Kasam 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir decides to expose Malishka

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The Episode starts with Akki coming to Ranbir and hugging him. He tells that something has happened with him. He sees tears in Ranbir’s eyes and gets worried. Malishka tells Shilpa that Kritika talked to Ranbir and tells that she must have love for him in her heart. She tells that she will ask Vikas to fire her. Shilpa tells her that she has a golden hen and asks her to manipulate Kritika, so that she can convince Ranbir to give her everything what she wants. Malishka says she has to tell her everything then and tells that she will not tell her. She don’t want her in the case. Ishani comes home and tells about proposing Akki. Pummy gets happy. Arun comes home and asks for tea. Pummy asks why did you come early. She takes ishani to room and asks about Akki. Ishani tells her about his big house and Akki.

Pummy gets happy. Jiana comes there. They hide from Jiana about Akki.

Ranbir thinks of Balraj’s suggestion to give away the house to Malishka. He thinks Balraj saying him before that his house is ancestral house and he has attachment with the house. He thinks about Kritika asking him to prove himself innocent. He calls Malishka and tells her that he has an offer for her and her father which she can’t refuse. He asks her to meet him tomorrow and says he will end the matter for once and all. Malishka gets happy and thinks to inform Batra. Vikas calls Kritika and tells her that they will win before going to court and asks her to come to Malishka’s house at 11 am. He tells that he knows that she is superb and tells that Ranbir agreed to your sayings. Kritika says she didn’t say him anything. Vikas says you will be rewarded big and asks her to come in the morning.

Pummy asks Jiana about Akki, and asks if he is good for marriage. Jiana thinks may be they came to know about her feelings and says I wanted to tell you. Pummy says what. Jiana says he is a nice guy. Jiana praises him and says he will keep his wife happy, and respects everyone. Pummy then thinks to question Kritika about Akki. Kritika tells that the guy is very good and if she could then she will get her sister marry him. Pummy says she is thinking to get her daughter marry him. Jiana and Kritika get happy and hug each other. Pummy asks them to congratulate each other and tells that Ishani and Akki love each other. Jiana and Kritika get shocked and upset. Ishani asks Jiana why are you crying? Jiana congratulates and hugs her. Kritika pacifies Jiana. Ranbir is still thinking about Kritika. Akki comes and asks if everything is fine. Ranbir says my problem will be solved and asks why you are happy. Akki smiles and tells him that he doesn’t know when he fell in love with her and tells that Ishani proposed him. Ranbir says I am really happy for you. Akki says everyone shall love someone once in life and says it is a good feeling. He asks Ranbir about his love. Ranbir says his love is sure, but Kritika’s yes is not sure. He tells that he will not leave everything on destiny. He says he will expose malishka and then only Kritika will come to him. He says Malishka will know who is real RBK.

Malishka tells Kritika that she saw her talking to ranbir. Kritika says I was trying to make him understand. Malishka says after you left, he called me and agreed for out of court settlement. Kritika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Finally! That witch will now get exposed but unhappy because the ending of kasam is not going to be the way that we want. And I wonder when will they remember their past memories of Ranbir being Rishi and Kritika being Tanu. I saw some images of final day shot of kasam and i saw kritika wearing the same court dress and ranbir wearing same normal dress. Does that means we doesnt get to see the wedding of ranbir kritika and the show will just end after ranbir proves that he is innocent. No wedding ,No rememberance of past memories, No more love lines. I think the show would have gone off air when the Rishi and Tanuja died Atleast we have got to see the full thing and a good ending . I cannot understand if the show is about love or proving innocence. Tanuja proved that she is innocent in the pregnancy drama and Now Ranbir is proving his innocence in this maliska drama. The show was best in preleap with the best story and the love between Tanu and Rishi after the preleap I am just watching this show for krasha. The full credit goes to the Cvs team for destroying such a good show. the show was in right track but it got out of track when writers started showing their Janam sh!its which is really unrealstic and it has gone really down when a 44 year old man and 20year old girl is shown to fall in love with each other. Man Just guess where the show would be now if they let Tanu live and they wouldn’t have shown their Janam sh!its .If that happened we have got the show with bedi family still with the same naughty Rishi and the most important we have got a female lead which donot shouts, knows to trust , Is soft and donot blames other or hurt other. And the show slot would be different now and I guarantee the show trp would under the top 10 shows. But what to say now they just destroyed the show by dragging and dragging. No expectation from the show now but Just wanna see a good and nice ending.

