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Rishi sits beside a grill, calling Tannu come back and cries. He looks around hysterically, as he can hear Tannu’s call; then cries badly. It was raining heavily. Ahana’s words echo in his mind, that Tannu was aware she would save him from his death curse. Someone walks there, Rishi turns around to see a girl with an umbrella walking towards him. He runs towards her calling her Tannu and drags the umbrella off her hand. Tanuja was shocked to see him. Tanuja asks how he know her name. Rishi calls her Tannu, Tanuja corrects its Tanuja but her sisters call her Tannu. Rishi says she isn’t the one he was waiting. Tanuja asks whom is he waiting in such a worse storm, Rishi responds there has been a storm since last 20 years in his life. He can’t live without her anymore and runs towards his car, crying

there badly. Tanuja watches her cry, calling Tannu’s name. He gets in his car and drives away, while she was left watching him there. Tanuja says she broke a heart that loves her so much, he loves her so much that he isn’t able to live with her, but can’t live without her as well.
Bee ji gives the driver some money and asks him get that Musibat from anywhere around the city. They turn to see Ahana standing at the doorway.
Tanuja recalls Bee ji’s words about Rishi and Tannu’s love story. She speaks to herself that she has seen today how Tannu lost her life for Rishi, and Rishi is still looking for her to date. She wonders what the connection of this place with this story is, she looks towards the moon thinking this moon must be a verdict to this whole story. The dialogues from Rishi and Tannu’s childhood flash in her mind, she wonders why she heard and saw what she has never gone through. She walks away.
Ahana drags the money off driver’s hand, and instructs him to forget whatever Bee ji just said. She asks Bee ji if she really think that girl saved Rishi’s life; and is bribing the driver to get that girl. If she think that girl was already aware there is going to be a blast. She must be clear that she wants a replacement for Tannu, and will give away her life for Rishi like Tannu did; this is impossible. Tannu loved Rishi the way no one can love him. Bee ji explains no one can’t replace Tannu, but they are only looking for a girl for Rishi who can save Rishi. She is afraid what if Rishi doesn’t something wrong to himself. Ahana gets Rishi’s call. Rano was restlessly waiting for Rishi, Ahana comes to inform her that Rishi called her. He is returning home and promised to do breakfast with them all in the morning. Rano hands Rishi’s birth chart to Ahana to keep it in Rishi’s wardrobe. Rano thinks this is the time to talk to Tanuja.
Nidhi was filling Nakul’s details in her diary. The sisters argue with each other about whom Nakul will fall for. Tanuja enters the room and interrupts them from fighting. Rano comes and ask them what they did today. Tanuja says she went outside, Rano complains she came in again. She questions them if they got a job. Tanuja says she was going for an interview but had an accident and when she woke up she was in the hospital. Rano feels pity for her and inquires why is Tanuja lying, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t get the job. She instructs them to prove at the interview place that they will work really hard. Tanuja smiles she liked hearing this. Rano bucks them up to find a job soon, they have to get progressive in life and find a new house for them. There are already a lot of problems in their house, she can’t get her family more trouble. She gives them an ultimatum of three days, to find a job and leave. Nidhi and Vidhi panic how they will find a job in the next three days. Tanuja assures she will find a job in a day or two, Nidhi and Vidhi were hopeful to complete their target in these days. Tanuja inquires what target, but the girls make up something.
Rishi comes to the room after drying himself up. He brings out Tannu’s stroller. Her memories flash in his mind. He wonders how beautiful were the days when Tannu was there, he never thought about being able to live without her for a moment and here, twenty years have spent. Why is he alive without her, he can’t live without her anymore. It’s better to die.

PRECAP: Tanuja was leaving when a paper flew to Rishi’s feet. She hides herself, while Rishi turns to look for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hahaha Bani failed to pimp her daughter and now shes after her grand daughters what a shame

  2. I’ve heard that Kratika will return to the show but she will not replace Shivani. She will only return for new flashback scenes though i am not sure whether this news is true or not but this news makes more sense than Kratika replacing Shivani btw finally Rishi and Tanuja came face to face and i’m loving their chemistry.

  3. Hi!!
    I’m from Kenya Nice episode &
    Thanks 4 the fast update But I’m nt getting the videos on Google so I can watch kasam on tat current day on utube it comes after 2 days
    So plz if anyone can also give the videos of kasam daily

    1. Hi Niki, you will find videos on desitvbox.com They upload videos daily in 3/4 parts.

    2. RiyaDcruz

      Hiiiiiiii Niki u can watch it in voot app……..

  4. Finaly rishi n tanuja come face to face….i was eagerly waiting 4 them to meet…now the story day by day is becoming more interesting…luv it

  5. I like this episode and I am waiting for that moment when Tanuja will join his office.

  6. Thanks riya but I don’t want the videos in 2 or 3 parts I want it as 1 full episode

  7. Thanks riyadcruz 4 helping

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