Kasam 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi making his place in Tanuja’s heart again

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The Episode starts with Rishi coming to his room and getting happy saying halwa wali aayegi. Manpreet comes there through window. Rishi asks why did you come. Manpreet says he was getting bored and that’s why came. Rishi says you would have gone to Ahana. Manpreet asks don’t you love me bhai. Rishi says I love you and hugs him. Servant comes there and thinks dostana is going on between them. She returns to kitchen and tells Tanuja that the hero loves somebody. Tanuja asks how do you know? Servant says I have seen them with my eyes. Tanuja thinks if she saw me with Rishi and asks her not to tell anybody. Servant says you know this and says she will go. Manpreet tells Rishi that he will go.

Tanuja is taking halwa for Rishi. Manpreet informs Rishi that Tanuja is coming there. Servant asks her not

to tell him that she watched him out with someone. Tanuja goes to room and asks who is here? She says your bad days came that you started….Rishi says no, Manpreet came here. Tanuja says sorry and is about to go. Rishi says I have taken swear that I will not make you jealous about any girl. Tanuja says sorry and goes. Rishi thinks she shall come and lights his house. Manpreet is going out. Myra comes there and asks who is he? Manpreet says she shall not go out in night and goes. Tanuja tells Servant that the man with Rishi is his brother. Servant says this is hello brother, I thought bad.

Rishi comes there. Servant says good night and goes. Rishi asks Tanuja what she will wear in Diwali and asks her to follow the theme. He sings mere rang me..Maasi tells Myra that this is India and they have to follow some rituals and customs. Myra says thank god, I wasn’t born here. Maasi asks her to be safe. Myra gets irritated. Maasi asks her to stop wearing small clothes.

Rishi hears them. Abhishek hears too. Rishi comes to Tanuja’s room and lights candle surrounded with flowers petals. Tanuja asks him to stop it and says she don’t like this. He dances with her. She asks him to make him far. Rishi asks her to come with him and make him sit. She asks what is this? Rishi says your anger looking look in this anger. Tanuja asks why did you come here? Rishi says we have come here to have sweets made by you. He have halwa and says even your anger is here and asks her to have it with same spoon. Tanuja says I have stopped eating sweets. Rishi says chal jhutti and says you are scared that you will fall for me again. Tanuja says I don’t get scared. Rishi asks her to come home again and celebrate Diwali. Tanuja says I will not go anywhere. Rishi says now you don’t get angry and likes my jokes too. Tanuja says there is a reason behind my behavior and says atleast you have accepted that you used to flirt with girls to make me jealous.

Rishi says atleast you saw my honesty and asks for a chance. He says he will ignite same love in her love and asks for a chance, says they will have Diwali together at their house. Jaana Ve…song plays. Tanuja looks at him and recalls their happy moments.

Rishi calls his designer friend Shaurya with his collection. Shaurya comes and greets them. He says I brought three options for you all. And also nice collection for AK. Rishi looks at Tanuja. Main Jo Tera Na Hua….plays….Maasi buys the saree chosen by Rishi. Tanuja looks at them. Myra checks the dresses. Abhishek asks Tanuja to try some dresses. As Rishi interferes, Tanuja gets upset and goes. Maasi thanks Rishi for convincing Myra to select some dress and blesses him.

Precap: Tanuja tells Rishi that it is not important to tell everything. Rishi asks her to wear the dress of his choice. Tanuja says she wants him to leave her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 50 saal ke buddhe ka romance to dheko, n they r showing him like he is in late twenties,kya 5o saal ko admi aise jawan hote hai kya

  2. if this story is in real then the story will be tanuja married to abhi and rishi married to netra long time ago may be 7yrs ago, and they will be happily married couple

  3. please unite rishi and tanuja and no more misunderstandings.past episodes were good.

  4. Please unite tanshi

  5. please unit tanuga and abhi
    i dont like rishi he is over and make me nervuse

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