Kasam 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja getting closer

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The Episode starts with Myra gifting make up for Natasha. Natasha gets happy. Rohit tells Abhishek that you can’t propose her. Abhishek says I couldn’t and tells that Rishi is with Tanuja at my house. Rohit says you will be here, and he will take her. Maasi asks Rishi to propose some other girl. Rishi says as she was here, he just tried. Rohit says sorry to Abhishek. Abhishek says Tanuja will not return to Rishi. Abhishek says he was helpless because of Maasi and Myra. Rohit asks about Myra and says she is hot. Abhishek gets some idea and asks him to come home with him. Tanuja asks Rishi what he was doing with Maasi. He says romance. Tanuja falls and he holds her. He moves his fingers on her hairs. Tanuja feels love. Tere Bina plays. She asks what do you want? Rishi says you and says we shall talk.

Tanuja asks him to go. He asks her to relax and says he will give whatever she asks for. He says he wants to spend some moments with her. Tanuja asks what do you mean? Rishi says dance.

Tanuja asks says ok. Abhishek and Rohit comes home. Rohit asks what happened? Abhishek says you will not forget this day. Rohit says I will control myself and is about to go. Abhishek asks him to come. Rishi holds her hand and says you said yes for something after many years, let me live this moment. He touches her hairs. Tere bina plays……He turns her and says no, and says he waited for this moment since years and wants to live this moment with her wish. Tanuja says this moment will not come again. Rishi says it will come and I will wait. He asks her not to meet any diljale aashiq alone in room, else she will fall in love and nobody can stop her.

Abhishek takes Rohit to his home and calls Myra. He asks Rohit to sit. Servant says it is ready. Abhishek says he don’t want to have food. Myra sees Rakhi and gets excited. Abhishek says Rohit will protect her now, and tells that he has three girl friends and is not honest. Rishi tells Tanuja that Abhishek made Rohit as Myra’s brother. Rohit says it is ok. Myra ties rakhi and does his aarti. Tanuja asks what is happening. Abhishek says they are brother and sister now. Natasha asks can I tie rakhi to Mr. Handsome. Rohit says no, and mistakenly tells that he is your Papa. Abhishek asks are you mad? Rishi says he said right, I am Natasha’s dad. He tells Natasha that he is her Papa. Natasha asks are you joking. Rishi says I can’t be your brother, so have the age of your Papa. Maasi scolds Rohit. Rishi says Natasha is cute and he got the feeling of being Papa.

Manpreet teases Ahana. Ahana hits him. Manpreet says I am your husband and asks her to respect him. Beeji says she is missing her husband. Manpreet says if he would have been alive then you would have troubled him. Beeji says he has troubled me a lot. Manpreet says so many complaints and goes.

Maasi tells Rishi that they have food from fridge in US. Myra asks Rohit to take her to shopping. Maasi asks her not to wear western clothes. Myra says she will not change. Tanuja says she knows a store which has modern and tradition clothes. Rishi says he knows someone who brings clothes at home. They agree. Tere Bina plays.

Tanuja tells Rishi that she likes his honesty and that’s why behaving normal with him. Rishi asks her to give him a chance and says he will ignite love in her heart and says we will have Diwali together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. i don’t like love story based serial but i watch this show only for kratika & sharad kra&sha are my favourite from jhansi ki rani &maharana pratap

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