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Rishi says that when two people have to meet, no matter they are seven seas apart, they meet. Tannu was elated to hear the conversation, she laughs and cries at the same time. She runs downstairs. Rishi feels her presence there, he goes to look there and says it felt someone was here. Manpreet teases him that his Tannu must be here. Rishi finds the clothes Tannu came for on the floor.
Tannu comes to the store room, she hurries inside and hugs Ahna hard. Ahna asks why is she crying? Tannu says he is here, she says the one who repaired the bulb is Rishi. Ahna also cheers, she says she is sure he came for her. Ahna says she laughed at Tannu, but now when he is back she must forget the past. Ahna says Raj must have mailed them by mistake. Tannu says he doesn’t know about her. Ahna says she has seen him

why he asked about her. Tannu was happy that he talked about her. Ahna says whatever is in fate will come to them. Ahna says Maa also took Rishi’s name, she must tell him about her. She must know why he has come. Tannu says she is right, she must know why he has come here. Rishi looks at the moon and thinks about child Tannu’s words. He says she said in childhood, he never thought he will come back to his childhood friend Tannu. Tannu leaves saying I am coming, Rishi. Ahna wish her luck, Tannu smiles and leaves.
Tannu runs to the house and asks Manpreet where Rishi is. Manpreet says he is on terrace. Bani comes asking about Rishi, Manpreet says Bani will spoil Rishi’s romance if he tells her. He appreciates Bani’s dress instead. Bani thinks this is the right time to forbid Tannu from coming to this home.
Tannu comes to the roof, Rishi turns to watch her. Tannu says she has to say something to him, she waited for him since so long. Rishi says he also awaited her. She asks if he came for her. Rishi asks what she thinks why he came India for, he dislikes India still he only looks at her, wants to see her, his childhood flashes in front of him. It seems he has… she asks what? The clouds thunder, Rishi goes to save himself from the rain but Tannu spreads her arms and enjoys the rain. He calls Tannu, then watches her there. He comes behind her, her dupatta goes to his face that he removes. Tannu turns to face him. She walks away while he holds her hand and swirls her to himself. They dance with each other. Tannu heads to leave, her dupatta is stuck with the chair and she feels as if Rishi held it. She turns to see Rishi smiling and points at it, she smiles. He drapes the dupatta around her.
Ahna comes to open the door, Bani asks where is Tannu. Ahna asks why is she looking for her? Bani says she came to forbid them go outside as this is Mumbai. Ahna says there is no one for them at home as well. She tells Bani not to worry about them, Raj is back now. She complains that Bani didn’t tell them but they got to know anyway. If Raj sees she has kept them in store, and Rishi is also back with him. Bani asks if she met Rishi. Ahna says Tannu has gone to meet Rishi. Bani comes back home, she asks Manpreet if Rishi came back? Manpreet asks where he had gone, he is on the roof with the girl. Bani was worried and says she made a big mistake.
Rishi and Tannu comes down, Bani watches them together and says she is walking with Rishi. She was worried if she has told him she is Tannu. Bani sends Tannu inside to dry his hair else she will fell ill.
Bani comes to Tannu and asks why is she so happy. If she will hide from chachi. Tannu says it is about Rishi, she asks if they are truly soul mates. They didn’t recognize each other, but when they met it felt as if they are connected for lives. Bani asks how she knows he is Rishi. Tannu says she heard him talking about their childhood. Bani says she must have told him that she is Tannu. Tannu says she forgot to. Bani says this is why she didn’t let her meet them, she will be heartbroken. She asks Tannu to think why they didn’t come to India in her parent’s life, when she and Ahna had come here they were here still they didn’t meet them; they want to marry Rishi to Neha. Rano told her that Raj was stuck in promise with Veer and couldn’t come to India because of that. Now when Veer is no more, they came to Neha’s proposal. Tannu says she must meet Rishi what was that he said to her on roof. She insists that he told her he… Bani asks what? Tannu was speechless, then says nothing. She says she must talk to Rishi once.

PRECAP: Rishi comes behind Tannu and says he has to talk to her, she says she doesn’t want to speak to him. He must not follow her. She slips, he holds her and smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ow!! just love it..their connection.. tanu n rishi both r fabalous..I don’t want tanu death n another girl in rishi life,..love the episode

    1. I’m scared bcz when tanu and rishi met eachother, ,,,,,,, mean s we will see tanu die soon…..and replace with another actress. …..so sad

  2. Wow such a lovely episode.. Loved it Rishi you are too dashing.

  3. Nice episode. tanu and rishir amazing. love u both

  4. Awsme Epi and Lovable Precap…………..Loved Tanshi More than Myself…………….#Muahhh#Tanshi………..
    Everyone are welcomed to Kasam-Tere Pyaar Ki Fan Club
    and anyone want to see the episode
    Go To-> Colors Apne Tv ->Kasam
    Hi Roshni,Puspa and Everyone…………..

  5. I just recently started watching it and i love it i hope rishi and tanu stay togather always

  6. Semma episode pa…………….

  7. wow…..loving this serial tooo much. can’t wait 4 today’s episode….

  8. hi everyone i am commenting for fist time episode was very nice waiting for next episode

  9. very nice episode. Wow love it. Tanshi looking sooo cute

  10. I love rishi and tannu they rock

  11. I love u tanu and rishi. I know atlast the truth will come our.

  12. Fabulous episode. Let them join forever.

  13. Hey… can anyone tell me will tanu be replaced by another actress??? I don’t want that to happen

  14. Nice lovely episode love it …..
    Wat a chemistry ????
    How romantic !!!!
    They r 2 fast in their first meeting they are dancing like that
    Ab ye dekhna hai aage aage hota hai kya
    Nice work ekta…
    May this serial never get bore like MATSH

  15. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Very nice Atleast they know each other! Lovely but dat wicked chaaci gggrrrrr.I am anxious hope dat other one dies n not oyr pretty Tana/Rishi couple awesome together

  16. this serial is awesome

  17. awesome tanshi pleease dont replace tanu after leaf

  18. Just awesome. Love u both tannu and rishi.even I seriously don’t want tannu to be replaced.and this tannu is exactly suiting rishi.

  19. can i know the trp of this pls . . .

  20. Luv Tanshi soooooooooooooooo much!!! This epi was just awsome!!!!!!!!

  21. i don’t want any of them to get replaced by anyone so plz ekta don’t replace anyone of them I request u to take kratika as tanu-2 with new looks and style we won’t get any interest if there pair be broken

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