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UpdateAhna tells Tannu that this is a store room. Tannu says atleast they are together. The bulb flashes again. Ahna strucks the bulb hard.
There, Rishi and Manpreet arrive in the car and flirt around. Rishi dances on the top of his car shirtless. As he comes down, his foot twists and he aches. Manpreet notices the twist. Manpreet asks what happened, will he be able to give a grandchild to mom. Rishi asks for his jacket and walks ahead, a bit difficulty. He passes by the store room window and watches Tannu trying to fix the bulb. The child Tannu’s word echo in his mind that they will recognize each other at the first glance. He comes inside the room looking at Tannu. Tannu says she can’t do it, they must call an electrician. She climbs down the stairs, and watches Rishi standing behind. Both look

at each other in the flash of the bulb. Tannu thinks about her words that she will recognize him all at once that he is here. She asks you? Ahna comes there and asks Tannu if the bulb was fixed. Rishi offers to fix it and climbs up. Tannu was at the verge of crying watching his face in the light bulb. He gets a jolt on his hand and comes down. Tannu goes to hold his hand at once asking if he is fine. She removes her hand, her heart beat racing. Rishi walks out of the room silently. The bulb still flashes.
Outside, the girls try to flirt with Rishi. Manpreet asks where he is lost, leaving all the girls behind. Rishi says something happened that made him forget everything. Manpreet says his foot had been injured, what happened to his mind.
Tannu smiled watching the bulb. Ahna comes and wonders first she smiled at the moon, now what is there in this bulb? She tells Tannu not to stare and asks what she is looking at. Ahna says she saw someone leaving the room, who was he. Tannu doesn’t tell her while Ahna insists. Ahna asks what happened here. Tannu says she was fixing the bulb, he came and helped her; he held her hand. Ahna says finally she got rid of Rishi’s ghost. Ahna suggests who he was, electrician or sweeper. Tannu says he seemed to be educated. Ahna says atleast she forgot about Rishi. Tannu thinks he seemed to be Rishi.
Rishi discuss about his current again, he says it seems he has met her before as well. Manpreet spots a girl coming downstairs from the garage, he goes towards the girl but the girl comes to Rishi and says he will love her at first sight. Rishi asks if she means what love is, if she ever felt love, if she thought meeting at first sight, she thought she knows that person for ages and can do anything for her. The girl says she can do anything for Rishi, he says she won’t understand. She asks Rishi for a date. Rishi says his date is fixed today. Manpreet asks who that girl is. Rishi says watching her felt he had been looking for her since ages. Manpreet asks to meet her, Rishi says he needs to meet her first.
Rano and Raj argue that this marriage won’t happen. Raj says he will make up his son’s mind for marriage. Bani hears this and drops a glass. Raaj leaves. Bani asks Rano if she isnt happy with this marriage. Rano says she could be serious if they were Bani’s daughters, but she can’t let her sons marry in India. They are leaving tonight, he won’t even meet Tannu.
Rishi comes to the store room again, he was nervous that what he will explain to her. He calm himself down and opens the door. Ahna was there, Rishi wonders what she would do all day long in this dark room. Ahna turns to face Rishi and rushes him with questions. He turns to leave, but Ahna says her Dee was talking about him. He asks if she spoke about him, Ahna says she told her that it seems she liked him. Rishi was happy that she also thinks about him. Ahna says if he wants to say something to Dee, she will convey the message. Rishi was nervous and leaves the room. Ahna wonders what he just said.
At home, Bani curtly tells Neha that Rano said no for proposal. Neha says there are a lot of boys behind her, she knows well how to trap boys. Rishi comes in and watches Neha. Neha thinks he had been looking for her. Rishi stares at her flirtatiously, her apple fell off. Rishi passes by. Tannu was taking the dinner from kitchen and they hit each other. Both turn to confront each other. Neha comes in between them and bends to pick up the food from tray. Both girls bend at the same time, Rishi also kneels down but keeps his stare fixed at Tannu. Tannu goes inside the kitchen again. Neha asks if he liked what he saw. Rishi asks who won’t like it. Neha says he will get to watch it daily. Rishi says he can’t wait, Neha runs inside. He wonders what happened to her, he was talking about Tannu.
Raaj asks Rano if he met her? Rano greeds Rishi about Ferrari. Raj tells Rishi that Tannu is in his luck, he must say yes to marriage. Rano asks if he will marry a village girl? Rishi says he will marry. Bani cheers outside. Raj hugs Rishi. Raj says he knew once he will meet Tannu he won’t say no. in the room, Bani and Neha dance with each other. Neha asks what she did that compelled Rishi. Neha says same as she must have done to trap her father. Guljeet also comes there, he asks Bani why she kept the girls in store room, what if they get to know about the truth. Bani says the girls are sad about their parent’s death right now and until they are able to know Neha would already be married. She says they will get property papers signed from the girls and then will throw the girls out of the house.
Rishi and Manpreet hysterically laugh on the roof. Manpreet asks what Mom said then. Rishi says dad said. Manpreet says this means he is doing a typical romance but he is sure he isn’t going to get married. Rishi looks at the moon. There, Tannu comes to roof to pick the clothes. Rishi says he now accepts what he never did. Tannu said this moon always watches them although we don’t see each other, this moon will tell them she is here. Tannu was moved at the statement. Manpreet calls Rishi, Tannu was shocked to hear the name. Rishi says it is nothing. Tannu was elated. Rishi says when two people are made for each other, they take us no matter what.

