Kasam 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi enters AK’s house to take Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Myra coming to Tanuja and refrains from telling her the truth. She tells her that AK told that she is looking gorgeous, beautiful like always. Kanchal tells Rano that Rishi betrayed Netra and left her on mandap. Manpreet says I am with Rishi and wants him to unite with Tanuja. Kanchal says even Manpreet is with Rishi. Rano tells Kanchal that what matters is Rishi’s decision and tells that Rano tried everything to get Rishi marry Netra and asks her not to blame Rano. She asks her to go and talk to Netra. Myra thinks to talk to AK. She gets Manpreet’s call and he informs her that Rishi is coming there. She comes to Tanuja and sees the ring on floor. Tanuja says it is not mine. Myra is about to tell her when Rishi comes there. Myra asks what you will get by fighting with them. Rishi asks why your brother kept guards. Myra says bro thinks you always do wrong. Manpreet comes there. Rishi says how to go inside, just then he sees dancers coming there and manages to go inside wearing dancers attire. He imagines dancing with Tanuja while a song plays…..He stands near her while the dancers do bhangra.

Manpreet takes Rishi from there and asks her not to stare Tanuja else he will be caught. Maasi asks bride and groom to dance. She does the announcement. AK tells Tanuja that they shall dance to keep Maasi’s heart. He dances while the song tujhko jo paaya…Tanuja also dances with him. He swirls her. Tanuja slips and falls in Rishi’s arms. AK thanks Rishi for holding her at right time and asks Tanuja if she is fine. Tanuja nods her head. Manpreet takes Rishi to side.

Rishi says he will go and talk to her. Manpreet asks if he forgot what happened last time. Rishi says yes she was embarrassed. Manpreet calls Ahana and asks her to come there. Ahana comes there and says Myra called her. Manpreet says Rishi gives her 4 mins so that he can talk to her. Ahana says she will take Tanuja to bride’s room and covers her head. Rishi collides with Ahana and says sorry. Ahana takes Tanuja to bride’s room. AK sees Rishi in dancer’s dress and asks who is he?

Rishi asks Tanuja to marry him. Tanuja says she will marry, not him, but AK.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pfff it’s better that you cancel this show now. It’s become s**t. Losing my time for nothing always the same thing

  2. I was huge fan of kas am in preleap days but now I was huge fan , atleast move the,story forward dumb cvs , they Are dragging and round and round moving if same happens again I am sorry then I will not read precap also hate ak pk chipkali, remove them fast neha bani best the. Tanuja is also behaving very rude ,she is not good enough for this thing

  3. Were the children not invited to their parents wedding? What a joke!

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