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Raaj was happy about the function. Rishi comes there, Raaj asks if he is excited as someone is fasting for him for the first time. He sings a poetry for Rishi. Rishi assures he is happier than anyone expected. Raaj goes to welcome a guest. Rishi watches Tanuja going with her Pooja thaal. Raaj asks Rano to let Mrs. Khrawinja meet their daughter in law. Rano takes her along, Tanuja was sitting down and ignores about introduction. Divia was restless about moon sighting. Mrs. Khrawinja asks about Rishi’s wife, she is the first to fast.
Malaika comes to Rishi, he tells her to go and enjoy the music. He is stuck here out of Raaj’s fear of question. Malaika says she is also fasting. Rishi congratulates her for moving on, Malaika minds and explains she hasn’t moved on. She was still hopeful to get

married to him. Rishi interrupts saying he doesn’t live in future, he lives in the present only. He used to live for future, but now there is neither a companionship nor that hope. He has lost his faith over everything. He wonders why Tanuja is fasting, when she has different people in heart and life. He forbids her to fast for him, Tanuja has already created a mess in his life. He requests her to leave him, as he has already bear a lot in life. He leaves, while Malaika furiously stares at Tanuja. Tanuja turns around to notice her stare. Rano watches them and prays for Malaika to get Rishi.
All the ladies were instructed to light the Deepak, and take their thaals. Tanuja passes the thaal to Rano. Mrs. Khrawinja urges Tanuja to take blessings of Rano. Raaj comes to give her blessings, and prays for a long lived relation for Tanuja. Rano goes to her own mother in law. Tanuja comes to meet the lady guests. Raaj tells Rano that everyone has appreciated Tanuja as their daughter in law, even Rano was lucky and saved from Malaika. Tanuja is really innocent, she isn’t only his daughter but his pride as well. He goes to speak to Bee ji. Rano thinks it would be really late not to disclose Tanuja’s truth to Raaj. Tanuja turns around and was worried as she watches Rano planning in mind. Rano goes to Bee ji and takes her aside to speak to her.
In the room, Rano asks Bee ji for Tanuja’s pregnancy reports. She says she can’t let her husband get used by Tanuja. Bee ji insists this isn’t the right time. Rano suggests it might be very late otherwise. Bee ji wasn’t ready, Rano finds the report by herself. Bee ji tells Rano that she is really angry right now. Rano asks what would happen at the most, he would get a little unwell; but watching these reports he would kick Tanuja outside. Tanuja is fasting, and she can’t let someone else’s child be born in her house. She comes to watch Raaj and Tanuja receiving greetings from the guests. Bee ji comes behind her, Rano stares towards Tanuja furiously. Raaj asks Tanuja if Rishi brought her some gift, as her face tells he didn’t bring any gift. He insists it’s her right, then goes looking for Rishi. Rano stood behind Raaj, Raaj asks Rano why she is staring him. Rano says she needs to tell him something; the truth about Tanuja. Raaj asks what’s left to know about her, Rano says ‘bacha hai’, everyone was shocked. She explains a lot is left. She would show him the proof today. Manpreet comes towards Rano, Rano announces no one would stop her today; and the truth will be revealed. Raaj asks her to be straight forward. There was a ring at the door, it was Mr. Mehra. Raaj goes to greet her. Rishi snatches the report off Rano’s hand, and asks if she has gone insane. Raaj introduces Rano to Mr. Mehra. Manpreet takes the report from Rishi. Raaj asks Mr. Mehra about the family, Mr. Mehra says everyone from the family has arrived. Rishi curtly stares at Tanuja who moves ahead with guests.

PRECAP: Bee ji asks Smiley to go and get ready, it’s her proposal. Divia takes her inside to get ready, In the room, Tanuja asks Smiley how she agreed to get married, even after knowing all the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Killer J.Bieber

    Finally Smiley will come and the truth will soon reveal And Guyz I think she is taking blame herself to save bedi family prestige. The truth will reveal soon kasam will be back like it was.

    1. please dear Killer J. Bieber don’ spread / a false news/ enough is enough/ we are sick /nd /tired of those / trying by a lamp of untruth news / make people stupid enough to follow this hurtful garbage/talorating that EFRITEH/THE MOST UGLY CREATURE INSIDE /n / OUTSIDE / RANO / WHO IS MOST OF THE TIME /ON SCREEN / BECOME / MOST DAILY TORTURE/ EVEN I DON’T WATCH KASAM/ BUT EVEN READING RANO NAME ON THIS PAGE IS INTOLERABLE /

      Dear vafa I am happy u are here /but I am taking a brake / nd /wait as katerine asked me/ but if nothing changes / then /as katerine said / we both leave /nd/ run to hill

      1. Dear.#nina happy that see yourcomment dear.omid request of you that donot leave this page . hope thhat you and katerine this page because i like you alot. atleast for my my dearbrother (omid.nin adear. rano next this find out that tanuja is suppert smilly will change and be ahuman well .bad human trun wellhuman . rishi already you requset me that stay in this page and stay in this page. please be .even if you donot want watch serial . please . i donot want you and katreine leave this page . i like you alot . even if donot want watch thus serial . please stay in this page.i will be upset you and katerine dear. if leave this page. katerine when i leave tis page shetalk with me. and i for her comback in this page .and if she leave this page i will be upset her alot. katerine is loyal and kind -heart-and brave and patinet person. i like her alot . and i happy that know her and you my kind -heartsisters.I proudof katreinethat she is my dearfriend.katerine is feeling personand very kind. please @katerine and @nina. you if leave this. you reallydidnot miss for us and forget us. belive me .i when leave this page really miss you and katerine. katrine that alwayz was well with me. i neverforget
        yourgoodness . she was really a kind -heartsister.you too. i will miss katerine and you nina and i now be upset i am writing this comment with tearing.hope everywhere be fine and happy and all best for yourfuture.

