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Rishi selects a place to sit. Tannu withdraws her hand from his as everyone is watching. They cheer asking what they would eat. The goons discuss it seems they married running away from home. They think they must not let him know that his father called him back.
Tannu orders burger and tea. She teaches him the language of Mumbai. Rishi tells her how Manpreet speaks. He was about to tell her the language of USA, Tannu speaks it before him. They enjoy eating burgers and tea. Rishi had the last Rs. 100 note, Tannu goes to wash her hands. The goons come to pay for Rishi, Rishi asks why they are paying? The goons ask him to come along them silently, as it’s for money. Rishi laughs that he has no money. The goons say their… Rishi gets it that Pavan sent them. He throws salt into their eyes and was about

to flee. The goons get him, Tannu rushes outside. One of the men put chloroform over his mouth, Tannu was shocked watching the goons take Rishi. She takes a stick to beat one of them, they capture her as well pushing her into the car.
Bee ji tells Manpreet and UV that Raaj told Rishi to come home on TV, she tells them to celebrate as Raam if bringing Sita home. UV gets Divia’s call and wants him to talk to his son, Bee ji cheers if he has begun to speak. It was Leela, UV demands to speak to Nakul. The baby says Hello clearly.
The goons call Raaj that Rishi and his wife are with them. They say they didn’t call for the prize money, they kidnapped his son. Raaj was left speechless. The goon demands 2 crores from Raaj, in what time he will bring the money. They forbid him call police, else they will kill his son. Raaj agrees to give money, but demands two to four hours. He warns they will repent if his kids even get a scratch. The goon tells him to wait his next call. Raaj warns him again not to do anything to his children. He turns to see Bee ji behind, she cries and prays for her children. Raaj promises Bee ji to bring the children back, and forbids her tell anything. He makes a call at America, then tries to calm Bee ji who had been crying.
The partner asks the goon why he is falling cold. The goon says he is fine, and gets cold water for the girl. Rishi and Tannu were faint, he comes inside to send the other partner outside. He then untie Tannu’s hands and touch her face. Tannu wakes up at once and was afraid at once. Tannu pinches Rishi calling him to open his eyes. She pleads the goon who was offering her cold water. He warns Tannu of false circumstances if she doesn’t listen to him. Tannu pushes him away and goes to wake Rishi. The others come in, he says she was trying to flee. They hold Tannu, the man says he wants this girl. He spoke to the boy’s father, they will tell him they only found the girl. The goons drag Tannu to his room, Rishi wakes up from his unconscious then and watch the goons taking Tannu inside. He struggles with the ropes. Tannu pleads the goons against molestation, Rishi finds a broken glass on the floor. He enters the room to fight the goons. Tannu turns to take the phone, Rishi locks the goons inside and they hurry out.
At home, Swati demands Bani what they will do now. Guljeet and Bani were upset they won’t be able to go to USA now. Swati tells Neha not to worry, she has so many boys behind her. Neha was worried about the curse of Raaj, she was enraged that now she won’t spare him. She makes a call.
Sandy was bringing his sister in law to hospital. Neha calls him to come here as soon as possible. Sandy apologizes as Vikram’s wife is in labor. Neha tells Sandy she is in real pain right now, he must come her right now. She was determined to snatch the happiness of that old man.
In half way, Rishi stops the bike. He tells Tannu not to worry as he is here with her. He wipes her tears. Tannu was worried what if something had happened to Rishi. Rishi assures when they are together, nothing would happen to them. Tannu was worried about answering Raaj. Rishi demands her to look into his eyes, he promised to make everything well. He promised to get her a new family, he can’t leave until he doesn’t fulfil his promises like the one to marry her. Tannu asks him to call Raaj.
UV brought the phone, Raaj puts the phone on call. Rishi was careful, he assures Raaj they are safe and freed themselves from the goons. Raaj asks where they both are. Rishi apologizes Raaj that he must be angry. Raaj asks where they are, Rishi says he kidnapped Tannu and married her, he must not scold her. Raaj tells Rishi he has accepted Tannu as daughter as well. Tannu was elated. Rishi says when he would know about the truth he will appreciate him, then wonders why Raaj called her as Tannu. Raaj says they know about the reality. He had accepted her even before knowing she is Veeru’s daughter, he couldn’t get a better girl than her. Had he not kidnapped Tannu, her life would have ruined. He asks to talk to Tannu, Rishi tells him they are on loud speaker. Tannu wipes her tears, Raaj asks why she is so nice that she accepted his demand, why she didn’t tell him about the truth; she wouldn’t have to suffer this all. He apologizes her. Tannu cries in elation. He asks where they are, Rishi says they are in Veerat. Raaj tells them to stay there. Manpreet hugs Raaj, Manpreet says today he showed so much love to Rishi, he appears to be his real father. They all hurry to bring them back.
Sandy arrives at Neha’s place, asking why she was so upset. Neha says their relation has ended now. Sandy brings out a gun pointing at her forehead, and warns her of killing her and himself otherwise. Neha tells him to shoot, she never thought about anyone other than him. She accuses Rishi of molesting her, she isn’t worth him anymore. She tells Sandy that Rishi is a filthy man, he murdered her future. Sandy was determined to murder Rishi. Neha tells him not to go there, telling him about Rishi’s whereabouts. Sandy was determined not to leave Rishi alive. Neha was determined to snatch Raaj of his own happiness, Rishi.
Rishi comes to wipe Tannu’s tears. Tannu thanks Rishi for filling his parent’s heart with love for her, he did it. Today, she got her parent’s blessings. Now, nothing can part them; they have been made for each other since childhood. Rishi make a recording of Tannu, as she was talking about love for him in her heart that was limitless. She vows to return in this world, if she dies; just to live with him and love him dearly. Rishi cheers that Tannu only didn’t express. He takes Tannu to go, as his family would be really happy to meet her.
There, Sandy was driving the car in rage.
On the bike, Tannu says today is a strange day. On one side, she is happy while on the other hand she is disturbed at heart. Rishi assures nothing would go wrong now.
Sandy thought about Neha’s words, Rishi was driving the same highway as Sandy. He spots them coming from the front and passes by Sandy’s car. He takes a turn and follows them. Neha’s accusations echo in his mind. He hits Rishi’s bike with a jerk, Tannu was afraid all at once. Sandy hit the bike again, Tannu fell and roll to the side of road. Rishi fell down again.
The lady in the temple again feel the change of weather. She again makes prayers for the couple and Rishi’s safety.
Rishi picks Tannu up, Sandy appears from behind. Sandy accuses Rishi of molesting Neha. Rishi clarifies in front of Tannu. Sandy brings out a gun, Tann u was shocked and comes between to save Rishi from the bullet fire. Sandy gulps watching Tannu breathe her last, Rishi goes to hit Sandy. Tannu fell over floor.