PRECAP: Tannu couldn’t control her happiness from behind the clothes. Rishi notices her presence there. Tannu comes to the room, she hugs Ahna and tells her that the guy who repaired bulb is Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Koi bhi episode you tube p nhi pade h yar koi mujhe kisi site ka nam bta de jisse m is serial ko dekh lun.

    1. Maybe dailymotion… Many serials are uploaded there

    2. U can try on colors official site..
      But there updates are slow

    3. Desitvbox.com

    4. Desiserials

    5. Desi tashan.. you my find episodes there

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy#Love u #TANSHI#Finally they met each other n begain to have feelings 4 eachother………Love u Sharad….. Love u Kartika…….
    Both of them well played……………Soon tanshi get together soooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn………..
    Love Tanshi Soooooooooooo Much………….and a Lot n lots Love LOVE TO THEM……………….

    1. Please do not kill kratika, ,,,,, and then replace another one

  3. The type of longing thats being portrayed is totally heavenly and wat a love!!!!




    WASTE srl, actors, story….

    Go to hell …. sharad nd kratika

  5. Aweosme precap… But I am shocked to see the image. Seriously? Will she die? Dont do so please and rishi looks so handsome in red.

    1. The Women Told about Rishi’s Kundali has Margh Dosh so he should marry Tanu and he can save is Life………U may Read abt Previous Story I Think……Tanu and Rishi Having Differnt Planets system in their Kundali…….So;
      When Tanu marries Rishi His dosh will transfer to Tanu and Tanu Knows she will Die.and at the time of Accident Tanu will die at spot and Rishi will break all the relations with everyone and leaves.After 20yrs Rishi will come back to India and goes to an tantric and finds out Tanu will Reborn and does…………Tanu takes rebirth on pooran masi and for her it is rebirth but for Rishi she is………………I can’t Say That Full Story…..It has to be suspense for the Viewers and Readers…… U may Get 2 know what I am saying Roshni……Enjoy Tanshi Scenes……..And Welcome to Kasam-Tere Pyaar ki Fan Club……………….

      Everyone is Invited Here……………………
      But for Shadika and Other serial members Pls Don’t Comment Here Anymore…………….Its An Request………

  6. Can som1 plzzz tell me where I can watch these episodes!!!!

    1. Uzma go to Colors Apne Tv and Download the Epi. or U can Watch the epi by clicking the Other Options………..

      1. Thank you so much luv u 4 dis

  7. Tanshi and swarsh lover

    I lve u tanshi u r bst couple ..

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like Servicewali Bahu n MaharanaPratap jodi….baas dats all u kw….lol….
    dying rebirth new actors all bakwaas…

  9. Just type “watch ka

  10. Just type “watch kepisode of kasam and dan d dath like..22nd march 2016..after dis u will c the websites…just click one of those n i m sure u csn watch on them…i do d same…hpe dis will help u guys….

  11. ow super episode!! love it…chemistry of rishi and tanu is fabalous..I am falling in love with this serial

  12. after tannu’s death.will she changed by any other actress?

  13. Yodesi.net has good links. Watch it using the embedvideo links on that site- it always works, and is faster than other video players.

    Awesome episode, and their love story has finally started! Yippie!

  14. This is something similar to kis desh mai mera Dil……….same old story…….here & prem r childhood friends……..heer’s parents help prem’s father to go to USA…….They come back after 20yrs to India & only to find out that heer’s parents r dead……….their chachi(greedy) informs prem’s family that heer & her sister also died due to grief………later introduces her daughter Ashlesha as Heer & they r engaged………….Heer & her sister meher work in their chachi’s house as maid……..but prem starts getting attracted towards real heer……….

    same thing is happening here in KASAM………ekta Wat is this!!!!

  15. I am so happy for tanu and rishi at last they are going to get married .In 1 view only tanu and rishi fall in love with each other

  16. mahi aapke liye kasam serial ke episodes BADTAMEEZDIL.NET pe upload hote hain : )

  17. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    ho …… cool dear . it will end soon and all r com. us to stop com. i hope we hurted u and note we r just com. if it hurts u then the hell colors stopped r matsh and abt sevenfifty members requested for matsh two but they r starting naagin two . how it hurts for us . . u just think and this kasam is the reason for that i think

  18. Thanks haripriya lekin purane episode show nhi karte hai please purane episode k liye koi site bata do Maine suruat m ye episode nhi dekhe h.

  19. Hai i am new here guys can anyone tell me if tanu is reborn and rishi is 20 years elder to her then what will be their relationship

  20. Subhashitha K S

    This is serial is same as kis des mein hein meraa dil except for the fact that there will be punarjanam track in this serial later.but the backdrop i.e starting point is same as kdmhmd

  21. Kasam and krishnadasi ku updates bht late update hoty on contrary swargini, thapki,simar and others drama jldi post ho jaty not fair…

    1. Its because it is airs lately… 10 and 10:30 whereas other show you mentioned airs at 7:00 and 9:30

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