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Manpreet calls Rishi, Guljeet asks him to take the call. Rishi strictly tells Manpreet he is busy. Manpreet was excited hoping Rishi would get crazy.
Raaj says she is Veeru’s daughter Tannu, Bee ji tells Tanuja she prayed to get her back and her prayers were answered. Rano asks if they really think Tannu can return, miracles take place but not this way. Tannu died, have they all forgotten. They have seen her dead body, she remind Ahana decorating Tannu as bride; Manpreet cried badly about her death. Raaj had consoled Manpreet, he wondered if Tannu gave a new life to Rishi or took his life with her. Raaj calls Tannu, Tanuja turns to her. Raaj asks what the reality is, Tanuja tells them she isn’t Tannu, and she is Tanuja. Ahana, Bee ji and everyone was taken aback. Tanuja says she has been trying

to tell them for such a long time, Bee ji swear on her. She wanted to tell Ahana as well. UV says this is impossible, her face is exactly like Tannu. Tanuja says this is what she felt, she wondered how life can be so unfair with her. Her identity has been changed with her face, and now she got a face of Tannu whom they all love so dearly. She wonder what her luck has been playing with her, she is just aware she isn’t Tannu.
The phone bell rings, Rishi shouts at Vidhi to pick the call. Vidhi gives it to Guljeet, its Neha’s. Rishi snatches the phone, Neha tells Guljeet that their plan is going as they wish to, Tanuja hired an auto for Rishi’s house. This Tanuja would get them what they have waited for so long. She urges Guljeet to loot Rishi this time, completely. She warns Guljeet to stay silent this time. Rishi says he understood, this time they won’t get a single penny from him.
Raaj wasn’t ready to believe she isn’t Tannu. Tanuja tells them that doctors claim they were given a photo for her surgery, that photo wasn’t hers and their Tannu’s; that’s why she got this face. Bee ji recalls giving the photo to doctors. Raaj asks Bee ji if she had given the photo, Bee ji remembers well about getting Tanuja’s photo. Raaj says there must be some misunderstanding, Bee ji was sure she handed Tanuja’s photo. Tanuja was confused, Raaj eyes Tanuja.
Rishi was driving his way home, then remember Manpreet had called, he must have called to speak about Tanuja. He rejects his idea to call Manpreet, then wonders if Tanuja dared enter their house, he will now speak to her in his house directly.
Neha comes to Bani and tells them Rishi has heard her conversation. Rishi is really enraged at them. Bani was indifferent, as Rishi is always angry. She was sure Rishi will always love Tanuja.
Tanuja says doctors claim to have gotten another photo, a single photo has burnt her identity. She was upset what she turned into. Tanuja tells Raaj she came to speak to Rishi, Rishi think she was responsible for that fire. Rishi calls from behind her that he is aware what she wants. She entered their home with complete trust. He was shocked to turn her around towards him, calls her name in disbelief; his past rolling in front of his eyes. Tanuja was crying. He was delighted.

PRECAP: Tanuja considers it a miracle, may be its luck that intended to make her a sourse of smile over their faces, even if it was for a while.

Update Credit to: Sona

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