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Shekhar appreciates the goons for bringing Tanuja and pays them in double. He says now one phone call and Rishi’s most expensive thing-Tanuja would be his. He removes the cover and was taken aback watching Rishi there. Manpreet brings Divia and Ahana, Divia wonder if they kidnapped Rishi only or Rishi and Tanuja both. John comes nervous and informs Tanuja is unconscious here. Shekhar slaps his goon, shouting at them for not getting Tanuja. There, everyone gather to wake Tanuja up. Tanuja sits up crying for Rishi’s name, she says a few people kidnapped Rishi. They tied him in a bag and took him in a van. Raaj says his doubts were right. Manpreet also panics. Tanuja says she couldn’t see the faces, but they were two men and drove Rishi away. She doesn’t remember the number of car; and cries again.

Rano scolds Tanuja for not watching the number. Raaj sends Manpreet for a complaint, he assures Tanuja not to cry. Tanuja points towards the way car went. He and John follow the oil marks on road. Ahana consoles Tanuja.
Malaika was waiting for Shekhar, he comes in. Malaika says she has to pay Tanuja off for all what they did, she must go to store. Shekhar says not Tanuja but Rishi was kidnapped, they are in a huge trouble now. If it was Tanuja Bedi’s must have thought about going to police station, but now they must surely have filed a complaint.
Manpreet files the complaint in police station.
Divia and Rano discuss how close Ahana and Tanuja are. Raaj comes to say the oil marks are not till far away. Tanuja tells Ahana she was on the backyard when she heard some voices, she followed them and found two men placing a bag in the van. Rishi’s hand fell off. Rano calls Ahana towards herself, and inquires about their talks; she corrects its not her sister Tannu but Tanuja. She then demands to go inside. Tanuja forces her mind to remember what she heard. She recalls the goon’s call which he had made in car, and wonders if it was Shekhar.
At home, Shekhar was booking a flight to flee. He was sure no one would pay a single penny to them at any cost now. Malaika says Rishi doesn’t know Tanuja is not in their custody, they can make him write his whole property by saying they have also kidnapped Tanuja.
Tanuja comes to the room Malaika stayed, looks around and finds Malaika’s cheque book and not the address, as Malaika and Shekhar must be together and Rishi is also there.
Rishi wakes up at Shekhar’s splash of water over his face. Shekhar laughs while Rishi looks around and feels pain behind his head. He questions how he came here, Shekhar says he has kidnapped him. Rishi looks around cautiously then stands up. He comes to confront Shekhar and asks if Shekhar has turned to a goon, fine he would also lose his gentleness and break Shekhar’s mouth. Shekhar pushes Rishi away, his men holds Rishi as Shekhar punches his stomach. Shekhar demands Rishi to name all his office shares after his name, he would get him a job in his company and make his women work as janitors. Rishi was enraged and fights the goons, wrestling with Shekhar. They all beat Rishi badly, then Rishi takes the lead. He places his leg over Shekhar on a table and was about to hit him with a bottle. Shekhar says they have kidnapped Tanuja as well. They will kill Tanuja if someone calls police. Rishi backs up and breaks, Shekhar now punches him hard and gets him tied to a chair.
At home, Raaj speaks to commissioner. Tanuja comes in the hall but Rano scolds her to stay outside. Tanuja tries to explain to Rano but she wasn’t ready to let Tanuja blame Malaika for everything. She forbids Tanuja to interfere in the matter, as she will surely bring a bad news to the family. Tanuja thinks she would interfere between them, she thinks Shekhar caught Rishi and must do what she considers as right.

PRECAP: Tanuja arrives at store room in Malaika’s car back. She recognizes the van outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. dear gopika what was for wow?cheap irrelevant line story or that joke fight between rishi N others usually used in a tenth degree films to keep children exited N busy? or chemistry less boring N unnatural acts of everyone including rishi N tanuja? that shakar looks like someone has come out of a grave N his act is most tasteless hope people like you start respect their values

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