Kasam 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Malishka tries to trap Ranbir

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The Episode starts with Ranbir confessing his feelings for her. Kritika comes out of the hotel room. Jiana says you got consciousness and asks how are you? Jiana and Kritika leave. Ranbir thinks Kritika misunderstood him and thinks to talk to her. Waiter calls Ranbir and says his phone is left. Shilpa takes phone from him and gives to Malishka. Malishka plans to trap Ranbir. Kritika and Jiana are going home. Jiana thinks mum will scold her. Waiter tells Ranbir and tells that he kept his phone in his room. Ranbir goes to his hotel room. Malishka is waiting for him in his room. He says what is she doing here? She tells him that she thought to meet him. She asks why is he stressed? Ranbir says he is stressed and thinks of Kritika. Malishka says I will get drinks for you and adds all tablets in the drink, thinks

if he drinks even a drop then he will get unconscious. Ranbir says he will have just water. She forces him to have drink. Ranbir drinks fully. Malishka thinks now he will get unconscious.

Pummy scolds Kritika not to go to party again and says you got stuck with Ranbir in cold storage room. Ishani tries to take her side, but pummy tells that her glow is showing something happened and says if you don’t mend your way, then our respect will go. She asks where is your earring, and asks her to follow her words else she will send her back to Punjab.

Malishka asks Ranbir what happened to him? Ranbir tells her that he is better. Malishka asks why she is feeling as if something is lost. Ranbir says it is not like that. Malishka asks him to share with her what is going on in his heart. She says it seems the reason is some girl. Kritika talks to her mum’s pic and says I didn’t do anything wrong and asks her mum to trust her. She thinks of his words and thinks why I was silent when he was speaking. She says this happened for the first time, he held my hand and I was like lost in his eyes and flew in his words. She blames herself for letting him touch her. Ranbir calls Kritika and thinks pick up the phone. Kritika sees his name and thinks why is he calling me, what is left to talk to me. Ranbir thinks why did I tell her about my feelings and thinks once she shall pick the call. Kritika picks the call to scold him, but the call ends. Ranbir messages her that she thought him wrong and tells that his intentions were not wrong. He writes that he heard her voice and came there. He asks her to come there to room no, 103. Kritika looks on.

Ranbir feels headache in his head and feels drowsy. Malishka tries to get close to him and takes out his suit. Ranbir slaps and pushes her. Malishka threatens to ruin him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I think our complaints about kritika in this page never gonna end due to this good for nothing characters created by writers. I don’t know why she act like she is only the one and why do she think she is so special. This character is just full of ego. Look ranbir he is a celebrity but he don’t act like that. but this kritika she is a Common girl but she act like she is made up of diamond and like the world will end if something happen to her. Man so senseless and mindless story is going right now on Kasam. Kritika sengar donot deserve to play such a egofull mindless character. Just hate the character and yeah I don’t like this jiana and akki love story idea.They donot match with each other. And the chemistry will be so bad. Plz writers enough is enough plz stop playing with fans and the show . Make the show better by improving this good for nothing character called kritika kholi.

  2. Shi-tty episode don’t like kritika anger and excitement of taking revenge from ranbir and angerness while the phone was cut. I think writers r not serious about the show now due to the low trp

  3. Ha, I find myself skipping some of Kratikas acting too. As Undertaker says she thinks she is the most special person in this world. I don’t like Pummy but she is a clever woman she has seen that Kratika wants to control and be a center of attention in her house. She is the only queen in the house.Her daughters look behaved and classy than Kratika. She invites trouble every were she goes,at the markets she confrants goons in a loud voice that everybody must know that she is strong.You cant win if u go after bad pple like that they will hunt u down and that puts every one around her in trouble. She is good at judging other pple. Now she is being judged by Pummy Her loud character makes her lack class. The writers have messed up her character more than Tanuja’s characater. Why is her father not warming up to her even in private. I guess she was a troubled kid that is why her father took off. I give salute to mothers who stick with a child thru thick and thin. Pummy want to send her back to Pujab, if she has sense she must live that family alone.She is a lawyer she must find a house and be independent but no the writer wants her to have that pity me character that blame everybody except herself like Tanuja. She maybe good inside but her outside character is trashy she goes around talking to herself cursing other pple. Her sisters have good characters and look classy than her.I feel sorry for Ranbir to be connected to such a character she will make him miserable the rest of his life. Writers have failed to revive this beautiful story it’s a shame.

    1. Pops u, Dont always trying to blame kritika..n ofcourse kritika is special girls in the world..even ranbir said that she is special..coz she is not unlike other cheap girls who running behind ranbir n sleeping wth him. If u dont like kritika doesnt mean u can twist d story the way u want. How can u said tat kritika want control d house? We can clearly see pummy control the house even not respect her husband. U said her sister have good character? Seriously dont make funny..jiyana is ok..but ishani looking joker..crazy of fame n money. Actually ranbir character is stupid like rishi, always fooled by girls. He so stupid drink whatever malishka give him. He know malishka is his enemy batra daughter..still he close to her. Akki behaved much better n classy than ranbir.