PRECAP: Raaj and family were shocked watching Rishi crying over Tannu’s body. They all come to mourn for Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sheeraz Ahmed

    I feel very bad for rishi and tannu because i didn’t knew that Neha was so evil that she could even try to get rishi kill by her boy friend. After Tannu (Kratika Sengar) the serial will get no enjoy because chemistry of Sharad and Kratika on-screen is stupendous and awesome. I just hope to see her back in this serial again. The Worst thing of Ekta is that she changes lead actors/actress and this makes a big impact on the serial.

  2. Siddhi

    Very sad episode.Can’t see Tanu die.Hate that Neha to the core of my heart.

  3. Siddhi

    Guys I have a idea.Come. Why don’t we create a family which will be named Kasam family?We will always talk with each other. EVERYONE EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS FOR THIS IDEA

    1. awesome siddhi

    2. Hency

      Sure siddhi

      1. Siddhi

        So we would create kasam family

    3. hey guys will u plz include in ur
      grp.I am interested in ur grp siddi

      1. Siddhi

        Ofcourse welcome to kasam family sonakshi


    It was emotional full episode… joint with happiness, and sadness… no words to express my feelings??????????????????????????
    Going to miss kritika and her chemistry with rishi…
    And i hope ahana and manpreet unite atleast kuch to honga dekhne ke liye; otherwise new face will not be able to catch viewers easily..
    And i think new baby will be sanddy’s frind baby, whom they shown taking to hospital and i hope neha and her family go to jail and die and not to be seen again in future.

