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Manpreet returns and looks around for Rishi, wondering what if Tanuja kidnapped Rishi. Rishi comes to him, UV calms him down. Rishi asks if he returned leaving his work behind. Manpreet makes up it’s his brother’s wedding after all, and complains Rishi hid his feelings for Malaika with him. He should have hinted this. Rishi asks if he is done. Manpreet asks if he should give him a free suggestion, he says Rishi would regret marrying Malaika. He explains a married man can only give this suggestion to him, Ahana comes from behind and holds him with tie. Manpreet now explains he returned only for Ahana. Rano comes to greet Manpreet, he asks about Malaika and turns to have fun. Manpreet and UV dance. Rishi joins them, while Malaika comes to cheer with the girls. Chintoo takes Tanuja to push her over Rishi,

the crowd cheers. Malaika also comes to appreciate her hero saving her best friend. Bee ji asks for dance again, as Rishi was dancing after years. Malaika was also ready for a dance between Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi denies, but Malaika questions why, isn’t he happy with this Sangeet and insists on him. Bee ji also swears on Rishi, he finally agrees.
Rishi and Tanuja dance together. Bee ji, Raaj and Ahana were happy. Rano pushes Malaika in the center of dance floor, Tanuja was shocked to get off. Malaika dance with Rishi, but his stare stays over Tanuja. Everyone clap for their performance, Malaika runs to hug Rano.
Tanuja comes to her room crying. Raaj follows her. Tanuja stands watching him there, he was concerned that she was crying and wiped her tears as if she was caught. What’s it behind her tears. Tanuja makes up it’s because of smoke in kitchen. Raaj says he has been following her from Sangeet, she didn’t go to kitchen; he know well Rishi is the reason behind her cries. Tanuja’s couldn’t stop her tears, Raaj says she is upset only because Rishi is marrying someone else. He would always hear her yes, every time she says a no. He has seen people live, and understands everything. Tanuja forbids him discuss this with anyone, it would be useless now. He conditions that she won’t tell anyone about doctor’s advice. He doesn’t want anyone to wander around him, they have a deal when Rano comes calling Raaj. Raaj makes up he came to drink water, Tanuja says she came to give him water. They explain together. Raaj then asks Rano why she came here, Rano reminds him that they need to invite the guests for wedding.
Raaj explains to guest that the wedding has been planned in hurry, he requests them all to join his son and Malaika for wedding. Rishi watches Tanuja come out.

PRECAP: Raaj watches Malaika hugging some stranger outside. Inside, Tanuja was shocked to hear Raaj’s demand from her to marry Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Will rishi and tanuja unite???? Thats what i want to know???? Can anyone predict???

    1. Obviously tanshi will unite as every series is all about Happy ending so at last they will unite for sure…..

  2. Also is raj is having an alzheimers??? I read it somewhere….i really hope rano to have alzheimers….plzzz god???

  3. Ya I to hope so becoz raaj is a good man but that rano is a witch.why that mallika is marrying rishi when she already got married omg I think she is gonna turn evil against rishi and tanujha I am waiting when 28 Oct will come I very eagerly waiting to see their marriage scene

    1. Bedi family thinks that Tanuja is Neha’s daughter but they do not know she is Neha’s niece

  4. in the promo rishi takes sindhoor & opens the veil he sees tanuja & get shocked so my question is will rishi marry tanuja ? becoz he says that he hates her most now all family will misunderstand tanuja wat is the motive of malaika marrying rishi ? wating 4 nxt

  5. Ankit


  6. Nooooo… Tanuja pls don’t accept this demand from Rishi’s father. Otherwise it will b a forceful marriage.

    Rishi will marry Tanuja. Obviously we are waiting for their marriage but not like this. It will b nice and good to c if they are marrying their own wish.

  7. They will marry…but lead life as unmarried..as always happen in hindi dramas…

  8. I think so. I Completely agreed with ishani. U r right. Then there’ll b nothing new in the story as usual.

  9. Siddhi

    Good episode it was

  10. Ankit

    Ohh shut up all!!
    It isn’t a force marriage fools!
    Tell me… who except Rano is against this marriage?? tell me?? ? ?????

  11. @siddih i think you have lost your interest in this page and very rarely writing a few words can not be important I was very wrong to back up you @ankit dear why your comments always included curses? if your points are a very strong fact then they don’t need any curses come a cross what is going on with this page look at thapki page people become friend and even saying happy birthday to each other or asking for someone has a few days absence in hear every day we see the new names and just curse and fight

    1. Dear I think u should not say or stand agains’t people fighting here as u also flighted with vafa unnecessarily….as u said Anika is silent bcz of vafa so, exactly like that vafa is silent bcz of u….

    2. Siddhi

      Kasam I dint loosed my interest and as I am a student and that too in 8th std I have many holiday homework and have to study so I rarely get time and whenever I get time I first comment here

  12. Nice episode

  13. Nice episode

  14. nice episode

  15. They will get married but Raj won’t remember as he has Alzheimer’s!! That’s where the story is leading towards! @kasam..I’m new here but I agree there is no need to use such language @ankit! One thing to remember is that this is only a story..not real life!

  16. Lololol I am really very excited for next episode…….?? SUSPENSE u know

  17. Ooooooool I am really very excited for next episode…….?? SUSPENSE u know

  18. can anyone please tell me how can i watch kasam without mute.

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