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Shekhar tells Rishi to sign the papers now, he wants to go on a long holiday now. Rishi looks away. Shekhar instructs a man to hold the paper and pen for him. Malaika cheers watching Rishi this way. Tanuja tells Rishi this is wrong to give his and family’s right to anyone. They argue with each other. Shekhar’s man wasn’t ready to get into husband-wife fight. Shekhar shouts at Rishi to sign the papers silently. Rishi agrees to sign, as his wife got him caught… Both were moved at the mention of wife. He turns to sign in but the pen wasn’t working. Rishi hands it to Shekhar but the pen doesn’t work. No one there had a pen in pocket. Shekhar turns to get the pen, cursing his luck. Rishi confirms everyone had left. Tanuja says he called her a wife, Rishi says he already corrected himself. Tanuja

says it felt good. Rishi says it would have been better if she didn’t come. Tanuja says its better to stay with him for a lifetime, than to stay away from him. Rishi says he wants to live with her, die with her. They must fight to live together. Tanuja also agrees, then remembers about the old lady’s verdict. She was tensed about her. Tanuja thinks birth charts are made by humans but fates are decided by God, she must leave their fate to God. Rishi confirms what Tanuja is murmuring, Tanuja argues that Rishi got ready to remarry because of his mother. Rishi says it’s Tanuja who wanted him to make his mother happy. Tanuja asks if he would jump in a well if she tells him to, Rishi says no. He then asks Tanuja if she came to scold him. Tanuja asks him to promise he would make Rano up that they will live together; instead of ruining others’ lives they must spoil each other’s. Rishi appreciates Shekhar for tying her to the chair.
At home, Ahana calls Manpreet showing him Malaika’s cheque book on bed. She says Rishi insulted Shekhar today, and Tanuja surely suspected Malaika and must have gone to her place. Manpreet agrees.
There, Rishi brings his chair close to Tanuja’s one. Tanuja asks what he is trying to do, Rishi tells her to look to the front. He bites her rope trying to open it. Tanuja wonders if it’s time for romance. Rishi tells her to shut up and let him work. Tanuja was relieved as her hands get free. Rishi takes her attention and demands her to untie his hands now. They hear one of Shekhar’s men was approaching. He comes in and discover Rishi and Tanuja not there. Rishi hits him at the back of his head, Tanuja hurries Rishi outside because they will die if someone else come in. The man gets up in a while. Rishi and Tanuja hides behind a canister, as Shekhar was coming in with his mates. They look into each other’s eyes, standing close. Shekhar says he would get the signatures from Rishi at any cost today. Rishi and Tanuja run outside but the injured man comes to take everyone’s attention to them. Rishi asks Tanuja about the way outside. She points towards a way. Rishi takes a can of oil and throws it on the way. Tanuja keeps on stopping him, Rishi wish to see them fell down. He cheers as all of them actually slips off, and were unable to stand. Rishi now throws boxes over them and run away with Tanuja. The shutter was closed. Rishi pulls it up and lock it with a nail.
Inside, Shekhar was curt at his goons as the shutter doesn’t open. Tanuja looks towards goon’s van and suggests about driving it as its doors are also open. Rishi ignites the car engine by wires. Tanuja wonders if she married some Lafantar. The goons had come out of the godown, Rishi drives the car.
On the way, Rishi says if he had done his business honestly, they must have tied there by now. Tanuja reminds Rishi she saved his life, Rishi calls her as his life.

PRECAP: Tanuja faints in the temple beside Rishi. Rishi was concerned for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. where is the story going? now they r showing Tom & Jerry fights wat happnd Dr manav ? where is he ? i read in a site this manav is rishi’s stepbrother etc if this is wrong actually wat is the story line ? they changed the story wat happnd 2 reincarination? don’t know wat this writers is up to shuffled completely

  2. Now she must be pregnant.

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