Kasam 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Manpreet calls Rishi, Guljeet asks him to take the call. Rishi strictly tells Manpreet he is busy. Manpreet was excited hoping Rishi would get crazy.
Raaj says she is Veeru’s daughter Tannu, Bee ji tells Tanuja she prayed to get her back and her prayers were answered. Rano asks if they really think Tannu can return, miracles take place but not this way. Tannu died, have they all forgotten. They have seen her dead body, she remind Ahana decorating Tannu as bride; Manpreet cried badly about her death. Raaj had consoled Manpreet, he wondered if Tannu gave a new life to Rishi or took his life with her. Raaj calls Tannu, Tanuja turns to her. Raaj asks what the reality is, Tanuja tells them she isn’t Tannu, and she is Tanuja. Ahana, Bee ji and everyone was taken aback. Tanuja says she has been trying

to tell them for such a long time, Bee ji swear on her. She wanted to tell Ahana as well. UV says this is impossible, her face is exactly like Tannu. Tanuja says this is what she felt, she wondered how life can be so unfair with her. Her identity has been changed with her face, and now she got a face of Tannu whom they all love so dearly. She wonder what her luck has been playing with her, she is just aware she isn’t Tannu.
The phone bell rings, Rishi shouts at Vidhi to pick the call. Vidhi gives it to Guljeet, its Neha’s. Rishi snatches the phone, Neha tells Guljeet that their plan is going as they wish to, Tanuja hired an auto for Rishi’s house. This Tanuja would get them what they have waited for so long. She urges Guljeet to loot Rishi this time, completely. She warns Guljeet to stay silent this time. Rishi says he understood, this time they won’t get a single penny from him.
Raaj wasn’t ready to believe she isn’t Tannu. Tanuja tells them that doctors claim they were given a photo for her surgery, that photo wasn’t hers and their Tannu’s; that’s why she got this face. Bee ji recalls giving the photo to doctors. Raaj asks Bee ji if she had given the photo, Bee ji remembers well about getting Tanuja’s photo. Raaj says there must be some misunderstanding, Bee ji was sure she handed Tanuja’s photo. Tanuja was confused, Raaj eyes Tanuja.
Rishi was driving his way home, then remember Manpreet had called, he must have called to speak about Tanuja. He rejects his idea to call Manpreet, then wonders if Tanuja dared enter their house, he will now speak to her in his house directly.
Neha comes to Bani and tells them Rishi has heard her conversation. Rishi is really enraged at them. Bani was indifferent, as Rishi is always angry. She was sure Rishi will always love Tanuja.
Tanuja says doctors claim to have gotten another photo, a single photo has burnt her identity. She was upset what she turned into. Tanuja tells Raaj she came to speak to Rishi, Rishi think she was responsible for that fire. Rishi calls from behind her that he is aware what she wants. She entered their home with complete trust. He was shocked to turn her around towards him, calls her name in disbelief; his past rolling in front of his eyes. Tanuja was crying. He was delighted.

PRECAP: Tanuja considers it a miracle, may be its luck that intended to make her a sourse of smile over their faces, even if it was for a while.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Adithi

    Oh.. What now.. Fine rishi gonna think that tanuja made it knowingly to get him.. Anyways.. I saw that some new entry is gonna be happen where rishi tanuja and that new girl’s love triangle will get started.. But I really don’t like this track.. Don’t want any new entry.. What about you guys?!

  2. Sia

    @Adithi, Rite now i don’t there should be needed a new entry or not….but i think if it will happen then the further story n show will hav more spicy twist n turns… n i’m just waiting 4 2torrow’s episode to see rishi’ s reaction…

  3. Luna

    Episode was really good but Rishi and Tanuja’s meeting after her plastic surgery could have been much more grand or better. Remember Rishi and Tanu’s first meeting or Tanuja seeing Rishi for the first time or Rishi seeing Tanuja for the first time. Those meetings were so grand, this was nothing infront of those.

  4. AHMAD

    hi everyone. I Pray of karbala in Iraq for yourhealth (sia karan siddhi and kavy and anika and luna and all someone that memberof family kasam and it god give you somthing that want.and yourfuture will be alwayz bright.and the end pray for my relative and myfamily andmy self
    guysplease vote for sharad mlhotra and kratika dheer on link
    and please also vote for sharad malhotra and kratika dheer for Aasian award on this link http:/www.avta.tv/nominate
    please please vote for vote for kratika and sharad in both link please guys donot have time

    • anika

      Hi Ahmad . Ziarat ghaboul are you surprised , my dashing handsome fiancee is Persian.

      I am humbled by purity of your heart nd remembering me who you never met or spoke to in that holy place even before your family nd yourself .

      But now I become greedy nd I want more , I want any time you feel more closed to the god ,then remember me as your sister. Hope god b with you in every step of d way of .

      Hi Sia nd Vafa hope everything in your life going the way you wish for . I missed you two too, but I am very very busy . Hay Vafa how dare you to say your people in Iran doesn’t know how deal with tweeting , when even president Obama explained them as a very proud, educated and familiar an using , at most, the latest technology ? sweat friend remember this.

