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Rano tells Rishi that this isn’t Tanuja, how can he not recognize his Tanu. Tanuja explains she has been trying to tell everyone since she came that she isn’t Tanu but Tanuja. Rishi was at a verge of crying, he recalls Tannu being hit by the bullet. He gets Neha and Bani’s planning’s then. Tanuja says she didn’t know about the matter, she watched her face in mirror and was shocked, if she had to get this only face whom they all love, may be God wanted them all to get happy no matter for few minutes. May be it’s a game of luck, but this has taken place; now this is her fate. Now, she will have to live with this face, and she will. Rishi claps for her acting, she must ask him what luck really is. He has cried for Tannu for last two decades, and her family was only planning to trap him. This

face of Tannu is a planning of her family, she has got great training, and inquires if the mother was a good teacher or daughter was. Tanuja cries asking whom is he talking about, he is considering her wrong. Rishi warns her to stop this drama. Tanuja says she is unaware who planned this, it was Bee ji. Rishi warns her to take Bee ji’s name, she is involved in all this planning. He drags her to Tanuja and asks her to question the Goddess today. He gets it that she has been brought up in that family, now he understand why his past was being brought to his front. He tells his family that this girl is here to ruin their family, he asks Bee ji to question Rano that she is Bani’s granddaughter and Neha’s daughter. He tells Rano that it’s all a trap that Bani is ill and Neha is in comma. The day their house caught fire, Tanuja went to meet Sandy as well. Sandy is such a curse for their family, he was the one to end his life. He comes to Tanuja complaining she ruined his life again, and accuses her for ruining his life again. Bee ji had given doctors Tanuja’s photo, but Bani and Neha turned it to Tannu’s, as they wished to make it a million dollar face for themselves. He is pity that their planning has been revealed. Tanuja cries denying any such thoughts. He brings her to Raaj saying Raaj called Tannu as his daughter, Tannu never betrayed him but she did today. He then brings her to Bee ji saying Bee ji urged him to marry Tannu, today Tanuja betrayed her too. He then brings her to Ahana, and recalls Ahana broke all the rules and helped him run away with Tannu; she betrayed Ahana as well. He asks if she feels ashamed of playing a bad game with them all. If she wants to trade money in return of face, then drags her upstairs.
In the room, Kasam asks if she think about getting Tannu’s face, but what about the love of Tannu. Tannu is everywhere around, in the breezes, the moonlight, the darkness, the lights. He brings her to a storage area to show her a portrait saying this is his Tannu. He brings her photos from different wardrobes saying this is his Tannu. Tannu promised him never to lose him. He then asks if she understood, and shouts at her to get out. He himself hysterically moves towards the dressing, remembering Tannu. Tanuja comes to console him, then withdraws herself crying as she holds Tannu’s photo.

PRECAP: Tannu was walking out of Rishi’s house. She loses her balance, while Rishi holds her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Adithi

    Oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Writers are surprising the fans continously.. Fabulous episodes throughout the week.. This week is my favorite.. Rishi’s angry oh God.. What an acting yaar.. Ssharad the best.. The last part both were mind blowing.. I’m in love with tanshi 😍😍💜💜

  2. NUPUR

    misunderstand din ba din varhi jaraha hea..pata nehi ab kese milenge tanu ur rishi..plz writer is neha ur bani ka kuch karo…

  3. vafa

    interestingest episode.

    very good news: (this news confirmed)

    everyone is xited to see wath is going to happen next on the show .tanuja is not able to accept her new face as she kows the past that is behind it.
    rishi see tanuja in her new avatra and decides to accept her and want unite with tanuja. but tanja aske rishi to stay away from her.but we know that rishi isnot going to give up so easily and that he will do everything that is possible to get tanuja back . it would be exciting see how rishi and tanuja unite after staying apart for such along time.

  4. Ishani

    I think…the other side will happen…thanuja will fall in love with rishi…but rishi will avoid her & going to marry with new girl simithi…as thanu did with pawan…

  5. chinnu

    what a episode i love this track and please unite them makers writers plz love u both of u
    rishitanuja today’s song was best ever

  6. Rucha

    Luv u Tanshi…….I literally cried watching that pain and love in their eyes for each other…luv u both Ssharad n kratika.

  7. anika

    Hi sia I left a message for you nd vafa via replay to Ahmad yesterday vafa saw it , but if you did not see it please take a look at it.

  8. vafa

    hi @anika my dear friend. yes. I saw your message and replayed it on yesterdays page.ahmad also replay to you yesterday.

