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Outside the house, Pandit insists on Bani that Rishi’s birthchart doesn’t match with Tannu. She isn’t the right girl. If Rishi’s live joins with Tanvi only he would be safe. And that Pavan isn’t the right guy for both girls, his birth chart shows two marriages that with betrayal. Moreover he is going to murder someone soon. Bani deters the Pandit of ruining his respect. Guljeet comes out, Bani asks him to bring some greedy Pandit this time.
Raaj was worried and tells Rano Rishi is in a great problem, now they must marry him to the girl who is in her fate before her 23rd birthday. Rishi comes there. Raaj asks Rishi if he liked the dress he went to try yesterday. Rishi says he liked one, but why he is asking. He denies showing it to Raaj else he would find some problems with it. Bani comes there.

Raaj tells Rishi that the curse in his birth chart is showing its effects, they have now decided to marry him with Tannu the day Tanvi will marry Pavan. Rishi denies marrying Tannu. Raaj inquires why? Rishi stammers, because… because the preparations of wedding aren’t complete. It has to be a Punjabi wedding. Raaj assures he will make all the arrangements for his wedding. Rishi argues, Raaj promises nothing will be left. Rano notices Rishi wo be upset as he leave the room. Rano thinks he had forbidden her come between him and Tanvi, but now Raaj himself is the biggest enemy.
Tanvi watch a street vendor selling red ribbons while she was travelling with Pavan’s mother. She smiles looking outside. Savitri asks if she was smiling watching the street children play. Savitri assures Tanvi soon she will also have a child, it will be the greatest happiness for her in life.
Rishi tells Raaj he won’t marry Tannu. Raaj promises Rishi to celebrate his wedding fully. They have sent invitations and bring all his friends from anywhere around the world. After all it’s about the respect of Bedi Family. He wonders why Rishi is so confused about this proposal, if he ever considered what Tannu must feel. Rishi says Tannu. Neha turns around while entering the room. Swati also rush to the door. Raaj asks how Tannu can be a problem. Rishi stammers… Rano asks what he has to tell Raaj, be clear. Rishi asks how he can marry Tannu, they don’t know each other. Four days aren’t enough to marry someone, he can’t marry so soon. Raaj insists he has to marry, they live under one roof. They can know each other even after marriage. Raaj asks Rishi to change his curse from his birth chart else. Bani comes to narrate her story to Rishi, she didn’t know Guljeet before marriage but she saw his photo and called him a tan person. Rishi goes to make them realize Guljeet is just a puppet in hands of Bani. Raaj scolds Rishi about misbehaving. Bani apologizes Rishi for being irritated these days, but she will now speak to Guljeet carefully. Bani and Guljeet insists in Rishi to take Neha out for lunch to know her well, Raaj shows his disbelief towards Rishi in matter of girls. There Rishi was worried where he got caught, if he spends time with Tannu he will never be able to stop Tanvi’s wedding.
Pavan was in his room, smiling at his Amritsar flight receipt of Rishi. He says he hasn’t torn it yet, but he will tear Rishi away from his life. He says he has to marry Tanvi at any cost, Rishi won’t let this happen; he is well aware how to get rid of that Rishi. He dials a number of a goon, he demands how has to be killed this time. Pavan tells him to shoot Rishi out of his world and his life, he must do it as soon as possible. The goon assures his work is done, just send him a photo. Pavan forwards the photo saying Rishi Singh Bedi, your time is over.
Bani joins her daughter in their dance. She was excited for Neha’s lunch. Swati asks if there is really a curse in Rishi’s birth chart, Bani tells them she doesn’t care of this. Neha gets Sandy’s call, she offers Swati to fill the vacancy. Swati tells them Manpreet was winking at her.
Pavan was looking for their engagement album to find Rishi’s photo. Saloni comes in and says she has one and forwards it to Pavan. She asks Pavan why he needed it. Pavan reminds her of Champu, Saloni was worried if that shooter? Pavan focuses Rishi’s photo.

PRECAP: Rishi confess his love to Tanvi, he know that Pandit said his life is endangered if he doesn’t marry but he can’t marry Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Gud episode♥♡

  2. How many times will Rishi tell Tannu he loves her ????

  3. Bskwass only 4days passed they are showing 1-2 month

  4. uff i got irritated now . koi neha ki pol kyo nahi kholta she is neha not tannu ???

  5. Round around the garden like a teddy bear. Get on with it. Plus I don’t see the point in all this. She dies doesn’t matter about rebirth. When girl is someone else.

  6. Total bakwas..why doesn’t tanvi tells the truth to rishi…??

  7. exactly bull Rishi is so stupid and boneless why not just say no to neha, and Tanvi aka Tanuu is the most irritating after all this time she still wants to marry pawan. why not just tell the truth to raj. nauseating show, will check in a months time to see if the 4 days are still left. these writers are so retarded

    1. I know it’s so dumb right?
      She doesn’t like double face Pawan n fully well aware that Rishi loves her at full hearted like come on how can someone be so stupid or even make them look stupid on tv! I guess most indian soap the innocent like n enjoy being torture n into drama then to choose a path of happiness.

  8. stupid NRIs… stupid Tanvi … how stupid the story

  9. M already fed up with this serial . They are dragging the track aimlessly . And frankly i don’t see any progress any time soon in the track .

  10. It is so sad, and heart braking to see, how those , selfish, greedy, irresponsible , writer, director and producer , killed , such a dream love story , by dragging it to the point, that most of part s of episodes , seems irrelevant and stupid.

    In the beginning I loved it , that much , that I was out of anything else, just enjoying the innocent love between Rishi and Tanvi, now days due to endless , stupid dragging, I feel fed up to listen to over and over repeating Ha Tanvi I love you a lot , just for sake of justifying the huge lack of an acceptable story line .

    The heroine of story ( Tanu) become so stupidly stubborn , by most bitter and foolish rejection of Rishi’s pure love over and over, BUT, believe in her devil auntie and get on with marring to culprit Pawan , who she saw him, with even dirtier Saloni, in a very intimate situation.
    the cat has eaten the tongue of Rishi to say to his most annoying father: I hate Neha and I love Tanu, or:

    say the truth of Pwan and Saloni to Tanu, and ask her to contact with the priest and hear the fact from him.

    Also cat eaten tongue of Tanu and Ahana to introduce themselves to that stupid father of Rishi, the number of contradictions and mistakes like mother of dirty Pwan called the fake Tannu , Neha which is her real name in this story , now become infinity, and the soap become s……………………..o boring . it is really sad.

  11. Nice episode. Gud

  12. MERI AASHIQUI TUM SE HI was much better than Kasam;so much dragging…

  13. I am commenting on replacing of kratika .kasam with out kratika impossible .how did any body think that kratika will be replace kasam ?no kratika please not leave kasam .all member which are related to kasam please will not replace kratika. Because this jodi rocks .I respect all TV actress but please kratika k
    Is life line of kasam .

  14. Stupid tanu


    Show is going nice but slow… and when will tannu truth will come out that she is tannu not tanvi…

  16. arpita bharadwaj

    yar koi to inhe mila do and tannu yeh show mat chorna plz

  17. Krystal d’souza is replacing kritika after tannu’s demise there will be ahuge age diff between rishi and the new born tannu/ krystal

  18. Tanvi plz accept the rishi love.u r tooo….much

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