  5. Alister La Frenais

    Totally unbelievable. The script writers are having a laugh, with the rubbish story line. How can educated adults believe that the person named Tanu that died and was cremated has returned. Additionally, Rishi that was raised and educated in the USA can be so naïve. I do not know at what level of the viewing public the serial is aimed for, but only backward villagers and morons would believe what is being presented. I do realise that the program is fictional and for entertainment purposes, however, even fictional story lines must reflect reality.

  6. hajar

    when someone fall fol love other( her/him) . and lose her/hislove. that someone saw world black and cannot think to someone or persone .because his/herheart just calls her/hislove and calls.and cannot think something and persone like her/his love.think that her/his love returned but then when same person tell him that she isnot hislove.in that time be shocked and well thought that he was who that wrong.but I Believeto god .god can revive dead and this is called miracle and love hasnot nothing to doesont Educated and unEducated butall fall for love. …anyways amzanig episode. I was eaglr for tanshi Milan. I EARLY Cried because the look on his face was so heartbreaking and it showed hislove for tanu.he looked so mesmerised by her and seeing all the flashbacks(the most awaited their bgm is so perfect ) got so menotional ! they both so amazing .really they are perfect.

  7. hajar

    reality story is love. and everyone can fall for other.but love this serial story is Etera but this love alsois pure because not betary each other. serial story is fictional because persone that died bron again and returns.I love serial because this serial show that rishi and tanu how much they love each other and honest each other not betary each other believe each other and trust each other and jut think each other.
    concept of serial this is any relation or love trust and honesty and trutfulness is required or necessary.
    and one of myrelative after this that hiswife dies .he doesnot marriage at all.( that this love is called Eteral love).

  8. neda

    karaj. ur right. guys already pawan as new boy in tanuuslife.
    now also simit as newgirl in rishilife. we should accept the twist .because rishi through this twist would understand that tanuja love him.and without twist every story would be boring.

    awesome epiosde.

  9. nahs

    Hell with stupid writers….
    Kratika is in…ok …
    But someone beat the writers to put sense into them that this kratika is Tanuja and not Tannu…
    Atleast kratika u being such an amazing actress take liberty to explain writers that u r tanuja…
    Ur perfomance is just continuation of Tannu..
    Ur bold avatar in jhansi ki rani, ur loving Aarthi look of punar vivah, calm and sweet tannu ..in every role u rocked..but this tanuja role needs chirpiness and bold portrayal..pls dont cry like tannu..
    Request of kasam fan

  10. anu

    Only rano is the sane person in rishi ‘s family! They cud have shown believing dat tannu has been reborn but instead every one from ahanna to yubraj biji to raaj believed the real tannu has arrived after 20 years .. Plastic surgery makes a person look 20 years older or wat?? Lol uv asking tanu wer she was last.20.years was hilarious …. And raaj asking her to call her baoji s she is his fren daughter.. If a fren or relative of mine who is dead came back then first question on my lips will be who is she??? Guess they all r in denial.

  11. Adithi

    OK fine then.. I really not happy about new entry in the show.. But many of our kasam family members want a new twist.. So let’s welcome smiriti khanna ( Ritika from MATSH)… ☺☺

  12. vafa

    hi @anika dear. I VERY VERY MISS YOU AND SIDDHI. in country iran just use of twitter is forbidden. but only persons who have studied computer enigneering and familiarwith twitter and as well as must-have inti filter can use it.but others like me who a masters degeer in Arabic language literature that unfamiliar with twitter and in internet cafe donot learn twitter because they tell that twitter is illegal also tell me unle myself mafililar twitter and use it in home with using my computer.
    dear anika vote for sharad and kratika to links that Ahamd said in hiscomment . my dear friend please vote for them.

    • anika

      salam vafajuon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how is my farsi , azizam that is why I was angry with you . T he others including these people doesn’t know about tweeting is banded in Iran , so my friend instead of saying ….. people in Iran doesn’t know how they can tweet, PLEASE EXPLAIN WHATEVER YOU EXPLAINED TO ME TO MAKE IT CLEAR , THEY DON’T KNOW TWEETING NOT FOR NOT HAVE ABILITY TO LEARN , BUT THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO GO FOR IT.
      Amid my Persian fiancee I have learnt hell of information about your country including the most important aim of any parents even they are earning money by cleaning the other’s place ,would be:


  13. vafa


    good news:

    . rishi accept tanuja and want united with tanjua but tanja is not able that accept new face as she knows that is behind it.

  14. Sia

    @Anika, I’m fyn dear….thank u for calling me a special person for u…n u r also infact all my member of kasam family r important n spc for me….

  15. vafa

    you are right @sia. thank you for calling me a special person for you. your frise is good. you and siddhi and sia also are a dear and kind and very good a nd spe cial friends for me

  16. vafa

    dear . in frist lind after sia yourname(anika) meanthis is anika bcause you talk with faris e not sia. anikayourfarsi is vrey very good. daearankia.anika youare angel.thank you for calling me a pecial for you.you are angel.

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