Kasam 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rishi comes to Tannu, Sandy takes his gun and flee. Rishi wakes Tannu up to go to hospital. Tannu says she has not much time left, he must speak to her. Tannu says when he said she will cook and he will remove her hair, sorry as she won’t be able to cook. Rishi asks her to get up, they will go to hospital. Tannu asks him to let her talk, she wanted to spend time with him but her wishes have broken. She promised to save him from every problem, she fulfilled it. She was breathing heavily. Rishi insists nothing will happen to her. Tannu tells him that she is here, she won’t go anywhere. She promises to be here always for him, as they are connected through souls. Her eyes are closed, hands released free from Rishi’s hands. Rishi was shocked, he tries to wake her up, then cries shouting her name aloud then

cries holding her.
In the car, Sandy calls Neha and says Tannu came between and was shot instead of Rishi. Neha smiles appreciating Sandy. Raaj and family arrive cheerfully. They were shocked watching Tannu, while Rishi sat lost. They come to Rishi and mourn over Tannu’s body. Rishi come to senses and says Sandy came, accused him of cheating Neha. Tannu came in between.
Neha brings her bridal dress saying Rishi left her in stage, his father cursed her. Today, that Raaj will cry for his young mourning son. He shot three in one. There is a knock at window, it was Sandy. She helps him inside. He watches the bridal dress and asks if its for their wedding. He assures Neha that he loves her dearly. Neha tells Sandy he did alright, Rishi and Tannu had an affair, but Tannu didn’t side her. Sandy puts the sindoor in Neha’s head partition, Bani watches this. Sandy tells Bani Rishi molested Neha, he went behind Rishi with a gun but Tannu came in between and was shot. Bani was shocked in disbelief. There was a knock at the door, Bani says Rishi must be here and will kill him. She suggests Sandy to run away, he wasn’t ready to leave Neha alone. He says he already told Rishi everything about her, he deters Neha to kill her or himself if she doesn’t go with him today. Neha agrees to run away with him.
Bani opens the door, it was Raaj and Rano with police. They ask about Sandy, the inspector gets in and orders to look around for the house. Bani denies knowing about any Sandy. Rano asks if she should tell her, Sandy is the lover of Neha. He met Rishi and Manpreet in Amritsar, but they didn’t know about Neha. She cries over their disgust. Guljeet sends Swati inside to bring water, Raaj says as soon as they find Sandy and Neha they will get their luggage. From today onwards, all their relations with them have ended. The inspector sends his team to look for them outside. Raaj says Bani and Neha won’t be forgiven for what they did, they killed Rishi along with Tannu.

PRECAP: Rishi breaks his relations with the Goddess.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Tejasvï shahi

    It really happened to be the most worst seen in the episode of dying tannu…OMG…how can god do so unfair with ’em…!!!😢😢

  2. Anonymous

    Hi guys , I don’t know why this always happens in serials.
    Nobody is never happy.
    Someone’s always dying.
    And, besides what kind of twist going to happen in the storyline.
    Rishi becomes rich boss and new girl comes in his life.
    Oh … come… on….
    This is so ridiculous. …
    No one can replace tanu in rishi life and neither can kratika be replaced in kasam tere pyaar ki.
    All the best to you.
    I know you must be helpless and be forced to make such a big decision to leave the show.
    But to the directors and producers, the least you could have done is a rebirth of tanu or even a different role.
    But bring back KRATIKA. !!
    DO COME BACK! !!
    But you must take a break and enjoy yourself a bit with family.

  3. Shradha

    Please don’t replace Tannu.
    It is soooooo sad that Tannu died before living happily with Rishi.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. Adithi

    Such a wonderful acting both ssharad and kratika.. They took over the episode.. I was crying literally.. But I can’t see anyone in the place of tannu..

  5. Luvleen


    |Registered Member

    I just saw an ad with the new tanu’s face! 😭 I want Kratika back. But this new girl looks similar to Kratika maybe that’s why they chose her as a younger version of Kratika. Sigh…I know it makes sense to have another face cause of all the reincarnation blah blah but still going to miss the main tanu.

