try to kill her child or else rishi the great mama boy will question her is it my child he was that much of an a*sh*le lolwa . next

    2. K well said..rishi character bought kassm down coz always he always hanging wth girls..malaika n netra n now malishka trying seduce him coz of his foolness. His scenes wth girls always looks vulgar..viewers are annoying to such scenes. He always support netra before tanuja..each n every point of u was right. The worst character ever.

    3. cheapness at its peak , rishi dint throw her out but she herself went , but still stupid person k will find fault in hero neglecting other things. when you point finger at others , three are on you and disgusting thing is you are commenting his personal life .when somebody will say something about you then you will understand i think . good your parents taught you to hummilate and insult other , when you dont know him personally , his life his choice , and pooja you being a girl supporting such comments and then tell that i am not hating sharad but character ranbir is a stupid lie , go on speak ill and show your true colors, but when it will come to you , bear it.

      1. Well said

  7. Malishka is disgusting just like netra. I hate her. I love ranbir and kritika.

  8. we are loving kasam we are loving kittu enough said . those who are not enjoying kasam do something better with your life lol no one said you watch it . and trp is because of time slot and no permotion highest trp on 6pm 1.1 track AK tanuja Natasha together ( Fact ).

    1. so you are intrested kritika shipping with others , not a fan of kasam and spreading negativity

  9. we are loving kasam we are loving kittu enough said . those who are not enjoying kasam do something better with your life lol no one said you watch it . and trp is because of time slot and no permotion highest trp on 6pm 1.1 track AK tanuja Natasha together ( Fact ).

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      Anjaan , K, Gopi, Mohsin, Mohsin again I know u all r the same person so plz dont embarresh your self. From your talking style i am guessing u r pooja creating multiple accounts and posting comments. Be respectful pooja if u want something to say just say with your single account pooja. If nobody takes your side about kritika then that doesnt mean u create multiple accounts of your self and reply us.

      1. they all are different people son if you keep talking shit we will all here to introduce you to the undertaker yard and you will rest in peace .

      2. The undertaker justin bieber. Dont make funny assumption ok..there is no need to do multiple account to reply this few ranbur fans idiot. Now i got it u the one did multiple account to bashing kritika character..so all this who r bShing kritika is the same person n tat is u. Now i got it, tats all talking same shit.

    2. mohsin is shamelessly saying lie , then plz tell why you are using same comments and email id fo different names. spreading negativity in full volume . those who dont learn to respect , one day he will have to bear the consequences .

  10. same people from twitter insta are here lol only they have time for this

  11. i hope you guys understand the point now this bashing will not work any more we are watching you peace out

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      Who the hell r u bro . U will rip ???me. Man i tell u that u cant kill who wont die. I will open the gates of hell for u and then i will take your soul and u will rest in peace ok now enough of this undertaker’s chrase phrases. Now get this if u ever run your mouth in this page again here So guess what I’ll make u famous son by kicking your asss out of this page . And yeah I’ve never seen u here before so u r new and i like to give u the information that it is undertaker’s yard. And yeah shits r coming from your mouth so shut it.Or else u will Rest In Peace.

      1. you think thats undertaker yard then let me tell you Brock Lesnar “The Beast” is here for you . and you are justin bieber guy common man really damn .

  12. These people are so disgusting..
    Just because the female lead is shown strong who can take stand for herself can’t digest the fact .

    Sorry to say does Ranbir gives one a hero vibes??..there isn’t any different between Rishi and Ranbir Except he speaks English unlike ke Rishi..

    If kittu has so many misunderstanding about him not Ranbir too has many misunderstanding about her.. fan lovers what not..
    Which celebrity allows random girls to kiss him..and just because Ranbir is celebrity doesn’t mean every person or every girl should run behind him blindly..
    The celebrity should be worth for that respect

    1. nobody here said anything that kritika should not be strong or something . if ranbir is saving her many times and helping her, being polite and changed himself from the earlier one , kritika should also speak in polite manner and not to be rude with ranbir is the point , dont make it issue and fight for lously topic . and if you see in precap shee is being sweet with him now , dont bash now to anyone

    2. S this is excatly my point..there is no different btw rishi n ranbir.. but there is so many different btw tanuja n kittu.. tats y they cant take it..they so jelaous..coz kritika shown as strong girl. My point also same frm the first day tat ranbir can be celebrity but tat doesnt not mean all girls will run behind him. Kritika never running behind celebrity. Tats y she is special. They cnt take the fact. Funny people..Morever ranbir only a player not a actor..tat all girls running behind him like crazy. Player should have decent behaviour but ranbir is playboy very cheap character.