  9. Sam Sandhu

    nyc episode…bt plzz Tanshi ko ek kro…Let them be one..nd do smthng against Neha nd Bani…bcz both of them Rishi feels that Tanuja is also knw abt their plan nd she is doing acting…

  10. anika

    Hi Ahmad , I would like to do what you asked regarding voting for Rishi nd Tanu, but I can not answer to : which program nd news do I like as I don’t understand any Indian language nd relevantly I don’t watch any program without English subtitle . Could you please get me name of a favorite language nd a program in that language to make me enable to vote for tanshi. thanks

  11. anika

    Dear Sia thank you for the replay an liking me the sam as others , but I count you Ahmad nd Vafa special friends with special place for me.

  12. anika

    Dear Vafa , I always treated you with highest value even the time you were completely on your own with nobody around. Your very last message is @sia not me , but please don’t take a trouble to replay nd I wish you every happiness. take care

  13. vafa

    dear anike i agree with something that sia had said about you and then all something that had said about you (dear anika).

  14. AHMAD

    @ anika dear you for(vote sharad malhotra and kratika sengar or dheer in ITA tHE Indian Television ) frist you should wirte your name and next yourphone if your phone number is more than10 digit.you should take frist digit yourphone number and write rest of digits of your phone number. for example: 12345678912 you should write : 2345678912 THEN should write : your email.
    and thenconfrimed(next)
    then should confrimed yes(I Agree)
    you write : BESTactor famale : kratika sengar or dheer.
    Best ACTOR male: sharadmalhotra
    Best intertionment channel:colortv.
    Best news channel (English): ccnIBN
    BEST NEWS channel (hindi): INB7
    BEST sports channal: star
    BEST MUSIC channal:B4u
    BEST Regional channel- Entertianment: punjab(Zee punjab)
    BEST Rengional channel-news: pujab(Zeepunjab)
    and then confiremed (word SUBMIT)
    BUT FOR VOTE SHARAD AND KRATIKA ASIAN award on the link: http://www.avta.tv/nominate/
    you frist write yourname
    then write your E-mail adress
    then write (News channel of the year: skynews)
    Relity of programme of the year:Amrican Grit
    Music Channel of year:ARY MUSIC
    urdu channel of the year:SAhar tv urdu
    punjabi channel of the year: PTC PUNJABI
    Bengali channel of year: STAR JAISHA
    Chinese channel of the year:TVB Jade
    Best British:…..
    soap of the year:shakiti asti
    male actor of the year:sharadmalhotra
    female actor of the year:kratika sengar or dheer
    General Entertainment channel of the year: colortv
    and in end confrimed (Sumbit).

  15. vafa

    @anika dear. you are a special friend for me . anika pain closed rishi to tanuja and then rishi accept tanuja because rishi understand that tanuja is his destiny but tanuja asks rishi to stay away her. but rishi going back of tanuja .and he iisnot going to give up so easily and that he will do everything that is possible to get tnja back. it WOULD exting to see how Rishi and tanuja unite after staying apart for such along time. infact through this newgirl that wan entry in show then understand that tanja is hisdestiny.and will start magic romanc rishi and tanuj .

  16. Deeps

    Today’s episode was superb waiting for next episode.but why is tanuja suddenly dressing like tannu r the writers forgetting that she is tanuja and not tannu

  17. vafa

    @deeps. tanja also already cred. when that all insult tanja. clear that tanuja will cry. and this pain will close rishi and tanuja together. and through entery new girl in rishislife .rishi will understand that tanja is hisdestiny.

  18. hasen

    @guys donot be upset villians bad naam ke he villiani hote hai real mai toh hero heroine ko unite karne mai hee help kare dete hai guys donot worry kasam is rocking just it now.

  19. fatemeh

    WHAT A performance watch a awesome eipsode everything was more than perfect love u bebies (sharad and kratika).mind bolwing performance.they are fabulous actors.they are cut.

  20. Maahiswt


    |Registered Member

    Ee rishi gadu kopam lo bhale muddochestunadamma…. Very cute..
    .kratika is as usual very awesome….. Love dis show….!!! N I also lyk dis neha also… The way she speaks is NYC….. N don’t know y rishi bangaram hates sandy… Hez a good person n whatever he did was just due 2 his misunderstanding….. I just hope ki rishi bangaram forgive him….

  21. Aliza

    I don’t know why but this episode made me cry 🙁 Such an awesome episode.The last part was just amazing..Their acting is flawless!!

  22. AHMAD

    Aliza dear .link that had said in the description how to vote for sharad and kratika is true.
    I explained In PAGE 21st september too.

    • Aliza

      Please!!If you can’t speak correct english then plz try to speak in urdu or hindi..I don’t understand what you are trying to say.I’m sorry if i hurt you but i didn’t meant that.

  23. karthika

    Day by day it’s getting interesting…sharad my cutiepie really superb acting and kratika is also amazing…tanshi is back..actually I’m tamilian my frnds those who doesn:’t know Hindi also watching kasam only for u sharad…😍😍😍😍😍..becoz when I said the story of kasam they lyked it very and started watching it….

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