Kasam 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir confesses to Kritika that she is in his heart

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The Episode starts with Ranbir giving mouth to mouth resuscitation. Kritika gets back her breath and opens her eyes. Ranbir says thank god and gets happy. Kritika sees him close to her. He says you are fine now. Jiana thinks I have clicked all pics and thinks where is Ranbir? She feels thirsty and asks waiter where is cold water. He says near the cold storage room. Jiana goes there and finds Kritika’s earring there. She calls Kritika and asks if she is there? She sees cold storage room and peeps inside. She gets shocked to see Ranbir rubbing her hands. She shouts kittu di and knocks on the door.

Malishka tells shilpa that her plan is very big and don’t want to fall in love with her. She says she wants to get Kapoor Mansion. Shilpa asks what you will do? Malishka says Ranbir will do and he will not

know that he is doing it for me. She says she had share a plan with her father. A fb is shown, malishka tells Batra that he will act as if she spend night with him after giving him drug and then he will do as she says. Fb ends. Malishka asks Shilpa to check where is Ranbir’s room in the hotel.

Jiana takes Manager’s help and calls Doctor. Ranbir and Kritika are in bad condition. Doctor checks them and asks Manager to make arrangements for more blankets. Jiana scolds Manager for his bad cold storage service. Doctor says they need hot water bags to heat up their body. Manager says I will bring the bags. Doctor asks hotel staff to give them warm soup just as they wake up. Ranbir gains consciousness and tries to make Kritika gains consciousness. He asks her to open her eyes and rubs her hands again. Kritika gets flashes of Rishi and Tanuja of her past birth in black and white. She opens her eyes and sees him. She recalls Ranbir giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She says you shouldn’t have done that. Ranbir says what did I do? He thinks Kritika asking him to hold the door. He says sorry, I couldn’t understand and did it. Kritika says how can you do that and says che…He says you should understand and asks her to forget small thing. Kritika says it must be small thing for you, but big thing for me and calls him cheap.

Jiana calls Pummy and tells that Kritika was stuck in cold storage and is unconscious. Pummy gets angry on her. Ishani asks what happened? Pummy says she will take their class and asks her to drink green tea. Ranbir says what che…He says you should thank me and says I have saved you. I didn’t do anything intentionally. Kritika is upset. Ranbir says I heard your voice and came there, I didn’t do it purposely. He says I shouldn’t have come there, you are shouting at me. He says I forgot that I am the Ranbir Kapoor and wouldn’t have come there.

Kritika says you feel that all girls are his private property and says why did you come there, and says you gave you right to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation and says you did what you think right, and says you didn’t think what I will do. Ranbir realizes what she said and says I didn’t have that intention. She says she is feeling impure. Ranbir says you are very pure and tells that nothing happened as she thought. He says you are not an ordinary girl and says whenever I see you, I just look at you. He says I feel there is some connection between us, you are coming in my dreams, I get sad when you cry and I get happy when you get happy. He says you are special and you are in my heart, don’t know how?

Kritika blames herself for letting him touch her. Ranbir calls her. She checks the call and says Ranbir…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. As much as I want Ranbir and Kratika to be together I now think that getting married is not a good idea. I don’t want to see Ranbir belittled like Rishi. Chemistry between couples must be accompanied by respect for each other. Rano used to say she did not want Tanuja coz she didn’t want a bad storm to come in her house. She didn’t know what she was talking about this is what I call bad. If after death u are reborn and come back with a horrible charecter like this one. I will pass. Next time let the goons deal with her. What a judgemental charector she thinks she is the only special person in the world. I think by making her act as a horrible woman all the time is killing her acting. She is a good actress but why is she reborn horrible all the time. The charector is becoming unlikable all the time. Yesterday was nice and interesting followed by negativity. She is made to be the cheap one bad mouthing pple.Where are the writers going with this confusing story. Isn’t better to stay dead than to be reborn with this ungrateful.confrontational personality. I don’t want to be using skipping button so early.

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