Kasam 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Netra lets Rishi go to Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Rishi telling Netra that he can’t marry her and have to go to Tanuja as she is his love and life. Netra goes to room and cries. Sad song song. Kanchal tells Rano that her son has ruined her daughter’s life. Rishi says he will talk to her. Kanchal says your son has left her in mandap infront of all society and now he is apologizing. He says it is easy for you to apologize, like saying sorry after murdering someone. Rishi says you lied to me about my daughter’s accident. He says you had hurt Netra also, did you apologize to her. She was very hurt and tells that she is really good and have proved herself in all relations, and I wants her permission before leaving her.

Netra comes and asks if I am so good then why don’t you marry me. Rishi says I am helpless by my heart

and it beats for someone else. He says sorry and says I love Tanuja very much, please let me go to her. Netra asks him to go and says atleast someone will get his love. Kanchal asks what you are saying? Rishi asks did you forgive me? Netra says I forgave you. Rishi thanks her and goes. Rano is upset. Netra is heart broken. She tells the guests that everyone saw what happened and thanks them for coming.

All guests leave. Rano sits upset. Netra and Kanchal cries. Maasi gets someone’s call and is shocked. She comes to AK and says she needs to talk to him. Guest congratulates them. Maasi tells him that my friend went to Rishi’s marriage. She says Rishi left the mandap and Netra. AK recalls the happenings. Maasi says Rishi can do anything. AK says Tanuja will not leave me, he is behind her. He says he don’t want any drama and wants a peaceful wedding. Rishi is on the way and gets stuck in traffic. He leaves his car and starts running on road. AK asks Security to increase the guards and tighten the security. Myra asks what happened? AK says Rishi has cancelled his wedding and will come here for sure to spoil our mood. Myra thinks to inform Tanuja.

Netra says Rishi left, now I can’t marry. Kanchal says when he asked you, you permitted him to go. you are habitual to stay here as Servant. She says your mom, dad and your own respect is insulted. She says everyone know that you are his illegitimate daughter’s mother. She says one day he will bring Tanuja and will kick you out. Netra says this will not happen and says Rishi has promised me that he will never separate me from Tania. Kanchal says you still believe him and says he can leave his family for Tanuja. She says she will not leave Rishi and anyone else.

Rishi comes to the AK’s house, but is stopped by Security guards. Kanchal thinks Tanuja have to answer for ruining Netra’s life. She calls Tanuja and scolds her for snatching their peace. Tanuja asks her to calm down and talk. Netra says you are inauspicious and Kaal for your daughter. She says Netra has brought smilie’s daughter as her own daughter, but Tanuja can’t hear it as her phone gets switched off. Kanchal thinks Tanuja disconnected the call. Myra comes there and says Bro said something.

AK and Tanuja are dancing. Tanuja slips. AK comes indisguise of a dancer and holds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yeah like usual when the truth is about to come out there is always phone disconect pffff.

  2. What the hell is this????i am feeling like murdering the stupid writer….. they can never show something gud…..i was a huge fan of kasam but now i think that its better not to watch it…..this show has all crab in it?

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