Kasam 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja and Rishi’s romance in washroom

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The Episode starts with Tanuja and Rishi coming out his cabin, but they see Ak there. Rishi takes Tanuja to washroom. Tanuja asks why did you take me here and says she will tell Ak that she came to meet them. Rishi says he will misunderstand you. Tanuja tells him that she can sense his intention. Rishi says it is his right being her husband. Ak calls Tanuja and thinks where is she? Tanuja sees her phone ringing and asks Rishi to bring it. Rano asks Netra to get closer to Rishi and says she wants her to be her bahu. Netra says hearts shall get closer. Rano asks her to get closer to Rishi physically so that he gets married to her. She says if you don’t do this then you will lose everyone. AK asks Rishi why did he send message to him asking Tanuja to design. He says Tanuja will not design. Rishi says

Tanuja is his wife and will design for him. He had talked to her about this long ago, and she said she will design.

AK says she will not design, I will ask her. Tanuja thinks when did he tell me. AK sees phone ringing and says it is of Tanuja. Rishi says it is his phone. AK is about to go to washroom, but Rishi stops him and goes to washroom. AK says mad guy, I was not stealing anything from your washroom. He says he will wash his hands and go and asks him to come. Rishi calls Manpreet and asks him to send AK. Ak sees handkerchief in Rishi’s cabin and thinks he is with a girl in the washroom. Manpreet asks him to use tissue papers. AK says I have understood that you want to send me away. He goes. Rishi tells Tanuja that Ak is gone. Tanuja comes out of bathroom and goes. AK reaches the hotel and waits for Tanuja. Tanuja comes there.

Ak asks why she came late. Tanuja hesitates to say. AK tells her if she went to meet Rishi and says it is ok, if she don’t want to say. Tanuja tells him that she took Natasha to Rishi’s house as she threatened to go alone. Manpreet asks Rishi what he was doing in the washroom with tanuja. Rishi asks him to get lock with Ahana and see. Manpreet says she will punch me. Rishi comes to the hotel and pretends as if he is meeting Tanuja there itself. AK says uninvited and asks him to go. Tanuja tastes tea. Rishi takes it and tastes, says he didn’t taste it intentionally. He then spills it on AK’s clothes. He says he didn’t do it intentionally. AK says you have done it intentionally and goes to washroom to clean the stain. Rishi calls Manpreet and asks him to call Rohit. Rohit goes attending the call. Rishi tells Tanuja how AK will think if he gets to know about us. Tanuja is shocked.

Tanuja tells Rishi you aren’t that bad. Rishi goes. AK hears them and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stopdragging plz

    I should not say
    But i really feeling like killing Rano and Netra

  2. Spoiler tomorrow rano will tell natasha not to call rishi dad and tanuja defending her, next episode rishi will come to meet tanuja at ak house for that design work and ask her to report the work tomorrow itself , next episode due to work both tanshi will be late for court session ak will shout on tanuja for this

  3. I don’t know what to say.

  4. TodaysPart was hilarious , scenes were nice even that,preeti manpreet came back rishi thrones coffee on ak , pk getting frustated waiting outside and then uninvited rishi was also nice. In hell story atleast today there was no crying begging and it was full of tanshi and nok jhok , precap too seemed nice . But tomorrow same bakwass of rano

  5. silent reader 2

    until stupid creaturs like fake kasam and the other names that, he/she ( fake kasam) chose for multiple comments and admiring this sh*t kasam, ugly , psycho ekta will go ahead with the nasty dragging and rotten stinky, boring, meaning less story line .

    1. That willl be a change Lilliy. Tanuja standing up against Rano to defend her daughter. They always show her as a coward only bosses RIshI and AK. On the other hand the episode was hilarious as Piya said no crying no begging and shouting.

  6. silent reader2 ,but i think you should once watch todays episode as it was really entertaining and hilarious than other episodes going on . hope that the reunion moment comes soon its almost 8 months dragging is going n because they dont have story line they already lost track and time slot but still some ardent fans are watching it , now there patience is also going away , soon it will end for sure if no intresting twist takes place in story line because it is moving in mery go round .

    1. silent reader 2

      up to the point a number of viewers , who has nothing to defend of this horrible show , but,

      as soon as after months or even a year , showing a few minutes normal scenes, to just make fool of people and keep them watching the nonesense , they are coming , cheering with a high flag of admoration , I don’t believe for a second , this dispicable ekta put the end on the show and the money ,that the devil is robbering from Indians.

      the parts has been admired , is nothing but cheap dragging , as all is,

      stupid rishi was shoucked, crying, looked away, said, there is noway of let go of tanuja, but in most stincky and cheap , unacceptable way ,

      not saying , who was really Tania , to easily win back the woman
      then the useless AK saying, she will leave you and I am going to have fat tanuja and confused sly Nathasha, as my family , Nathash craved ice cream and goung to bedi house ,then missed AK and came back and gave a big hug to him and rano is saying exact words that was saying in episode 1 to 500, it is insulting the way this lunathic ekta treating Indians.

  7. I m with you Silent Reader 2 less than ten hours of acting of 500 episodes… what a joke. This is what I call bad crafted drama. I don’t know how many times We had Tanuja tormenting Rishi about custody case. They didn’t finish that one now it’s divorce Tanuja still tormenting Rishi about divorce,, Repeat..and repeat and Tanuja portrait as a mean, stuborn revengeful women. Each time I watch her I know she will shout boast

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