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It was a thunderous night. Bani brings tea for Raj. Raj says he isn’t in a mood. Rishi and Manpreet come there. Raj asks where the tickets are. Rishi asks if this isnt enough that they have come safe from such thunderstorm. He says he even got injured. Rano gets concerned and asks where? Manpreet says Raj must be worried. Rishi gives him the tickets. Bani wonders how she will make Neha as Tannu so soon. Raj says he has a request that they must wake up in time. Guljeet thinks that uptil now everything is going fine, Tannu and Ahna must have reached the station and must be wondering where they both are.
Tannu and Ahna goes to the station.
Bani says that these are Tannu’s clothes that Neha will wear. They are their jackpot to become rich. Guljeet asks what if Tannu and Ahna get their home. Bani

says that they will wait for them at station and until they will come back their flight will have left for Mumbai.
There, Tannu and Ahna gets at the train, Tannu asks her to look for Guljeet and Bani here. They look across the whole train, their booked seats were empty. Tannu asks a lady whose seat it is, the lady says not known. Tannu asks to use her phone, but it couldn’t be connected. Ahna asks Tannu if they should go back home. Tannu says they can’t go back, they must go to Mumbai. Tannu says may be they are in AC compartment, they will meet them on station. Ahna says if they aren’t on station, Tannu says they will go to their home. Ahna says they don’t know the address, how they will find them. Tannu asks her not to worry, everything will be fine.
In Mumbai, Sonali asks Neha what she is wearing, this is Mumbai not USA. She heads to leave when Bani comes inside the room and asks Neha to change her clothes, remove her lipstick and nail polish. She says Guljeet is coming on the taxi with them. Bani tells her that a proposal for her is here. Neha says she doesn’t want to marry, she is already fixed. Sonali says it is Sandy. Neha says he is a flat of himself in Bandra and four ambassador cars. Bani tells her to open up the net, and asks to type Rishi. They watch Rishi’s photo. Neha asks if he is rich as well. Bani says he can hire and fire a thousand Sandy’s that is how their Rishi Singh Bedi is.
On the station, Ahna was worried that what a strange city it is, everyone is in a hurry. Tannu tells her not to worry, they must first get out of here.
Rishi and Manpreet come to find the travel agent, they wonder why their mother sent them to get America’s tickets this late. They disperse to find ways. Tannu and Ahna walks the road, Tannu says they have been wandering across the streets for so late. A drunk man comes behind them, the girls panic and run away to a hiding. The man comes chasing them, the girls watch him go away. Tannu goes out to see if he has left and tells Ahna to go and sit on a side.
Tannu peeks through the wall, the drunk man already comes behind her. She shouts and runs away. Rishi comes and asks the man about travel agent’s office. The man says he is looking for the girl, Rishi asks him to tell him about the girl too. Tannu comes to a hiding and hears footsteps. She finds a bat and hits Rishi. Rishi shouts and says he is hurt. In the dark he can watch his blood. Tannu explains about a goon… she bandages Rishi’s hand with her dupatta. They again feel the jolt. She runs away looking for Ahna, while Rishi thinks who this lady is, miss nice voice, whom he talked to thinking her to be Miss Chandigarh. He thinks that this dupatta is also the same he saw outside the college. The girl in airport also sounded the same, if it is the same girl Tannu?
Bani opens the door for Raaj and Rano. Bani calls Ahna and Tannu, Sonali comes and meets Raaj as Ahna. Bani calls Tannu as well. Neha comes out in Tannu’s dress. She touches Raaj’s feet, Raaj says in their homes daughters don’t touch feet. He hugs Neha. Bani goes to get water. Rano says to Bani that she made Virender’s daughters as hers, Bani thought she was caught but Rano says Bani has a big heart. Rano asks about Bani’s daughters Neha and Swati. Neha says that Chachi has sent them to Banglore. Guljeet says that his daughters took control of everything.
Raaj says they will do Rishi and Tannu’s roka tomorrow. Rano objects, but Raaj leaves. Rano comes behind him, she says he had promised that he will give a chance to Rishi to say yes or not. Raaj says he had promised his friends seventeen years ago, if Rishi doesn’t get married to Tannu his life in endangered.
There, Bani and Neha cheers that Tannu’s backward clothes got them rich.
Rano thinks that now Rishi will stop this wedding. Rano tells Rishi to leave tomorrow morning, else his papa will marry him to that Tannu. Rishi was thoughtful. He asks to meet Tannu once, Rano says no. She says she will gift him a Ferrari if he says no to marry that Tannu. Rishi cheers. He asks Rano why she married Raj. Rishi says he will say no to the girl.
The next morning, Neha gets them Aarti. Raaj tells Rano to get the shagun for Roka. Rano does the rituals. Raaj gives her gold coins. There is a bell at the door, Tannu and Ahna are there. Bani was shocked to see them, Rano asks who they are. Tannu asks for chacha chichi. Bani comes there, she asks where they had been. She asks why it was so late. Ahna says they were where she had left them, they were in much pain. Raaj says it is alright, he asks them to come inside. He says they have arrived at the right time, he asks if Bani has invited them to Roka? He asks who these girls are? Bani says they are her relatives, she goes to show them their room and takes them inside.
Rishi and Manpreet stop the car in the market.
Rano asks Raaj to wait for Rishi. Raaj says they have given the shagun coins now.
Bani brings Tannu and Ahna to a room, more like a store room. Ahna asks if this is a room. Bani says there are so many guests, they must adjust for a few days. Tannu says alright they will clean it. She says the fuse of bulb is lose. Bani says she sent a neighbor to bring them from station, they say they didn’t meet anyone. Bani asks where they got her address. Ahna says from internet. Bani hurries outside that there are guests.