  5. Muje bohot bura lag raha hea..no romance no nokjok and tanshi screen is over…ab ki hoga pata nehi..i love the jodi..now new entry..any one know about this new tannu or female lead? plz pata hea toh batana..

  6. Oh my rishi nd tannu

  7. We need Tannu back.Only few days back they got married and they even haven’t lived happily for atleast two days.

  8. ok so what I’ve read is tanu will reincarnate as Sandy’s older brother’s daughter…his sis in law was rushed to hospital and when sandy shoots tanu n she dies…she will reborn into Sandy’s house only. Then Sandy’s brother n sis in law dies From an accident…and Sandy will adopt “Tanu”. Neha will be married to Sandy n will make “tanu’s” life hell.

    1. Mona146

      like Bani treated neha she will treat her now. I want new tannu to take full revenge from Neha but that wont happen sadly.

      1. Luvleen

        I reckon the new tanu will have the same persona exactly like Tanu…she will be as siddi saddi n she will most prob have dreams n flashbacks of her previous life

    2. Mona146

      then she will surely suffer like a cinderella. I doubt why maa kali makes a pair only to break it. I doubt whether they can be ever happy even next time bec new villains will come then? How can sandy marry neha and be happy. He should be jailed for murdering tanu. Atleast Rishi should kill him otherwise.

      1. Siddhi

        She will not be like cindrella.Yeah Neha will be bad but Sandy will love his adopted daughter.He murdered Tanu but he is good by heart just he is emotional fool

      2. Mona146

        Sandy is brainless…….similar to neha’s dad. I doubt if he can go against his wife for his brothers daughter and can be easily manipulated by neha. Foolish friend is more harmful than clever enemy you know.

  9. Atleast Rishi aur Tannu ki suhagrat honi chihiye thi.

  10. Oh…very sad..going to miss thanuahi…

  11. Siddhi

    Swesha,Hency and I are kasam family so who wants to join kasam family.Comments would also get increase

  12. Very Sad for Tanshi …. But after 20 years leap …. how it’s happen Tannu’s rebirth…. becz after a leap tanu rebirth so she is 20 but Rishi is ……

  13. Mounika Mahalakshmi

    Very Sad Episode… Felt very Bad of Stupid Neha…

  14. kitna ajib hea yaar neha rishi ki sali hea ur adopt ke motabek o neha ur sandy tanu ki ma and baba ab sali kese sash banegi…i mean oh toh kudh sadhi karna cahti hea toh fir sash thora ajib nehi hea….

  15. As per internet sources, Shivani Tomar is going to play new Tanu

    1. Mona146

      woh to normally hi bachi jaise dikti hai. Ab rishi ke saath tho poti dikhegi

      1. Siddhi

        Mona because of you one of our Vishkanya family member is leaving our family.Why did u said to Ayesha that she is lying?Why!?Please say sorry to her please.

      2. Mona146

        Siddhi Sorry for the misunderstanding caused by my comment. I intended to say that Ayesha’s aunt is faking love for ayesha before case of custody. She was rude earlier but only acted nice to ayesha just before court hearing right!. I wanted to show my support to ayesha. Sorry for typo again.

  16. Now im stopping to watching this show.

  17. OMG
    I’m so annoyed at Neha
    I wanna strangle her
    Tanuuuuuu :'(

    Will miss her

    Awww Rishi <3

    An episode with mixture of happiness , sadness and anger

    Hope new Tanvi takes her revenge
    Can't wait for it

  18. Yr why can’t d writers of the show c tanu and rishi come together happily. This is so embarrassing that tanu died the next day of their marriage. Can’t the writers write tanu’s death after a week or something.

  19. Feeling so bad for Rishi. How will he live now !!!

  20. ohhh noo?????now i have to miss kratika

  21. tanshi counot stay togerther even for one day

  22. Tannu and rishi couldn’t stay with risi’s parents after marrige

  23. V want kratika back….

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