Kasam 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Lift door opens and Naitra standing outside seeing Tanu in Rishi’s arms. They move away. Naitra comes to Rishi and holds his arm, he is surprised. Naitra says Mrs. Khurana are you fine? Manpreet drop her to car, Tanu glares at Rishi and leaves. Rishi says why do you hold hand on wrong time? Naitra says there are many people here and what if they tell her husband that you were with her? It was good that I held her hand. Rishi leaves. Naitra thinks that Tanu must have got an idea.

Tanu comes to Natasha’s room and asks if she has seen her phone? she says no, Tanu wishes her goodnight and leaves. Natasha brings out Tanu’s phone from under blanket and calls Rishi. Naitra sees Tanu calling and says I will tell her to not call. She takes call and says why are you calling Rishi?

Natasha says dont you know manners? I am her cutie pie talking, are you servant? where is Mr. Handsome? Naitra says he is not home, Natasha says you are lying, tell him that her cutie pie called, she ends call. Rishi comes out of washroom and asks why Naitra is tensed? Naitra says nothing, she thinks I didnt delete her number, what if Rishi sees that Tanuja called?

Rishi opens cupboard and finds balloon there. He recalls how he got it in his car, he thinks that I knew this balloon came from Tanuja outside Tanya’s school, she was there. He gets call from client and says I will send you the file, he ends call and checks his phone, he says Tanu’s received call?

Scene 2
Natasha brings Tanu’s phone, Tanu says it was with you? NAtasha says no, you dont trust me? Tanu says sorry, I do. Natasha thinks that I lied to mama to ask about Rishi’s health. Rishi calls Tanuja, Natasha takes it and says mama told me that you are ill, she opens video chat. Rishi sees Tanu on camera and says I am ill from 7 days, I have brought gift for you and standing outside your door. Tanu says you can give it tomorrow, Natasha says please. Rishi says no I shouldnt have come at night, I will give it tomorrow, Natasha gets sad. Tanu opens door for Rishi. Natasha says my mom is sweet. She runs and comes to Rishi. Rishi gives her balloon. Tanu recognizes it, he gifts her chocolates too. Natasha says its mama’s balloon, she gave it a kiss, Rishi says I knew it, this balloon have your mother’s love. Natasha says for you? Rishi says no for you, Tanu says Natasha now go to sleep or else I will complain to your papa, she says goodnight hitler and handsome, she leaves. Tanu says will you leave now? Rishi says cant you see fate? I got that balloon, you were hiding your love but that balloon showed it, Tanu says it was not for you, rishi says no God is showing hints that we should get together, Tanu says if we were then we wouldnt have separated, Rishi says leave everything and come to me. she says go away from here, Rishi says I wont this time.

Naitra is awake and recalls Rishi and Tanu’s close moments, she says no Tanuja have a daughter and husband, woman can leave her husband for lover but mother cant leave her child, I have to talk to rishi that Tanu never loved him, she found rich guy and forgot Rishi, she even got a child with him to tie rich one to her, I have to make Rishi understand.

Tanu says to Rishi that why you are breaking a home? Rishi says what home you are talking about? home was never developed. Tanu says please leave, Rishi says please forget the mistake I did 7 years back, he says I engaged Naitra and pained you, please forget it. Tanu says the heart which felt that pain was of Tanuja which is different from this Tanuja, this Tanuja is Natasha’s mom and Abhi’s wife so please leave. Rishi says I will go away, forever but just give me one night, please, cant you give me one night in return of a whole life? please just asking for one night, I will live my all moments in this one night, he tries to touch her but she moves away. Tanu looks on shocked. Rishi says I have missed your tea and food, please give me one night. Tanu murmurs this is what you wanted, she asks him to leave.

Naitra takes off blanket from Rishi’s bed and sees pillows under it instead of Rishi, she says Rishi is not here, where is he at night?

Rishi says to Tanu that what did you say? Tanu comes in kitchen and says you like to see me working in the middle of night. She starts cooking. Rishi says I.. aloo.. Paratha.. I mean I missed your aloo parathas, I never got them in years, I am saying truth. Tanu says people eat them in breakfast not in the middle of the night. Rishi says I just want to eat parathas of your hands, please dont say no. Tanu says are you fooling me or want to eat really? he says yes really. Tanu starts cooking for him. Rishi stares at her cooking. Tanu recalls how she used to cook for him earlier, saawan plays. Rishi tries to come near her but stops. They both cant stop thinking of their moments. Rishi smiles at her and holds her hand, he says do you really want me to go away? She looks at him in tears, he says say it please, she cant say it and just nods.

PRECAP- Tanu says to Rishi that stay away from me, my daughter and my house or else end wont be good, Rishi says wont be good? why who will come between us? Tanu says Abhishek, my husband, Rishi comes closer to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Its a love story then why r u showing differences between Rishi and tanuja

  2. what is this happening … can’t understand what writers want to show.

