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Bee ji also accuses Bani but Raaj let it go. He cheers that he always had deep connection with Tannu. He brings Ahna close to him and hugs her as a daughter. He and Rano head to pray for Rishi and Tannu. Manpreet comes to hug Ahna, Ahna warns him again of breaking his face. Neha, Bani and Guljeet leave the temple.
There, Rishi asks Tannu to go. Tannu joins her hands to the Goddess and turns to leave. Rishi asks why she always keep playing with her hair. She denies, he calls Statue. She stops there and then. He comes to tuck her hair behind her ears and inquires why she plays with her hair so much. Tannu says her hair always move over her face. Rishi says alright, he will always play with her hair whenever she is in kitchen. Rishi holds her hand, they come to the idol again and prays they always remain

happy this way, their couple doesn’t break. Tannu continues, they must remain together in each life, and lay her head over his shoulder. Suddenly there is thunderstorm, Tannu was afraid of the strong wind blow. Rishi says the weather is bad, it will be good for them to stay here. Tannu recalls the lady’s words.
There, the lady in the temple calls the Godess that today there is death curse over Rishi, today Tannu will save him. She asks Goddess if She would save Tannu from that death curse. Raaj wonders if it’s the effect of Rishi’s death curse. The lady gets upset that the day is difficult for Rishi, she has seen death chasing Rishi. Rano assures if Rishi is endangered. The lady says next 12 years are very tough, then for next one year Rishi won’t face another death curse. She was just informed that Rishi will face the death until there are heavy clouds.
In the temple, Rishi tells Tannu he is really hungry. Tannu says she is also hungry. He heads to bring food, Tannu holds his hand saying she will also come with him. Rishi says no one can break their bond now. Tannu slaps him for saying this again and again. She slips, he holds her in his arms and says he would take such chances for thousands of times. They leave the temple.
Rishi tells Tannu he can do everything to hold her in his arms. Tannu reminds him that he married her forcefully. Rishi was irked if she considers he always imposes himself over girls. He tells her to sit behind her, on every jump she will come to hit his back and will get close to him. Tannu warns him of pinching him so hard that he will forget making a break. She gives him a trailer, he wish she keeps on touching him always. They drive the bike away.
Rano was upset about Rishi. Bee ji comes to her, she complains Rano for not getting him his love. Rano accepts her mistake, she was aware he loves Tannu dearly. She curses herself for not doing this. Bee ji says Rano didn’t understand Rishi will die without Tannu, she wish Rano and Raaj had understood this. Rano watches Raaj walking to them, Bee ji complains Raaj as well. Raaj holds his ears to Bee ji saying sorry. Bee ji asks him to get her grandson. Raaj assures he will come, and the whole family would see how he will marry Rishi and Tannu. Raaj tells Bee ji when she is angry she appears to be Moti Choor Laddu (Sweet). Bee ji forbids him behave as Rishi. Raaj shows Bee ji the media reporters, he got his message played on television and promised 1 crore if someone gets Rishi to him. Bee ji cheers. They now await Rishi and Tannu. Rano was hopeful Rishi would soon return.
Some goons watch Rishi’s appeal on a stall. The goons discuss about kidnapping this Rishi, they will distribute 35 lac each. One of them spot Rishi with Tannu behind. Rishi offers his arm to Tannu but she doesn’t hold it. They were walking inside the stall to get some food.

PRECAP: Tannu beats the goons who take Rishi faint in the car. They push Tannu inside as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mona146

    Raj ek gadha hai. Instead of announcing 1 crore he should have announced his support to their marriage and request to come home.

  2. Yes he is a big fool…aur bete ki jaan ko khtre me daal diya…he did not evn mention dat he wants him back as he cme ti knw all d truth of pavan n neha

  3. silent reader

    So how will Tanu be reborn? And where?
    Yes, we are right here to give you information…
    Well, Tanu upon her rebirth will be living in the same house wherein her murderer Sandy (Sharhaan Singh) will be living.
    Are you shocked?
    As per credible sources, “Tanu will be reborn in Sandy’s household. Sandy’s brother and sister-in-law will soon be introduced in the plot. The lady who will be in her advanced stage of pregnancy will give birth to a charming and beautiful daughter, and the kid will be Tanu’s reincarnated avatar.”
    OMG!! Wait here, as there is more coming..
    We also hear that soon after the kid’s birth, Sandy’s brother and sister-in-law will breathe their last after meeting with an accident. And the little kid will be adopted by Sandy and Neha (Renee Dhyani), who will be a married couple post the leap.
    Sad, this!! Again this seems to be what is destined to happen…
    We tried calling Ssharad to know of this, but he remained unavailable for comment.
    Are you excited to know about the ‘punar janm’ of Tanu? Drop in your comments here.

  4. What a foolish story it is… don’t you think guys if serial is taking leap than what will be the age difference between Rishi and new Tanu. Rishi atleastTanTanu ke father ki agka hoga..n than they will do romance….

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No really .I dnt like. ..in my opinion. ..liked rishTna

  6. Right avishi,how it can be???????

  7. Karo karo aur Karo romance mandir mein Beth kar,ghar to Jana nehi chahiye,betho chayee ,nasta Karo,goon lok bas Aati hongi …….,

  8. Seriously yr….what the hell is story writer thinking….uski daughter ki age ki ladki se romance karwa rhe hai kya….

  9. Damn I never wanted tanu to die
    Love sharad , he’s so cute

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