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Scene 1
Rishi says to himself that no I cant, if she sees me there then she will beat me a lot, I can just yearn for Tanuja and sleep here.

Tanu is sleeping in her room. He sees darkness and candles lightening, he thinks that there is no electricity. Rishi jumps in through the window. Rishi comes in Tanu’s room and sees her sleeping peacefully, he smiles and thinks Tanu I tried not to come here but what to do with this heart? He sits beside Tanu’s bed and lightly caresses her face, Tanu moves in her sleep but doesnt wake up. Rishi sees candle about to fall over Tanu’s head, he holds it before it can and smiles at her sleeping face still holding candle near her. He lovingly tries to hold her hand but stops, he admires her beauty under candle light.
In morning, Rishi is sleeping

near Tanu’s bed, he wakes up and sees himself in sitting position near Tanu’s bed. He sees Tanu still sleeping and stares at her. He lovingly caresses her hair. Alarm rings, Rishi hides behind the bed before Tanu can see him. Tanu wakes up and gets up from bed but doesnt see Rishi. She goes to the bathroom. Rishi looks around and comes out. He hears Natasha coming there and thinks inside mother and outside daughter, he hides behind bed again. Tanu comes in room as Natasha comes there too. Tanu asks why she is here in the morning? Natasha says Mr. Handsome, I saw him. Rishi thinks that daughter is clever than mother, she saw me in sleep too? Tanu says where did you see him? outside the window? she says no inside, Rishi think she will get me beaten. Tanu says inside house? Natasha says yes in my dream, ghosts were attacking me in the dream and Mr. Handsome saved me, I want to thank him, Tanu says you can thank him later, dont disturb him now, Natasha says please now. Tanu says you are stubborn. She calls Rishi. Rishi silents his phone. Tanu says he is not taking call, maybe he doesnt want to talk to you. Natasha says he must be taking shower, I will take one too, if he calls then inform me, Tanu says okay and takes her out of room. Rishi closes door and opens cupboard. He brings out Tanu’s dress and puts it on bed for her to wear and hides behind bed again. Tanu comes there and sees dress, she says when did I bring it out? I dont remember anything these days, she takes the dress and goes to change. Rishi smiles. Tanu comes out after changing and starts getting ready, she takes a sneak peak at her. tanu checks time and says I am getting late, I will do breakfast in office, She calls Samar and says dont come to pick me up, I am coming to office. Rishi thinks tell that to AK too that dont drop you off, you can come to Rishi by yourself. Samar says if it was Ak then he wouldnt go so easily, Tanu says its okay I will go to Rishi.. she facepalms herself and says I mean I am going to office, she ends call and leaves. Rishi smirks hearing it.

Scene 2
Tanu, Manpreet and Samar are waiting for Rishi in the restaurant. Manpreet says sorry, Rishi is little late. Tanu murmurs he never comes on time, Manpreet says its good that we are under one roof, Samar looks at him confused. Manpreet says lets have lunch. He takes Tanu’s lunch and says you brought it? it looks yum, Samar says she doesnt share her food with anyone, Manpreet says smell is good. Rishi comes there and says I am a little late, Manpreet says its 2-3 hours late. Rishi says not much, Tanu glares at him, Rishi says you are looking nice, he says to Samar that I mean we praise everyone here. He sees lunchbox and says lets have lunch, Manpreet says she doesnt share with any outsider, Rishi says I am her man, Samar glares at him, he says I mean we are related through business. He opens lunchbox and says it still have same smell. Tanu recalls sharing food with him, she says excuse me and leaves. Rishi goes behind her in lift and stops lift, she says what are you doing? stop all this, Rishi says yes lift is stopped no one can come between us, Tanu says you are making me angry, Rishi says you smile with everyone and just get angry on me, Tanu says what you have done, no one ever did, rishi says what can I do now to make you a little gentle? Tanu huffs.

Naitra brings Tanya home, Tanya asks why didnt you come to save me? Natasha’s mom is strong, she saved me from bad guys in school, everyone talks about papa and Natasha’s mom, Naitra says did she meet your papa? Tanya says they dont know each other, Naitra thinks they know each other for years.

Tanu asks Rishi to stop with questions, she is breathing heavily and says I am claustrophobic, Rishi says you didnt tell me before? he bangs on lift door but she says you have wound on your hand? cant you see you are hurting? call Manpreet, Rishi thinks that I already sent Manpreet home, he says there is no network, she says do it fast. Rishi calls Manpreet from Tanu’s phone. Rishi says its Tanuja’s phone. Manpreet is at home and says Tanuja is with you? Naitra hears it behind him, Rishi says we are in lift, Manpreet again in lift with her? I will send mechanic, he leaves. Naitra thinks if this is fate’s twist? I will go to office and remind Tanuja that she has no place in our lives anymore.
Rishi says to Tanu that I am sorry, he takes off his coat and says its hot, he blows coat at Tanuja to give her some air, she glares at him, he tries not to smile, Tanu says I am suffocating and you are smiling? Rishi says you always get angry on me, Tanu says cant you see yourself? you dont live with me with love, she holds his hand and says you are injured, its must be paining, Rishi says you care? Tanu says I dont care. Rishi says it happens, I can take thousand wounds like this for you, even infront of deathl.. Tanu says shut up, dont talk like this, she bangs on door, Rishi grabs her and pulls her closer, he says you will get injured, lift door opens and Naitra standing outside seeing Tanu in Rishi’s arms.

PRECAP- Naitra takes off blanket from Rishi’s bed and sees pillows under it instead of Rishi, she says Rishi is not here, where is he at night?
Rishi comes to Tanuja at night, she says go away from here, Rishi says I will go away, forever but just give me one night, please, cant you give me one night in return of a whole life? please just asking for one night, Tanu looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Just love the episode….old kasam is back

  2. The episode was amazing just love it Rock kasam love uuuu sooo much
    I think the story is bavk on its track just luv u my fav serial luv uuu soo much loving the episodes daily…
    keeep rocking

  3. Wow…kitne cute lag the h dono ek saath.. Just love kasam ..
    I have heard that kasam is going off air .in 2 months ..it will be replaced by belan bahu of kystle D souza ….don’t know if its true or not …can anybody tell me what is truth
    I wish it don’t go off air ..

  4. Aaaawwwwwww what a lovely cute romantic epi.
    Just loved it ❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️

    I don’t think it will go off air and replace kasam.
    Because after 2 months BIGG BOSS would come…NOT belan bahu.

  5. Ha ha ha 🙂 The episode was funny and romantic. @kratika I think the news is false.

  6. I like this sooooooooo much

  7. Missing AK…Abhishek plzz come soon yaar…?I don’t know y but i love abhi more than rishi ???

  8. @priyal,@aditi.. thanx … i was really confused and sad knowing kasam will go off air because i read this at a website… thanx for clearing my misunderstanding .. kasam
    is my favorite serial and I wouldnt like if it go off air….
    sharad and kratika always rock …. love u kasam.

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