  3. Sharad Malhotra

    Tania should tell rishi that Natasha is his daughter as well

  4. When tanuja was there with rishi he ner believed and respected him got engaged to naitra.
    He deserves this only.
    Ke only told her to go away
    Always disrespected her.
    He doesn’t deserve second chance
    Abhishek should come back

  5. When tanuja was there with rishi he ner believed and respected him got engaged to naitra.
    He deserves this only.
    Ke only told her to go away
    Always disrespected her…
    He doesn’t deserve second chance
    Abhishek should come back

    1. Aakrati Agrawal

      I agree with you totally he never respect her neither he trust her and now when she doesn’t want him then he doesn’t respect even her decision he is forcing her to come back, rishi doesn’t deserve tanuja

  6. i am living in America and found all our soaps very boring and dragging.what is use of a show going on for years ,with no meaning and honest direction?like kasam, how come rishi or tanuja continuing to lie to eachother about their maraige life?if rishi loves tanuja ,as much as is pretending ,then why when naitra hold his arm before tanuja and next to lift, rishi didn’t remove her hand and say the truth, this is just dragging and disrespect all of us. the story now become so unreal ,and even these two saying the truth and being united , their love and life has lost that attraction of beginning , because always the shadow of an innocent victim like abhishek will take away shine of their story.

  7. I want to see some more Rishi and Tanuja scenes without their fighting and plz reveal that tanuja hi tanu h
    and natasha is rishi’s daughter
    I like this serial so much
    so want to always be the love
    love uuuu sharad aka rishi
    Luvvvv uuuu kasammm

  8. Rishi getting scolded by Tanuja is needed.
    Rishi being man and in love , is just following his heart.

    Tanuja being woman is sensible.
    She doesn’t want to break Rishi’s house.

    Question of whom really are married never came
    Between them.

    It’s heart matter and society and others involvement.

    It’s complicated.
    But love is never simple.

    It’s not about who knows what ,but it’s about love… in love you forget all society , people , and effect on them.
    All you understand your heart beat for whom.

    True really love….
    it’s so deep, sometimes I feel for rishi.
    Feel his love.

    Sharad Malhotra is playing rishi so well that sharad Malhotra has lost in rishi now.

    Don’t see him as Sharad.

    Sometimes he is cute , sometimes intense sometime most romantic.

    All with and for Tanuja.
    His love is pure.

    But I don’t want him to stop pursuing Tanuja.
    In precap he left in anger. I want him
    To woe her back. Win her.
    Love their romance

    1. why dear you chalenging every truth and fact about the show by some words ,maybe emotional but not sensible ? a real ,strong love never can be cheated and lied for so long ,or misunderstood by the lovers. i am sure you very quickly come wit some more inappreciable words to nock me down. reality never can be over clouded ,they are sacrifying that innocent man and feelling and relation of between him and Nathasha for very insensible relation between this two.i am not going to be a regular member of this section ,but it is embarrassing trick by writers of the show , for Indians like me.

  9. Hummm it is misunderstandings that gets in the way of their love not the love that they have for each other that will never die. Ir is a curse and a blessing and yes… Very frustrating at times but addictive watching
    Truth about watch happened 7 years ago should be reveal and Natasha being is daughter as clearly there is a strong bond. Abi ask tanu to play a role and there will consequences and naitra dining the same so it. If they truly want to move on it would be so, it will never happen as rishi and tanu has a god like live hence kasam. Whoever gets in the way of that love will unintentionally get hurt…. That is way it can be soooooo very annoying to watch at timed

  10. Hey writers end the misunderstanding. Bring new issue or plot in the story. Story shouldn’t be dragged. I love Tanshi so I will always support rishi. I know Rishi disrespected tanuja and misunderstood her . Even Tanuja misunderstood Rishi. She didn’t believe Rishi. She thought Rishi cheated on her. Even she pretended to be bad in front of Rishi Why???? Rishi waited for her 7 years isn’t it great.

    You can be anyone’s friend even you can get anyone’s help but that doesn’t mean you have to marry him. Yes Abhi helped Tanu but that doesn’t mean Tanu has to marry him .Tanu doesn’t love Abhi. If Tanu and Abhi get married that will be a compromising relation not love relation because Tanu only loves Rishi. Remember my prediction at the end of the day Tanshi will be united.
    It’s my point of view don’t mind friends.

  11. Firstly,Rishi has had hundreds of occasions to tell Tanuja he is not married and the kid is not his ?
    Only on Rishtey tv do you get a man Breaking and Entering and stalking the occupant all accompanied by romantic music ?
    What started out as a Love story through the ages,Has turned in to a ridiculous series of events that insult the viewers watching this show ?
    And the cuteness of the little girls will not last for ever,Or the fact that a Mother allows her 7 yrs old daughter to phone a strange man ?
    Even the way the look at each other is wearing a bit thin now,Hate one minute ?
    Back in love the next minute ?
    And the scenes Rishi has with Manpreet are like watching Laurel and Hardy ?
    But finally its the actions of Netra,No self respect,Ambition and no morals or principles ?
    Just anything to get Rishi.
    I have been watching this show from the start,But I am finding it harder to watch with each episode.

  12. AK pls come back yaar…..

    1. AK is coming in today episode….dont worry tomoro is trp day

  13. I agree with you aditi… I love this serial…I love rishi and tanu … What’s the mistake of rishi ..he didn’t know why tanu left him .it was all created by naitra… I agree he never trusted tanu but he respected her .. He waited for her its enough …
    There is a need of new plots and rishi should learn truth that tanuja is his tanu .and Natasha is his daughter..

  14. @Kratika Yes the writers are dragging the story a lot. This serial need new plots and twists.

  15. Rishi Tanuja and natasha = Best family i feel sorry for abhishek i love him he is not like naitra he is great he loves natasha and tanuja a lot but rishi still the best for tanuja. rishi didn’t know why tanuja left him he is not cheater in fact naitra created all the problems i hate her.agree with you kratika. i love this serial i love rishi a lot
    again this serial still the best for me. for some if you don’t like very hard for you to watch fine go and watch another serial and calm yout tits you know .pfff

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