Kasam 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Netra instigates AK against Tanuja and Rishi

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The Episode starts with AK missing Natasha and recalls moments with her. He misses Tanuja and thinks I am missing you both. He thinks he shall go and meet them. Rishi asks Tanuja to say something and says John will do the work. Tanuja says she likes to do work. Rishi asks her to stitch his shirt button. Tanuja asks him to wear some other shirt. Rishi says he wants to wear this shirt only and asks her to stitch the button. She brings button box and stitches button. Rishi asks if she has broken button. Tanuja pinches him with needle. Rishi says you haven’t changed. Tanuja says you are mad. Later, Tanuja tells Rishi that Beeji told her and Raj and Rano’s marriage anniversary are coming. She says Beeji asks them to make arrangements for surprise birthday party. Rishi says he will book resort. Tanuja says we

will keep party at home and everyone will like it. She asks him to take her to shopping to buy gifts for Raj and Rano. Rishi says he is busy. Tanuja insists. Rishi says you take revenge. Tanuja breaks his shirt button. Rishi asks shall I take off my shirt. Netra sees them. Rano takes her to side and asks why she wants to ruin her respect. She tells that she is waiting for chance and will attack Tanuja at the right time.

AK comes to Rishi’s house. Rishi calls Tanuja and tells him that AK came. She says you haven’t gone to office. Rishi says I will miss you and that’s why came back. Tanuja takes him to side and asks why he is talking about it in front of AK. Rishi and Tanuja argues. Netra comes and instigates AK against Tanuja and Rishi. She asks if he came to see their romance. AK tells Natasha that he will meet Natasha.. Rano thinks what will AK do now.

AK comes to Natasha and takes her. He says hi to Tania and asks what they are doing? Tania says they are getting dolls marriage. AK asks Natasha to come with him to his house. Natasha refuses and asks him to call Myra there. Ak says then I will go and gets sad. Natasha asks him to go and kisses on his cheeks.

Rishi comes to Tanuja and asks her not to fight with him infront of AK. Tanuja says who will decide who is right. Rishi says I have an idea and takes a coin to flip. He flips the coin. AK comes and holds the coin. Tanuja and Rishi to statue. Rishi says if tails then he is loyal and loving husband. Tanuja says if head comes then it means I love my husband and is a good wife. AK shows the head. They say it is their popat. AK says I will leave. Tanuja says she is making sandwiches for him and asks him to wait. She invites him for Raj and Rano’s marriage anniversary. AK says I will not come.

Rishi makes Tanuja wear anklet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice,episode

  2. I hate Natasha she forget his dad ak who loves her so much

  3. I dont feel bad for ak ever because for past 8-9 months rishi was crying begging and was helpless at that time tanshek enjoyed rishi s condition and both hummilated his love , enjoyed together ,laughed , had his daughter , almost married at that time how rishi,would,have felt,but he beared all and,won her heart back by tackling all hurldles . Natasha dint forgot ak ,she considers him a lot but as,a child,she is immature . Natasha never went to rishi but ak so rishi should feel bad . But a positive spirit is always feel bad

  4. Lilly I also feel the same about AK,I love Ahana but these Bedi women are so dramatic,they don’t even give a person a chance to explain and clear misunderstanding.Ahana has to feel how it is like to have love problems.In this case this is the woman who kept a secret and still is at the expense of Rishi and Tanuja suffering. As for Tanuja’s charector it is easy for enemies to trap and separate them,coz she have trust issues,short temper and she says things that upset Rishi one minute she talks nicely and another she says things like I will leave u.I find it hard to warm up to her charector.She is not stable and she is not a strong woman. NOW she does not know much about Ahana and Mantreep problem she is jumping into conclusion without hearing from both sides.

  5. Pops and lilly , you both said my mind , tanuja is not same tanu , tanu was so mature girl , she was so beautiful and innocent soul but tanuja is opposite pole of her , she is bitter and selfish , also not looking smart as tanu , her dresses and her hairs are,awful . Really infact its going even worse nowdays

  6. Well said Olive The stylist have gone on leave.,leaving her to wear big clashing scarfs I dont like Neitra but I m sorry the gold digger looks polished than her.And what is it with cooking all the time. You are in a rich house Tanuja wear.nice clothes/jewelery and delegate duties to workers. She is looking for praises,”see how hard she works and she is a good cook”that kind of stuff. It must be difficult to leave under the same roof with a woman like her, They all leave under her shadow.Where ever she is she shouts,mocks Rishi I don’t just understand the love of a woman with split personality. If she shows love towards Rishi,it will be followed by putdown,saying words that are hurting.or pitching him. She is bitter and mean as Olive said the woman is dull not smart like Tanu. She is seeking revenge at all costs and being abusive. I hate that her charector comes with cowardness and dumb. Writers it is becoming worse her style and behaviour is killing the drama.

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