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In the office, Tanuja asks her assistant about Rishi. She tells Tanuja there is a problem. Rohit comes there and informs Tanuja Rishi has fired everyone she kept for job, even him. He assures Tanuja he would continue his medical job, he was only working here for Smiley. He tells Tanuja he deliberately delayed her trip to Puna because Rishi promised to let him meet Smiley this way. Tanuja says everything is fine in love and war and forgives him. Tanuja watches Rishi get into a lift, she drags him outside but he enters the lift with him. A lift worker come to stop them but they were arguing by themselves. Tanuja insists on him to listen to her but he says he has a meeting. Soon, the lift was stuck. Tanuja says no button is working. Suddenly, Tanuja gets a spark and hides behind Rishi asking if it will catch fire.

Rishi goes to check for it, Tanuja forbids him to get closer. He gets an emergency call and tells Rishi that it is out of order, they are attempting to work with it. Rishi asks Tanuja why she came here. Tanuja says Raaj told her he had been calling. Rishi says Sorry, he was rude though she didn’t leak the quotations.
Tanuja says if she was his place she would also react the same. They begin to argue. The light of lift goes off at once. He asks Tanuja to turn her phone light on. Rishi feels suffocation and complains a problem in breathing.
Outside in the hall, people had gathered. UV and Manpreet come there and ask the staff what is happening. They say the lift is out of order. They hear Rishi calling from inside, Tanuja calls from inside that Rishi is afraid. Rishi tells Tanuja he is only making up. UV questions the working staff why they didn’t a board that lift is out of order. The staff tells UV that Manpreet got it removed.
Rishi tells Tanuja he is really suffocating. He asks her to fan him with her dupatta pallu. Tanuja tells him to call Naitra, and shows a nail mark over his hand. She questions if its Naitra’s nail. Rishi recalls he got it when he fought Poorab for Tanuja. Tanuja takes her phone to show Rishi the video but phone’s battery was dead. Tanuja tells Rishi to calm down and take a deep breathe. The lights of lift were switched on at once. Rishi comes out and heads towards home, he turns to ask Tanuja what she was going to show to him. Tanuja looks around and says she will tell everyone about it at home.
Tanuja and Rishi come home. Manpreet stops Tanuja and sends Rishi and UV inside. UV takes Rishi inside. Manpreet tells Tanuja that the goons demand a 2 lac from him. Tanuja says she has got the proof already, she no more need goons. They come inside where celebrations for Divia and UV’s anniversary were going on. Bee ji comes to Tanuja, she tells Bee ji she followed Divia today. UV asks Tanuja to join them for celebration, Tanuja says she would join them in a while. In the room upstairs, Tanuja wonders if she must share this news today. She decides not today.
Divia’s phone rings, she goes aside to speak to her mother. In the room, Divia asks Poorab why he called this time. Poorab asks if she is celebrating with family. He asks why she didn’t tell him that Rishi has expelled all the newly appointed employees including one of their men; he complains Divia is celebrating.Divia tells Poorab she never feels happy about any of this family’s celebrations. She must have poisoned them had there been no law. The door behind her opens, she cautiously goes out. Tanuja appears from another door beside her room.
In the hall, Divia join the celebrations with everyone. Tanuja watches Divia serve everyone. She notices Tanuja’s stare and comes to her with Halwa. Tanuja clutches Divia’s arm and questions why she is doing this all. Rishi asks Tanuja not to do this today, today is their anniversary. UV says Divia is tensed for past few days. Rano comes to take Divia along and tells Tanuja to leave if she has a problem with Divia. Rano calls everyone as she has created a memory collage as video. Tanuja recalls Divia’s determination to destroy Bedi’s. She comes to Divia and questions why she is betraying her family, she is different at face and heart. She asks Divia to tell everyone the truth. Divia asks what is she speaking about. Tanuja tells Divia that her family is very nice, she can save them else they would be broken. Ahana asks what Tanuja wants to say. Tanuja tells Divia to speak the truth. Divia resists and asks Tanuja what’s her problem, she has been behind her for days. She goes to complain to Rano against Tanuja, she says she is the elder sister in law and then complains Rishi for not supporting her. Tanuja comes to Divia and says if she doesn’t speak the truth, she will tell the truth. Tanuja says alright, she must tell the truth. Tanuja says Divia is a liar, her love is a lie; the truth is that she hates them all. She repeats Divia’s words that Rano treats her as a maid. She tells Divia Rano makes her cook because she loves to, even Ahana cooks but she never considered herself a maid. Divia asks Rano if she ever complained her. Tanuja repeats her words if she can, she would have poisoned everyone at home.

PRECAP: Divia makes up that Poorab stopped her way and misbehaved with her, she filed and FIR against him in the police station as well. At the police station, the inspector says she filed a complaint at day time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s good that Rishi apologised for misunderstanding her. Well according to the precap we have to wait longer for the truth to reveal. I really can’t say anything about the current episodes as I am not watching the episode these days . But all I have to say is that the show has disappointed me. You should watch something which makes you happy. When it starts to get ??. Then we should avoid watching it.hello to all.

  2. I am so tired and fed up, that , started thinking of joining butterfly and all those nice members, who ditched the show.

    I am young ,but managing life these days is so tricky and difficult for everyone at any age, that , would be madness to add another reason for being all the time disappointed and angry ,instead of stretching feet , citing comfortable and, , forgetting all those problems by enjoying a sweet and nice show.

    the main pain is; even after another 3 or 4 months , the truth come up, ON BASE OF ALL THOSE SAD EXPERIENCES, DUE TO OBSESSION OF EKTA WITH SEPARATION AND SADNESS ,

  3. Well I guess that is the reason that people have left the page and show. And to be honest I never wanted it to be a long running show. But I knew I couldn’t expect that from a Balaji show. The only tracks I have enjoyed after Kartika return were honeymoon track and holy track. I also liked it when they kicked out Malaika out of the house and united tanshi. But of cource that just lasted for a few minutes. Now I guess that the cvs want to bring the trip down. Now and there is no point anything to expect from the storyline.

  4. This is just total crap.stupid writers are just dragging no story. Total Bullshitshit

  5. It seems to be the theme in most of these soaps
    1 minute of happiness,2 months of torture.
    Like a lot of people on here I used to watch Kasam every night,And come on here the next day all excited about what we had seen.
    And then exchange opinions and views with lots of different people.
    Well I don’t watch the show every night anymore,And there only seems to be the hardcore Kasam fans on here or old ones like me on here to moan.lol

  6. Dragging and boring misunderstanding episode

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