Kasam 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek jealous seeing Rishi’s bonding with Natasha

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The Episode starts with Abhishek asking Tanuja to save him as the designer is touching him appropriately. Tanuja says she will fix his dress. Rishi gets upset. Lady designer shows two dresses to her. Tanuja says she will see. Designer asks AK, can I fix your suit. Abhishek runs from there.. Rishi asks Abhishek with which sight, he was seeing her. Abhishek asks what do you mean and says you will leave here in 24 hours. Rishi says Tanuja is just his. Myra comes there and shows some dress. Rishi calls her S..y Myra. Myra gets glad. Tanuja comes there wearing salwar kameez. Abhishek says this dress is selected by him. Later Tanuja asks Rishi if he is angry with her and will not talk to her. Rishi says I am upset as you had worn the dress selected by AK. He says why you will wear the dress as you hates me. Tanuja

says I don’t hate you. She asks him to leave following her. Rishi says why you will wear dress of my choice and want me to stop following you. Ok…fine. Tanuja stops him and asks why he is feeling bad with her taunt and asks him not to get sad as she feels bad. Tere Bina plays….Rishi asks why? Tanuja says I will not tell. She goes. Rishi gets happy and thinks she loves me.

He calls Manpreet and tells him that Tanuja said that she loves him. Manpreet asks are you sure? Rishi says since I came here, there is a change in her and gives me sweet smile. She told me not to be sad. Manpreet says Bhabhi started loving you and asks him to call her home. Rishi says I will bring her. Natasha asks Rishi, shall I do your make up. Rishi says we will play something else. Natasha says Papa is busy and Myra is making faces for selfies. Rishi says ok. He laughs seeing his face with make up. Tanuja comes and laughs loudly. Kasam son plays…Rishi says she made me Rishika singh bedi. Abhishek see their happy family laughing and gets sad. Jiya Jaaye Na plays………….He drinks wine and recalls seeing them happy altogether. He calls Rishi and asks him to come and meet him. Rishi says ok.

Raj comes to his room. Rano says I was missing you and asks him to call Rishi home. Raj says Manpreet said that he went for important work. He calls Rishi. Rishi says I was remembering you and tells that he will bring surprise for you. Abhishek thinks if my princess goes then Tanuja will go with her then I will be alone. He drinks wine. Rishi comes to meet him and says he don’t want to drink. Abhishek asks what do you need, I know your family is here. Rishi says time has come for me to go. Abhishek breaks the bottle and says I want Tanuja, you don’t deserve them. Rishi says your dream will never be fulfilled. Rishi says they are his family. Abhishek says Natasha and Tanuja loves me and will stay with me. Rishi says they will be with you in memories. He promises that he will take his family back home. Abhishek looks on.

Tanuja agrees to go to Rishi’s home for an evening. Rishi says he is mad and can do anything for her. Tanuja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. i agree with u VANDANA

    1. muhammad arslan

      with the entrance of abhi serial had already become boring because abhi is so boring.Tanuja and abhi look boring and mismactch together.They look brother and sister.Tanshi look made for each other.

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