Kasam 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

No episode today because of

Maha Episode of Bigg Boss Season 10.

Next episode of Kasam will air tomorrow.

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  1. Bastard!!!

  2. Kasam q nai ajj hua ..plz aisa mat karo …

  3. Hey Sahik , you should not utter unacceptable words in a public forum. To whom you told such words? Just because kasam was not aired, you are telling such word. you should feel ashamed to who so ever you told this word. you should not exercise your right to freedom to such a extent that it hampers others dignity.

  4. Josh get off your god damned sop box, so he said bastard I too can say bastard, bastard. If you’re going to walk around with the pole of sensitivity crammed up your ass then you should not be on the internet.

  5. Sahik you have no sense I think you are out of you mind that’s why you used such a stupid word plz improve yourself.

  6. Hey kalika, I think you are right in some or the other way. if people like you are there on net, then I should not be there. I think you are either ignorant, insensible or then trying to be too modern. don’t you think you should be modern in your outlook? I hope you know the meaning of the word you are so proud in telling it. The word spoken by who so ever is a insult to parents and it also means nasty, scoundrel,etc(I have used the word in most good way). Even people in developed countries do not think as a proper civilised nature to utter such words. People in western countries do not expect you to utter such words in public areas and academics(although they utter at times but restrain most of the time too) Well, I do not know your nationality and culture you are brought up in. If you are from India, then keep your modernism to yourselves. I think indian people at times imitate western people too much.
    I gave my comment bcoz that’s what I felt.

  7. i love rishi n tanu i am big fan of tanshi. tanu is very beautiful and rishi is so handsome. i want that this show is came to be known as top one to all tv serial plz…………

  8. I want that kasam season 2 ,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc to come plz don’t stop the serial

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