      2. excuse me: in 5 line : it isnot( rishi aready ) but it is(already you requset me)

      3. @nina This is truth that truth reveal and The wicked rano truns to good rano.

      4. hi Dear @nina . i write comment for you dear. but next didnot see it. nina how are you? katreine dear. how are you? katerine and nina dear.idonot like you leave this page please saty in this page i donot force watch that serial dear but dear my dearbrother (omid) also requset you that neverthink of leaveing this page . .i when l leave this page .katerine talk with me and requset.and i comback for her. i like you and katreine alot .i neverforget your(goodness and love) . katerine is loyal and kind-heartand brave and patient person. i like her and you alot.mykind-heartsisters . i proud of katerine that she is myfriend. really she is my kind-heartsister.i was very luck that know with katerine and you .please donot leave this page.katerine is feeling person and i very like personality her. if you leave this page willnot miss for us and yourfriends in this page .this page this isnot just for comment but through this page coneact with friends . please guys if you leave this page i really will be upset alot. i like talk with you. special very like talking with katreine my kind-heart sister.please donot leave this page I first that reply nina but next didnot see mycomment(i write it with tearing) now also writing this comment with tearing .this is true that track is boring but dear when truth reveal soon .the wicked rano(the wicked human )turn to good rano( good human) when see tanujawas support smiley.katreine you already requset me com in this page and i come cause
        you requset me. in that time i didnot want com in this page but for you( that are for me very
        beloved) that requset me com in this page . I requset you as sister not friend that saty in this
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        tanshi catherine and ankit sia siddhi. i never forget your(goodness and love) and will stay in
        myheart. please stay here and donot leave this page .please nina prgenant track is bore and
        more cause go show slowly .but dear.truth reveal soon and rano change next saw tanuja was
        supporting smiley for smileysrespect . if you leave this page i will be upset alot.i hope everywhere that you are be fine and happy andalso i hope for you best for yourfuture and yourfamily (my kind -heartsister).when i read comment nina be very very upset. i like you alot .i write this comment with tearing thank you so much for everything. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzdonot
        leave this page.i you donot mind myrequset at least for my dearbrother (omid).

  2. finally they show smiley now everthing gets sortout yes Killer J.Bieber hope so then story will be on track otherwise it gets bored becoz of too much dragging anyways waiting 4 nxt week

  3. This show was my favorite…(1st season)
    Now I hate this…
    So much irritating….

  4. Hi vafa , good to see you, dear, as NINA , said , I have taken a brake, waiting for some positive changes, if it happened then , I will comment the same as before, but until then, you dear vafa take care of yourself ,
    my special friend omid, you are very kind ,and loving person, I immensely respect you, please please , continue to comment, and lets , hope a miracle happens, and ekta in particular, and Indian writers ,as a whole come to the real word of human being , treated as a human , and treating others as a human, until then ,god bless you all

    1. sister good to see ur comment…….

      1. good to see you too

    2. [email protected] hi tanshi and tia hi ann nayana catherine thanks @katerine . how are you? i love u alot. @katerine dear. when that com home i first sleep 1 hour and next when Saw comment you i be very happy . please comment .

    3. @katerine my kind-heartsister.please take care of yourself too.

    4. @katreine . yes. dear. i know this pregnant track all kasamfans hate it .i happy that see you mykind-heartsister.

    5. @Katerine my kind-sister.love u . love u alot. you donot know that when see urcomment that how much i be happy. goodnight

  5. Hi vafa and all Kasam family hope you are all fine.
    finally smiley has come infact I am fed up of this dragging yaar now the truth will reveal in one week I hope so.actually there is no trust for serials that they will make this truth revealation also a dragging sequence. I hope that they will not make the show like that.I cant bear more

    1. [email protected] @katerin @[email protected] @tanshi @ann @ nn all kasamfamily thanks tanshi .yes @nn. this is cause new driector.even a ctor like shahrukh khan cannot do somethinge with poor direction n editing plus screen play.if Anil sir orginal cv team or someone like him or better than himdirects.

  6. Hi vafa, you are teaching for high school which is nice yaar, and all the best for your job.

  7. Episode was nice and tanuja was looking so pretty, excited for next episodes

  8. Happy x’mas all kasam family

  9. hate this nonesense track…….kasam lost its charm.i think they need to wrap up the show….

  10. just still waiting for good…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Maryam my kind-heartsister. metoo.

  11. Merry christmas to all.

  12. Hi vafa if there is any latest news please share.

    1. hi @tia @[email protected]@ nayana @mryam @tanshi @sia @[email protected] omid @ catherine @ankit @[email protected] [email protected] av and all kasamfamily. i saw that rano and all bed family get to know dat smliey is pregnant. and rano when findout truth she accept tanuja as rishiwife more than malika . yes . guy the wicked rano trun to goodrano. you even will like her. this is great for all kasamfamily.

      hope all you be fine and happy.

  13. This snail pace of this serial is literally killing me … Its just soo irritating .. When the hell are they going to end this pregnancy thing?

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