Kasam 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja comes to Rishi’s Office

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The Episode starts with Rishi proposing Tanuja asking her to like him and says he wants to get her. He says she has everywhere in his heart, mind, house everywhere. The guests ask her to agree. Tanuja says it is joke. They ask her to agree. Tanuja takes the flower. Everyone claps. AK says this was just a dream and Tanuja will not agree in reality. Tanuja says I am happy in my house and asks him to stop dreaming. Rishi asks ladies, who looks good with Tanuja. One girl says AK and other says Rishi. She says AK is a gentleman and good to be boyfriend, but Rishi is a husband material. She says if any girl meets you then will not leave you. Rachel says I want to be your Juliet and says you are so romantic. Rishi says I am booked for many births. The guests leave.

Tanuja says you were flirting with

girls and then proposed me. She says they think that I am AK’s wife. Rishi says even my relatives knew that we are husband and wife and says if I a m exhibiting that we are husband and wife by calling them. He gets upset with her. Tere bina plays..Rishi says you also loves me and asks her not to change and always love me. Tanuja says if you change then. AK asks Rishi to go.

Tanuja says I will check fabric tomorrow. Rishi says ok biwi sahiba and asks AK if he got jealous. He goes. AK tells Tanuja that Rishi is coming there as he got an excuse now. He asks why did you agree to do interior decoration. Tanuja says he asked me. AK ask will you marry him if he asks you. AK comes to Rishi and says I was silent today, but will show you how sweet I am. Rishi asks will yo become sugarcane. He says you are nothing, just AK. AK says you wants to get angry and reacts, so that I fall in her eyes.. Rishi says you will fall soon and says you called guests intentionally and says next time, I will propose her surely.

Tanuja comes there and asks what they are talking. Rishi asks if someone will come tomorrow also. Ak says no, Tanuja will come to your office, I will come and pick her. Rishi goes. Ak says we will go directly to court from there.

Tanuja comes to Rishi’s office. Peon thanks her for coming and says Rishi was waiting for her. Rishi shows her designs. Tanuja gets up from couch and says she understands what is she doing? Rishi says it is common for husband and wife to sit together. Tanuja says you was coming closer and touching me, and threatens to leave. She asks him to sit with finger on lips. Rishi keeps finger on his lips and sits smiling. Main Rang Sherbaton Ka Plays…. Tanuja checks the file. She asks him why is he staring her. Rishi says I am not staring you.

Tanuja says I can’t work here. AK tells Rohit that he is worried about his future, and says don’t know what will happen to his life. He says truth is that Tanuja is very happy when she is with Rishi and I have seen immense love in her eyes for Rishi. He says he knows that if she marries him, but she will not love him, he just wants Natasha and Tanuja to be with him. Rishi says why you didn’t tell me, that you talked to my mom and haven’t told her about working here. Tanuja says what I would have told that your son is blackmailer. She is about to walk off. Rishi says I will give divorce if you have food with me. He calls Peon and asks him to get the ingredients. He tells Tanuja that he will make food for her with his hand. Tanuja says last time, you will give me divorce after this. Rishi thinks of his words.

Rishi and Tanuja have an argument in kitchen as flour falls on them. AK comes there and asks what is this childish fight and asks Tanuja to come with him. He slips. Tanuja shouts AK.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This week was awesome ,tanshi and ak trio was hilarious and no negativity was shown , precap was also nice tanshi fighting but cute nok jhok and tanuja pulling rishi s cheek and calling him cute also than pk comes like elder person like father of tanuja and tanshi as teen couples and ak took care of tanuja his daughter and now is old and is legs and bones are weak so when he caught his daughter and was going to scold rishi he slipped due to his old age because of weak bones and rishi will laugh heartily .nice precap abbu jaan gir gaye.

  2. That is nice Lilly you are a poetry. We judge harshly sometimes coz they give us positive followed by negativity all the time. It was nice for a change this time.

  3. silent reader 2

    how foolish are you, can this garbage gets any more trashy? threre is not one line of this sh*t dragging , that, could make sense , or acceptable as a normal life.
    if you and fake kasam doesn’t have any selfrespct and dignity , then at least have some for your country, I ndians and their reputation, as you are sending these rubbishes to the west and other countries.

  4. Silent Reader 2 I think some of us are sucked
    in the bad drama, because in early days it was interesting,,it’s not easy to stop watching once you are addicted. It has became bad that sometimes u have to find something interesting in it and laugh.Today was that day 4 me.
    A ten year old can write a good story better than this. What happened during Tanu days is still repeated up to this day. Just for more episodes .As u say it is trashy, trashy it is. The previous episode of AK inviting his night ladies.To me the writers assassinated Tunuja’s charector and made her trashy lady.. In real life decent women can’t enjoy being used to play fake wife to exes where her daughter lives.and still boasts about wanting a divorce and live her life. The thing is she was presented as a decent woman with principles in the begining. That is why it looks ugly as she is a mother. And her treating two men like dirty. One minute if she thinks the guy is pulling away she is nice,If the guy thinks he is winning her heart.. she starts lashing out boast about divorce. She is now like those ladies who destroy every man mentally they are involved with,she is cruel,boss, controling. No wonder both guys think of commiting suicide if they think they have lost her. She has become poison. Writers how are u going to clean the image of your leading lady. By allowing her daugher to call AK papa she caused this problem. Can u blame Rano for calling her charectorless

  5. Well silent reader 2 ,show is trashy agreed. But we love the leads nd their chemistry and as far as this week it was shown we watched it not for using logic but entertainment and we love it therefore it is top on voot but your point is too right that the serial is story less but all ekta kapoor serials, indian serials are all same .so don’t like never watch it because kasam is quite normal but other serials like yhm are even more worse and still on top in india . Now it is show creatives and team , don’t bash our country for that, dail soaps are not category to judge someone’s country reputation

  6. Good point Gargin,what is played on Indian TV has nothing to do with the country just blame the writers. I have tried to look for better drama at some point to help me not to watch Kasam.I think for 4 weeks I was not watching,as u say we like their chemistry. ..they was no chemistry for a long time. ….what I found was other dramas are worse so much cruelity with abused women who can’t olen their mouths and defend them self. The dramas copy each other. Kasam is better if only the writer don’t jump from a good story to another. Eg we had Purab,MALAIKA,Divya and Tanuja Bedis property.Tanuja ran away b4 the story finished….the accident Rishi had Tanuja went to rescure him. It was like nothing happened a bride leaving the ceremony running. If they don’t leave such stories hanging Kasam will bgood. Pple are angry because of confusion and repeat…and no chemistry scene between Rishi and Tanuja.

  7. Well said gargig and pops , I tried to watch different serials which are popular like yhm ,kb, kkb ,yhm ishqbaaz , shakti all are worst and pathetic .kasam is much better than this wise

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