    3. Yes my dear he do gives hero vibes he is the one who saved kittu from ashok else uska molestation hojaata, he is the only one who saved her from cold storage else she would have died ??
      Jaha tak celebrity ko kiss karne ki baat hai he is from Canada not India

  13. try to enjoy the show if you guys can not then leave it before these bashing turn in to a fight . be it any character any human any one can say alot good of bad .. concentrate on your fav good part parise him let the world heared you how much you like your fav its this simple . i use to bash and complain alot its do nothing. if you are not able to enjoy watch something else do something else life is not for this only its so much to discover

  14. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

    Before K and now S ????? man my stomach is paining caused i laughed seeing that. I know u r same person and who is this Mohsin a total son of a bit!ch listen kid who talked about fight u mo!ron u want to fight us. Bi!tch please go home and as undertaker justin bieber said just Rest in peace. The kritika character is disgusting and yeah who talked about we hate female lead being strong we said that we just hate her immature shouting blaming behaviour cause it really su!ck man dont be an asss ho$le. I know u r pooja or the others who cant digest the truth. And yeah dont pollute the page with your disgusting comments. Just go to hell fools

    1. peoples pollute the page talking about others wow . if that the case then ranbir is most disgusting character and so called celebrity i seen in my life lol you son of bit**es making fight here not others you guys can not digest the fact my stomach its hurting more then you lolwa ???????

      1. Mohsin excatly they pollute the page but now said others. They r jelaous of kritika character..coz she is strong, bold, attitude n indepent girl..she is like hero that y they cannot digest it. They ask tanu back coz they want tanu suufered n crying n other side ranbir will enjoy wth girls. I dont know what kind of person they r? ..

      2. Man this guy is a total mental. Mohsin this page was a lot better when u were not here. I think a temporary pollution came in this page. U know what the guyz didnt made any fight but u r the one who is making fight here. U cheap bastard get lost from this page. I know u all r a one person controlling different accounts. If u think you r gonna make us down by doing all this so please dont think about it u r gonna get a big slap in the form of reply cause i see every body in this page is real fed up with u and u know what if u made them angry your multiple accounts cant do nothing cause they will give u a real hard punch in your face. Pops the undertaker justin bieber kasam tere pyarr ki smian gopi hinal and me r the fresh air who r the big part of this page but u r the pollution that is polluting this page.U know what u cant even make your own words as i am seeing u r stealing words from some of our members. U r a copycat. And yes we r not bashing kritika we r speaking the truth that her character su ck s and yeah u r doing the same thing by targeting ranbir which doesnt make sense cause ranbir is a nice guy not like kritika. And doing so i figured out u r pooja who is doing all this. Dont play here be friendly with all memebers and yeah they will gonna show u the same behaviour or the doors r open for u so u can get lost.

  15. Kritika sucks Tanu rocks

    Some hyenas with fake id’s have came here in this page. Its real shame for them. Pooja tell me honestly i clearly know its u so dont u have the guts so u have made multiple accounts. If it is its a real shame for u. I know kritika character have some bad things in which they who r saying it is somehow true and i used to thought u r a die heart fan of kritika and even the character she is playing have some bad qualities u r seeing good in her as you reply singly to each and every people’s comment in this page before who r complaing about kritika in which case u were wrong but i used to think that u r a strong girl a fearless girl who have gut to face every one but the thing that u have done today by creating multiple username and email in this page is a real shame. U r a shameful human being. Shame on u

    1. Correct i fully agree

    2. Dont simply make ur own assumption on others .As already i told what is the need to do fake id to reply this few stupid ranbir fans. I think u did fake ids tat y u asking me. Dont think others also like u. And for ur kind info, majority of fans love kritika character out there. But they didnt come this page to comment. Whenever this two three fans of ranbir cross their limit bashing kritika. Then u can see what happened, when kritika fans come to reply this jealous fans of ranbir. But remembered this only few of kritika fans come here..if all kritika fans come here, then dont know wat wil happenes to u all. So i think now u understand how many kritika fans out there. So Stop doing assumption on others.

      1. You can also imagine what will happen to u if all ranbir fans come here.

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