Kasam 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika gets Proofs for Ranbir’s innocence

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The Episode starts with Kritika feeling sorry to Ranbir and asks moon to ask him to forgive her. She asks moon to ask him not to cry. Ranbir thinks of her. Akki comes there and tells him that Ishani left him knowing he is not his brother. Ranbir asks if he is feeling hurt. Akki says no. Ranbir tells that Ishani was not his true love. Ishani asks Kritika to leave her house and asks her to leave with her baggage. Kritika and Jiana asks what happened? Pummy comes there. Ishani tells her that she can’t share her love with anyone, not even with Jiana. She tells that you are loving her more than me now. She says I will bring so much money for you and then you will love me only. Pummy asks if she thinks she is greedy and tells that Kritika loved her and gave her respect which she never gave in her lifetime. Ishani

asks her to life. Kritika says I can’t go as I had promised my mum. Ishani takes Malini’s photo frame and throws on floor. It falls near Arun who has just come.

Arun says this house is of Kritika also. He apologizes to Pummy for lying and tells that Kritika is his elder daughter. He tells everything about his marriage with Malini and apologizes. Pummy forgives him and tells that she felt Kritika closer to her since she came. Arun says you have won my heart. Pummy says you had left your wife and daughter for me. She asks Kritika to call her Mamma and hugs her. Arun asks Kritika to call her Papa. Ishani says you have snatched my mother and now father. Kritika tells that Maa loves you a lot immensely and ignored Jiana. She gave you all the attention and wants to make you Ms. Universe and Ms. World. She is seeing her dream in your eyes and says you are her reflection. She cheers her. Ishani hugs her. Pummy asks Ishani to come to her. They have a family hug.

Kritika comes to the office. Malishka scolds Kritika and says the recording is not in it. She asks Vikas to fire her. Kritika tells Vikas that she wants to talk to him alone. Malishka asks her to talk there itself. Vikas goes to talk to Kritika. Kritika tells her that Malishka is lying and is trapping Ranbir. Malishka comes there and says they would have edited the video. Vikas says they will win the case anyways. He tells her that he knows about Malishka’s plan and tells that he fights fake cases and gets more money. He says I have sent LCD to your house. He tells her that whatever happened with Ranbir was his plan and asks her to come to court as hearing is at 3 pm. Kritika thinks she shall tell Ranbir everything. In the court, Malishka and Batra talk about getting Kapoor mansion after Ranbir loses the case. Kritika thinks so they did this to get the house. Jiana’s call comes on phone. Malishka says why your sister is calling on my phone. She checks and tells that it is your phone. Kritika takes the phone and comes out of phone. She finds the video in her phone and thinks to give to Ranbir somehow.

Kritika comes to Ranbir’s house. Balraj and Mahima tell him that she is the girl whom they have chosen for him. Kritika and Ranbir get happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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