PRECAP: Tannu says that she must call an electrician, she comes down the stool and finds Rishi standing there. She thinks that she would recognize him, and asks he?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am feel bad 4 Tanshi Plz make them one n I don’t want this _______________________ Neha to engaged with rishi…………
    Guys u can fill any bad word that u thought in the second n I Hate Neha…………..

  2. nice precape

  3. Oh! Thaku so very much Sona for updates. Loved the episode ????

  4. what is this nonsence in serial.please unite Tanu & Rishi fast yaar

  5. Wow Tanshi Met Each other Finally!!!!!!!!!!!
    Exited about upcoming episode!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tanshi and swarsh lover

    I lve u sharad

  7. I just hope it doesn’t come out to be same story as Kis des mein hai mera dil, where Heer and Meher parents die and their evil chacha and chachi try to make their daughter Alesha Prem’s wife … as so far everything seema alike!
    Just hope Tanu and Ahana dont stay mum and speak out when they get to know about their evil chacha and chach’s plan

    1. At least there is some who hav seen kis desh…. dil thhz z exactly like that no changingss….

  8. the concept of the serial is very nice

  9. i love this serial

  10. Are you guys insane..haven’t you seen kis desh me hy mera dil.
    Same story..girls parents died and his uncle come for europe girl’ s chachi did tha same. Disgusting zraa b chngee ni hy story me.thz z v v boring…
    Now chacha chachi wil do zulm o sitam on girls and at the end they wil unite and girls dies and the story wil take a leap. Aryy zraa to chnge kr lyty drama ko

  11. Precap was the best part of the episode. Finally they meet!

  12. Tanu and rishi are the best
    I love sharad

  13. Waiting for 22nd episode

  14. I feel the story of” kasam “is similar to “kis desh mein hai meraa dil”in star plus only small changes are showing in the story but quite interesting to watch.

  15. The story is similar to kiss desh
    Main hai mera Dil. Ekta Kapoor should try something new


  17. At last tanu will meet rishi. I do not want rishi get engaged with neha. And I saw in add that when neha and rishi are about to get engaged tanu comes and break the engagement. I am so happy for tanu and rishi.

  18. Too copy of kis des me hai mera dil…. I’m sure in future ekta run same story of kdmhmd…..plz ekta stop this cheap tricks…we had already seen that show kdmhmd….so at least now create some more interesting & unique story which we didn’t see ever before…
    Let’s see what happens next in Kasam?????

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