      1. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

        @Pooja Ranbir said she is special for him that doesnt mean that she is special girl in the world. I hate this character and why u always take side of kritika. We donot hate kritika sengar but we hate the character she is playing. Pooja no disrespect for u but u always act blind for kritika. Yes i accept ranbir is fooled by girls but u too should have to develop the ability to say what is right and wrong. Dont be a fool and immature. Accept what is right and understand we love kritika sengar but the character she is playing is like a sh!it. So dont be mad when someone is commenting the character is bad cause she is. I figured u dont care what the character is. u care about the real kritika sengar because when u commented on the page on the episode when kritika was innocent and caring locked in the frezeer u said kritika looked fantastic that made me think u dont care or like a strong shouting blaming character but u care about real actress. So u should got onething that we r not blaming the actress we r blaming the character she is playing.

  4. Seriously I want tanu, rishi back . Tanshi best but kribir i a m not able to connect with characters .

  5. Why this ranbir always dumb? Before this rishi n now ranbir. His characters so dumbest..he always fooled by girls. Before this malaika netra n now malishka..he trust every girls n drink what they give. He always create problem n make kritika misunderstand him. I dont know when they will show him intelligent.

  6. ????????episode

  7. Pooja and lotus are same girl , who are insulting ranbir and rishi to equalize the bad comment said for kritika character. Lol every body knows how kritika behaves , plz explain why she always shout on ranbir , first she shouted at airport boy , she could have made him understand ,then her never ending blames and accusations . People say ranbir slept with mother and daughter , its wrong then kritikas overconfidence is also a problem and whatever ranbir did is past but presently kritika is not trusting ranbir why no proper reason ,he has saved her many times ,so she should atleast be thankful to him but she is accusing him only for kissing , it was just cpr . She always talking bad about him which ranbir is not doing . This is problem kritika needs to be soft , she is very rude . A lead should not be rude with other lead ,we see the show for their love story not hate story ,if ranbir is liking her she should also feel for him ,he is the one who saved her moth er which she doesn’t know which means she very easily judge people . One must be,polite while speaking . This is absolute truth which nobody can deny she is too loud and not polite at all , maybe because of her father betrayal she doesnt trust men but this is not right not every guy wants to misbehave with her .if kribirs love story wont start then trp will be 0.4 next time 100 percent. Ps – miss pooja / lotus dont fight with me , now .

    1. Palavi, Excuse me, who r u to judge me n lotus r same person. If someone hate ranbir tat means they r same person? So i also can said who r blame kritika in this page, all same person. Understand that not everyone have same opinion. About kritika character, first of all u should know what is meaning of shout n bold. Kritika is not shouting to tat boy, she is bold n fearless..its is her nature according to the character n moreover she is frm punjab. So obviously her should be like tat. Answer for u question why kritika never trust ranbir is coz for kritika ranbir is playboy who hanging n flirt wth girls. That is fact. She witnessed ranbir wth girls so many times. Maybe ranbir are little bit change now but the situation never help it..coz whenever kritika saw ranbir..unfortunately he wth girls. So obviously her opinion about ranbir never change, she still think ranbir is playboy. So how will she trust him? One more thing, she is not like other cheap girls..who can take tis kissing or cpr so easily. For her dignity is more important than her live. She is also said let her die.For her ranbir kissing her purposly or not, but he should not did that. She feels that, she become impure. Ranbir also explain her but she is not in that state of mind to understand this. Maybe she will change slowly after knowing tat ranbir also are changing now. So don’t blame kritika again n again y she never trust ranbir.

      1. ok so she have seen him with girls , so when he saved her from ashok , she will not say thankyou , good pooja you hate ranbir , we dont hate kritika , but dont like her rude attitude, got the difference. kritika is bold and fearless so she can shout . look at tanu who was so mature and understanding. kritika is bitter , ranbir is playboy, so that is the reason he tried to save kritika from bad sight of yash , ranbir is playboy so he saved her from goons , ranbir is playboy so he came there at storage room , to save her by risking his life . ranbir is playboy so he made her smile when she was upset , ranbir is playboy so he saved her from robbers,when someone behaves good with you you should also behave good with him.but you are fighting with us like we are saying something to kratika only . why will nobody take side of ranbir when he is so good to her.if ranbir is dumb than kritika is also dumb , if he is playing shit character than kritika is talking shit , you are only targeting ranbir because kritika is blamed here , now this is not wrong . we are the show fans here who care if some character is ruining so we should correct it and both kratika and sharad are priority of us , not like you one sided fan of kratika and then you blame that just because we blamed the character of kritika we are only sharad fans . now i will make you clear i am not a fan of both , but the show because i was knowing none before this , so i like both . now stop making fuss . palavi is correct. why lotus and pooja are using same email then . atleast be honest to yourself .