  6. Yasmeen

    The episode was heart breaking,I literally started crying at the time of tannus death.😭😭😭😭😪😪😪.pata nahi rishi ka Kya hoga.guys even I would like to join ur family if u guys don’t mind.

    • Siddhi


      |Registered Member

      We don’t mind if you join kasam family.Welcome to Kasam family Yasmeen.And always comment so that we can get many comments.

  7. Aisha

    Siddhi yeh kasam family ka matlab kya hai???

    And u were missing from so many days ???

    All the members who comment here belong to kasam family…got it

    n krathika u will b missed…I quit watching kasam

  8. Aisha

    Okiee i think itz time fr me to change the channel.I find ishqbaaz to be a better option.but still my heart doesn’t agree with it as my eyes always wants to watch sharad..

    TanShi u made a great pair u will be missed.hope u two come back together in some way…no one could do just to tanus role except kratika………

  9. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Day is over and night has came.Life is difficult but at night we forget all the troubles.Good night Sonakshi,Swesha,Hency,Taani,Sonali and all kasam family members

  10. Ishani

    Guys…I’m Ishani from Sri Lanka.I’m a die heart fan of Kasam.Would you mind to join me as a member of Kasam family?

  11. Clincy

    Its too painful to see that Ssharad crying in that situation. What an acting and I felt that he is really crying. And the song was really heart touching (from the movie Rastom).

    No words to say about Kratika’s performance. She is also a wonderful actress.

    They are perfect onscreen couple.

    OMG. Kasam without Kratika….

    Can’t imagine a new face as Tanu. We ‘ll miss Kratika alot. Hope that viewers will accept this new lady.

    Anyway I will not watch the show for a few days coz I don’t want to see Our Ssharad as Rishi is crying for Tanu and his pain….. no no no I don’t have guts to c that. And I am very sad to c our kratika’s exit from show. I’ll c the show after Tanu’s second entry.

  12. shivangi joshi

    मै कसम नही देखूँगी कृतिका के बिना

  13. Niya

    Frnds I am die heart fan of ssharad and I love kasam very much..if u guys are don’t mine can u accept me as a member in our kasam family….. I am waiting…..

    • Siddhi


      |Registered Member

      Welcome to kasam family and u should not take permission to be member of our family.Always comment so that kasam gets more then 100 comments

  14. Ishani

    Fine..how about you? & others…??
    And thank you..for considering me as a kasam family member…
    Waiting for next episode…

  15. Mounika Mahalakshmi

    Hi friends add me also for Kasam family… If u people dont mindd………… Thank you….

    So SORRY for what happened with rishi

  16. soha

    if actress is die soo I m not intrested to see ths serial anymore without actress means no more love story soo I dnt wnt to see

  17. soha

    if actress is die soo I m not intrested to see ths serial anymore without actress means no more love story..

  18. Kashish

    Plz ekta kapoor we will really miss kratika so plz don’t take shivani tomar If there will be new tanu. So, it means that the new tanny will younger than ahana

  19. Kashish

    Guys any1 can tell me how long it will take when rishi came to know that the tanu has rebirth in neha and sandy family he will belive it or not or when they will met first time he will fall in love with new tanu plz tell mw any1 i’m quite excited plz tell me any1

  20. Clincy

    Before Tannu’s death we saw UV’s baby. I think new Tannu will be his frnd and he will introduce her to Rishi. Manpreet will marry Ahana and may b they’ll have children. Ssharad said to media that there will some beautiful scenes and twists going to happen in the show and will c manpreet and uvs children. So I think we’ll remember that old Rishi-Manpreet scenes through this children. The real story is starting now. So don’t worry frnds. Let’s wait and c 😊

  21. shu

    Please dnt remove kratika pls pls pls …shivani is gud….but rishi and tannu is perfect pair….so replace kratika as new tannu

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