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Saloni was shocked to hear about Champu, the shooter. Pavan forwards the photo saying Rishi is gone, this time full and final. Saloni grabs the phone and says she can’t let him do this. When someone murders he will get caught in some way, what she will do then. Pavan shouts what he must do then, Rishi has been looking for proofs against him. Saloni asks him to leave it to her, Rishi will die but it must seem to be an accident.
In the room, Rishi curses himself for being responsible of getting caught. He thinks about calling Tannu to apologize. Rishi gets the call, Savitri asks her to attend it while they were getting down the car. She receives finally, Savitri goes inside the shop. Rishi apologizes Tannu and says he is happy she respect him and society both. Tannu tells Rishi she can’t speak to him,

she came to jewelry shop with Pavan’s mother and gives him address of the shop. She hangs up. Rishi thinks if she can’t speak he can, and heads towards the shop.
Pavan brings Saloni blindfolded to the hall, it had been decorated with cake and roses wishing her anniversary. Saloni was upset what if they get caught, what if Tannu and Rishi see them together. She assures she want to celebrate this anniversary but not fearfully, she demands to go outside. Pavan says this is the last time, from next year Tanvi and his child to be will celebrate it together.
Mamta, Neha’s friend arrive outside the house. Swati cheers watching her and sends her inside. She then panics at once that she forgot to tell Mumta not to call her Neha but Tannu. She goes inside. Mamta greets Rishi who was in a hurry and leave. Swati had reached there telling her he is Neha’s husband to be. Bee ji comes asking about Tannu, her sister. Mamta corrects its Neha not Tannu. Bee ji was confused.
Savitri asks Tannu about choosing a necklace. She keeps a necklace in her neck and looks in the mirror to shock herself. Rishi was visible behind her approaching toward her. Tannu forbids her approach them, the salesman takes them to another counter for some modern designs. Rishi hides himself, then laughs watching Tannu panic. She forbids him come nearer and runs towards Savitri.
Bee ji confirms Swati if her sister’s name is Tannu or Neha. Swati explains this Mamta sometimes call Tannu as Neha. Bee ji goes inside asking for ginger tea. Swati tells Mamta there is a ritual in their family about changing names after wedding, she must remember calling Neha as Tannu else all the curses in her birth charts would come to her friend’s. Mamta was fearful.
Rishi comes behind Tannu, Savitri was selecting necklaces. Tannu excuses herself and comes to Rishi, complaining why he is being insane. Rishi says he wants to speak to her for so long. Rishi was afraid and turns to leave. Rishi pins her at the wall, he shares with Tannu that Pandit ji told Raaj that he is about to die if he doesn’t get married to Tannu. Now he and Tannu would get married the day she will marry Pavan. Rishi was tensed. Rishi calms her down, he says he doesn’t want to hide anything from her. She confirms from Rishi, Rishi says Pandit ji said there is a curse in his birth chart. Tannu remembers asking her Bauji about it, Veeru told her till she is with Rishi nothing will happen to her. Her birth chart would cover him, she will always save him as a shield. It seems she has been made to save Rishi. Tannu demands how she would do it, they are so far away. Veeru told her that it will only come in effect when he turns 23, till then she will be married. If she stays around him, nothing will harm him. He had advised her to stay with him, and not leave his side ever. Tannu had promised Veer about it. Rishi notices Tannu was lost and tensed, she remembers about their childhood, how she saved him from falling in water. Rishi demands how she know about this curse, he never mentioned it to her.
Bani comes looking for earrings for Neha. Neha was afraid what if Rishi really die, how would she do the makeup. Bani tells Neha that times have changed, even if Rishi dies all what belongs him will come to her. Bani says alright she must go to get ready, now Rishi must go to get ready for dinner. Mamta comes to greet Neha, Bani asks them to let Neha get ready. Mamta was sure Rishi won’t return, but Bani was sure he would.
Rishi demands Tannu how she came to know. Tannu asks Rishi not to get away from him, she also promises to stay around him.

PRECAP: Rishi demands Tannu to confess her love now. Tannu tells him their birth charts have been linked, Rishi looks quizzically.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. kasam is also walking on d footprint of kkb….both stories r moving in a circular loop no improvement…??????????

  2. i saw a promo that tanu /tanvi will be seriously injured

  3. Yes shalini…there are 1hour special episode on 27..

  4. Kasam give us a blast twist like krishnadasi..pls

  5. I don’t understand why pawan is marrying the real tanu when he is married to saloni. Does anyone know?

    1. Yes! Kyun k saloni khabhi bhi maa nai ban skti pawan tanvi se shadi kry ga aur tanvi se jo us ka bacha ho ga wo saloni aur oawan le lm gy ! I hope u get my point!?

    2. because saloni is infertile and cnt conceive so…

  6. alisa..Pawan is marrying for child ..saloni can’t become mother I guess..

  7. alisha..Pawan is marrying for child ..saloni can’t become mother I guess..

  8. Because his saloni isn’t able to give them a child

  9. I think pavan mentioned somthing about a baby maybe saloni can’t have children

  10. Because Saloni cannot bear a child and his parents want a grandchild. Peer pressure.

  11. Pawan is marrying tanvi to get child because saloni couldn’t give child to him

  12. Hi Alisha, because the dirty and disgusting Saloni is unable to get children to culprit Pwan, by nature as result of having physical problem THANK GOD .

    Any time the devil Pawan dancing around Tanu , it is so ugly , false , and disgusting that , makes my stomach turning. His face in particular when he is laughing , is so vicious and devilry, and, Saloni looks like the woman who are earning money by working in street during the night.

  13. Seriously I keep coming back to reading to see if the serial has moved on…but it’s still the same after weeks! So frustrating! ???

  14. Why real Tannu can’t confess her love for Rishi

  15. why pavan wants to marry again…..pls anyone tell me what r the intention of pavan…..is he marring for money.,,..how can saloni let him marry again

  16. does anyone know what will happen to tanvi in upcoming episode

  17. Journey start ???

  18. ahaaana manpreeth

    tanwi – rishi jodi really superb……. Please
    don’t replace tanwi or rishi…..

  19. Plzz don’t change Kratika Sengar plzz make her tanu 2 also otherwise no one is going to see your show

  20. sanyukta rathor

    Hey guys i am new here shiuld i join u pls

    I am a huge fan of kasam and tanshi speciali Rishi i love his smile

  21. pls dont seperate tanu and rishi jodi yaar,they are rocking,kristal cant take the place of krithika,pls dont change krithika,let her be in next janam also.

  22. Eye expressions by Tanu aka krathika… Amazing……

  23. sanyukta rathor

    Plss do not change tanvi , i love tanshi jodi plss

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