  8. Kasam tere pyar ki can i ask y take side of ranbir? I also hate character ranbir not hate sharad. U also should accepted the charactrer played he is playing is shit..so much show off but dumb. If u too much care of reel character then u should neutral blaming other character. y not blaming ranbir for his playboy n follness?, y not u blaming malishka for her cheap character?, y not u blaming pummy for dominating n partiality towards kritika?. But the problem is u always target kritika character, even u no leave to blame her for simple matter. We r not blind, we clearly can see u r kratika hater. So if have right to blaming kritika character, then i have equally rights to blaming ranbir character. So u dont be mad if i comment bad about ranbir coz he is.One more its my choice to praising kratika’s acting on that page coz kratika acting amazing in tat cold storage episode..the way she trembling in cold looked natural. Lastly i want to tell be neutral fans of kasam, if u r target kritika character then i also can do the same wth ranbir..if u think kritika character bad then i think ranbir character is bad. Everyone have different opoinion..but u r too much blaming her chatacter..tats will make who love kritika character angry.

    1. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

      Dont make a joke of your self and yeah behave like u have grown up dont act like immature. U r acting like a 2 yrs old child like have u ever looked them they exactly copy the same thing that u do. U know what. i was right u r a mental. U know everyone is fed up with kritika character and the one throwing flowers on kritika’s character. U know a mental see things opposite. I am worried about u pooja plz go to mental hospital for check up. We r not liking her shouting blaming egoful features in her character well u r liking the same things which is making the character bad. I think u r liking these all cause u r of same type. Yeah i think u r not strong or i say independent which kritika have but u have the things like shouting blaming full of ego, thinking i am the most important and special girl in the world like features in u pooja so u r liking all these. I finally figured it out. Dont worry pooja u know a person like the same thing what they do .

      1. For ur kind info only this few ranbir fans blaming kritika..other than tat everyone loving kritika character. Go n see insta n twitter..how much they love kritika.I think u need go to mental hospital..coz supporting playboy n cheap character like ranbir..maybe u also same type like ranbir or malishka. I never seen such people who supporting cheap dumbest n annoying character like ranbir. Last thing its my choice which character i like or not. If u have ur own choice same to other..If u can said bad about other character than other also can talk bad.

    2. Haan that s why you were insulting sharad for his height .

  9. Guyz we r like family or we say a kasam family and family members never fight with each other. I remember the day when our before kasam family was here they were loyal loving respecting but now u all r like fighting with each other if u dont believe me check 21sept 2016 . This page back in days in 2016 and early 2017 was so intresting full of comments and replies and they behave just like brothers and sister with each other but u guyz u all r fighting with each other which is making the page boring. Look the kasam update page in 2016 and early 2017 how good it was but now your guys fighting has ruined this place.

  10. well guys i really love ranbir so much for me he is nice character and he is smart and humble i love him about kritika till now i don’t like her she need to be kind and nice with ranbir he save her life she can atleast thank him now i caan’t blame ranbir in fact he deserve a nice girl and kritika is good girl but she need to change herself to be honest and speacial that dosen’t mean to be rude with people he save her life many times but she don’t care about this and insult him many times you know guys after the episode when he save her i loved the couple and begin to love and support them they were cute and lovely together ranbir and kritika couple can be the best but kritika ruin always things between them i hope they love each other soon really after what heppend between them i mean mouth to mouth scene was cute and i loved it.

  11. This is the most disgusting character i have ever seen. I saw how many times ranbir saved her life. He even saved her mother life once ranbir is a nice guy And i say he donot deserve such kind of girl who have is a total pshycho. He saved her how many times but he saved her but she always blames him. I hate her so annoying character. Ranbir have enough now he have to show her the right place where she deserve into the mess. Ranbir is a celebrity he is special not her. Just wanna tell that fu!ck that bit!ch.

  12. I agree Dewan. I m hoping that Pummy will put her in her place. I don’t like Pummy but she is the only person who can deal with her. Very soon she will be playing victim crying all the time. This is bad. Who ever is writing this story is twisted. Kratikas character must be in a mental hospital. We all talk to ourselves from time to time but she talks and act mental. How do you promote this twisted drama. No wonder the ratings are down.

  13. Rupali..First of all dont compare Tanu character wth kritika character ok. Kritika is not Tanu.If u all want kritika character like Tanu then what is the need of tis kasam season2?. Evreyone can watch the season1. I accepted tanu is innocent n quiet..but she suuffered n crying alot. Its enough now. We love this bold, strong, fearless n independent kritika. There r so many fans loving kritika character coz is different frm her past character Tanu. yes ranbir save her frm goons but for her she think ranbir is purposely touch her. Then he save her in storage room but she not come out frm tat cpr incident..tat y she running frm there. Everyone have different opinion about character..they dont like kritika. I dont like ranbir character. They can blaming the character in a polite way but using harsh n bad words is unbearble. Dont think we will quiet see this.Give respect n get respect.

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