    1. I agree u The undertaker justin bieber. They have made a great mistake by showing their janam drama. I still remember the show until july 2016 it was so popular and liked by many people but when they killed Tanu and showed their reincarnation drama many people stop watching the show only youths used to watch it because it was so much unrealstic everyone that i asked about kasam they have answered
      dont u get bored get watching this serial just janam and janam is shown here. Which makes me feel so bad. Tanuja character was so much bad i cannot tell. She always shouts blames. She used to say that she loves rishi but she always hurted him in other hand Tanu used to give examples of love and she used to absorb every hurtness before it reaches rishi and even she used to be a wall infront of rishi death. Nothing nothing is good in this show after pre leap and yeah just said by undertaker justin bieber the whole credit goes to CVS thanks for destroying the character , family , casts , show’s charm and the show and mainly the fans heart. Thank u so much. For your show logics of reincarnation the show has gone dump and that is the main region the show is going off air. Me too have no expectation from kritika anymore. I am too watching this show because of krasha they r my favorite and because of their chemestry otherwise the show had already gone out of track and dump after the preleap. Thanks thanks a lot Cvs and ekta kapoor for destroying our favorite show.

  2. I agree with you Undertaker. The story is not about love the way I see it. if they don’t show the wedding in the end it will be flat. The whole thing was about misunderstand and the man who loved too much but the woman was about revenge,and belittling him real. You are right I feel they must have ended the show when it was Rishi and Tanuja. The story was good and CVS had a lot to play with but they choose to separate them by making Tanuja to keep seeking revenge. The story was so good but they just didnt use the charactors well.Netra who I believe was related to them was kept there to get paid they didn’t care if the story was destroyed, They wanted her to keep working. This time they brought Malishka to drag and destroy. I feel sorry for Kratika who was not given anything to act upon except misunderstand and repeats it remains to be seen what that will do to her career. I think Ranbir was given a lot as Rishi the bussiness man where Tanuja was angry all the time seeking revenge just repeating the same thing over and over. I just hope they will see that she is a good actress. All said I think Tunuja/Rishi period was better it just needed the lovers to be joined and live with Natasha under the same roof and continue to expand from there. The Bedi family and the house gave some air and glam to the show. The show will end,the house is still in shambles making Jjian to decorate such a big house with no much experience was just a joke. They failed Kratika’s style even as Tanuja other ladies looked stylish than her. Only on special occasions she looked impackable as Tanuja. Good luck to Ranbir/Kratika.Love you.

  3. CVS and the team of Kasam. Fans who are
    Critics of the drama make and give ratings to the show let this be a lesson to you. They are fans that love the show they will criticise if they think the show is taking a wrong direction. They criticise the charactors not that it’s personal is because they love the show so much they don’t want it to go down the gutter. Then they are fans that are afraid to criticise coz they believe if you criticise you don’t love Ranbir/Kratika. I don’t think praising all the time helps the CVS or give ratings to the show give credit where is due and criticise when they is too much repeat,clever CVS listen to fans who are critics and adjust the story accordingly then u get higher ratings You destroyed this Unique story because of your sturborness and fans kept telling you that they did not like Tanuja’s anger,shouting, belittling Rishi and keeping Netra on the show was a bad idea You then killed them . Fans thought you took that on board. Only to bring back Kratika with double portion of hate,shouting,and boasting and Malishka that proved that you don’t listen to fans. The whole thing looked cheap from the beginning with dragging full of negativity. Fans were telling you to move forward it was like you want to show fans that nobody tells us what to do by doubling the errors you did in the past. All said, you had come up with this unique story which was better than any drama on television but it was like your minds were blocked and kept repeating over and over again. We wanted to see them caring for each other. Starting with Tanu they enjoyed few moment together and u killed them. Instead of fixing you were killing. Good luck to you all you will go down as a team that dragged a good story to the gutter.

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      Correct pops. Fans r the one who r responsible to give rating to a show. And a show runs on rating and the cvs responsibility is to give the fans they want in the story. So the both fans and the cvs team remains happy and a show runs on good ratings but the kasam cvs they have presented their own logics on on how the character and the story would be. They didnt single listened to the fans. They have gone against the fans . Fans were too much fed up with the tanuja shouting blaming anger. But the team didnt listed to the fans. After the reincarnation they have just doubled it in Kritika. So how it is possible that the show would get ratings if the cvs goes against the fans and double the thing that the fans hate the most in a character or the show. I think it’s all Cvs fault on kasam going off air. They had such a golden chance to improve the show in the third reincarnation but its such a shame that they had destroyed such a good story and the show.

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