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Bani tells Tannu that Raaj and Rano are really ashamed of her. She requests Tannu to keep their respect, Neha’s roka has been announced in the family. If she tells them that she is Tannu, her daughter Neha’s proposal will be broken. She requests Tannu. Tannu promises Bani not to say anything to anyone that can break Neha’s proposal. Bani smiles victoriously. Tannu runs to the roof thinking about their childhood. She thinks that love, wait; it all has ended. Everyone said he won’t come, she didn’t listen and only listened to her own heart, trusted her own dreams but today all those dreams, that trust has broken. She says she will never trust anyone, never love anyone again.
The girl complains to Manpreet that his brother doesn’t heed her at all. Manpreet says that Rishi changes girls like

clothes, he isn’t a guy who would want to marry. He will get rid of the terrace girl soon. Tannu hears this all, she says it means Bani was right, she had been thinking a lot about him. Rishi comes out and was happy to watch him. Tannu leaves, he follows her in the street. Tannu says she doesn’t want to talk to him, he must not follow her. She slips while he holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock. Tannu stands up and runs inside. Rishi says he saved her from falling down, he has to talk to her after so many years and she has left.
The next morning, Rishi dreams about Tannu. He was kissing Manpreet’s forehead, Manpreet wakes up and complains that now he won’t sleep with Rishi. Rishi says he was thinking about Tannu and he felt. Manpreet asks if he has gone…? Rishi beats him with the pillow. Manpreet asks him Tannu’s story. Rishi slaps him that she is his sister in law to be.
Bani bribes the Pandit to check the birth chart in Neha’s favor. She introduces him to Raaj and Rano. The Pandit says the engagement date is today’s else, it can’t be done before 3 months. The pandit says the wedding can be done after 5 days. Bani happily says they must do it as soon as possible. Rano asks if there is something wrong with Tannu that she wants to marry her so soon. She asks Rishi if he is ready to marry. Rishi says yes. They all congratulate each other. Rishi thinks if Tannu is happy with the marriage why she ran so angrily yesterday. Is he unable to understand something?
Tannu helps an old lady cross the road. She complains to the driver why he didn’t stay with her. He should have took the car to her so that she didn’t have to cross the road. The driver says he had gone to temple. Tannu says he must take the old lady’s prayers and advise him to take him carefully. The old lady says that girl is really nice, she wish their Tannu is also the same.
Manpreet asks Rishi to get him the numbers of all the girls behind him as Rishi is going to get married now. He blackmails Rishi that he has done a lot for Rishi. He says to Rishi that he just has to pose outside, he will note the numbers. Rishi sits on a bike while the girls gather around him. Tannu and Ahna pass by and watch Rishi there, crowed by the girls. Rishi gives Manpreet all the numbers, Manpreet asks for other girl’s numbers as well. Rishi goes back. Ahna asks Tannu if she waited for him? She wasted 17 years. Rishi watches Tannu staring at him, Tannu curtly says he must leave atleast a single one. Rishi tells Manpreet he is going to meet Tannu. Tannu sends Ahna to dry clothes and heads towards the room. She passes Rishi by, and notices her locket wasn’t there. Rishi picks the locket from the road and swirls it around. He thinks Tannu will come to take it from him, then he will ask her what happened to her. He goes inside the house. Guljeet asks Rishi about the size of his ring and takes the size. Tannu comes at the door, Rishi swirls the locket in front of her. She comes inside to grab the chain but doesn’t succeed. In the last attempt, Tannu is able to get the chain. Rishi stands up, Guljeet tells Tannu to go to Bani. Guljeet drags Rishi to order the dress, Rishi makes up but Guljeet drags him outside.
Tannu thinks Rishi flirts with every girl, she hits Swati and says I am sorry. Swati tells her to congratulate her, her sister is getting married to Rishi and Tannu must cook food for 15 people. Swati leaves.

PRECAP: Tannu and Rishi come across each other, Tannu asks him to leave first but he says he has to talk to her. She says she doesn’t want to listen to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohh stupid Tanu she belives Bani n not her Rishi……….So Disgusting…………….
    Hi roshni,dia,puspa,and Everyone……………………

  2. Tannu plz speak to rishi and clear all misunderstandings
    I want to see u both together

  3. The show is going well but plz dnt show one precap again and again like swaragini plz

  4. Tanu don’t believe that cunning Bani!!!! Hope Tannu will speak to Rishi atleast once. Then all the misunderstandings will clear up!!!!!! Their eye lock was so romantic and the song Hasi ban gaye really suits their cute moments!!!!!!!!!! Luv Tanshi!!!!!!!!

  5. I hate this

  6. I really love tis serial. I waiting for d moment misunderstandings clear between Tanurishi

  7. this is going to be my favoriate serial

  8. Good drama,,,, rishi,, tanu best couple

  9. serial is going gud

  10. Plz upload episode on youtube…..plz

  11. Kratika is an awesome actress

  12. Hi every one I am Also feeling to join u people.. As i am also fond of this serial…

  13. I love them… rishi u r so cute… plz clear the misunderstanding soon..

  14. hi everyone….episode was good …hate that greedy bani aunt..

  15. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    This show does not have any trp in that page I checked many times I think becoz of low??sorry if I hurted someone I headed that it is ekta show? It is true?

    1. hii yaa it is true. and it is also true that Ekta shows are really Pakau starting episode is interesting and in latter…boring I hope tanu will clear her misunderstanding ??

  16. awesome drama i leave everything when this drama starts awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so interesting

  17. So cute couple

  18. love u both thanurishi

  19. I like kratika,, even after 20 years past,,,,,, and I wish reborn tanu with kratika not another actress

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