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Raaj comes forward this time and tells Malaika Tanuja is their daughter in law now, she married Rishi with all rituals and in front of everyone, and Rishi took rounds with her. Malaika asks if he is on this girl’s side, who betrayed them all. Raaj asks her to stop it, in spite of wearing these glasses he can foresee much. He know well who is betraying this family, he kept Malaika’s respect but has she peeked inside his own conscience. Rano comes to defend Malaika and calls Tanuja names. Raaj insists she didn’t betray anyone, he made this marriage happen. He asked Tanuja to go to stage in bridal attire in veil, and swore her not to remove this veil; she was unaware about this marriage. Rano asks why he did this, Raaj says after what he saw, he would never want a girl like Malaika to get married to

Rishi. Rishi questions Raaj what he has seen, Raaj says no one would be able to hear what he has seen. He says a sorry to Tanuja, for lying to her that Malaika wanted her to take her seat on stage for a while. Tanuja was in disbelief, Raaj says he is Rishi’s father, he didn’t want Rishi to marry Malaika. Malaika questions what she has done, Raaj Mata if she is pumping him to reveal her truth? Bee ji asks what he know about Malaika, Raaj says he know since mehndi function. Malaika had hugged a stranger outside, UV calls it normal. Raaj says he isn’t a child, he can know well with the gestures. He tells Bee ji that Malaika told him it was Mrs. Sinha. Later, he saw her enter a hotel from florist shop, and followed her to hotel. She went inside a room, and what he heard there would get them rid of any respect of any woman. He didn’t speak to her, but took a decision that this girl isn’t worth being Bedi Family’s daughter in law. Malaika comes to give explanations, she calls the hotel story a lie. She says she went to parlor, her car went out of order so she got late; she loves Rishi dearly and waited for him for six years. She respects Raaj a lot, why is he disgracing her. Rano tells Raaj she is unaware what he has seen, she only know Tanuja isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. She had done black magic over him, but her magic can’t work over her. Raaj says alright, he would now show Malaika’s real face to everyone now. Raaj was sure the man she went to meet must be in the room, and someone must have spotted her there. Rano asks him to prove it. Raaj says alright, if he proves this they should all accept Rishi and Tanuja’s marriage. They should also accept they were mistaken in recognizing Tanuja. Rano agrees, Rishi comes to object this isn’t a game of conditions. Raaj says this is a game of love, he wasn’t heartily happy in marrying Malaika. Rano says if he can’t prove this, he would push Tanuja out of this house by himself. Raaj boasts this isn’t possible. Rano takes Rishi along, Raaj leaves with UV. Rishi turns to look towards Tanuja.
Malaika cautiously wipes her tears and takes her mobile, Manpreet comes to take it from her. He takes her for hotel. Tanuja comes to Ahana and assures she didn’t do anything deliberately. Ahana says a few people don’t need words to give an assurance. Raaj arrive at hotel with the family. They go towards room 105. Rishi rings the bell, Raaj remember Shekhar asked Malaika to return here after wedding. Malaika curses herself for meeting Shekhar today. Rishi knocks at the door. When the door opens, they were all shocked, and look towards Raaj.

PRECAP: Rano drags Tanuja out of the house. Tanuja looks towards Rishi while being dragged out.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode…. Bit who would b there in the room…. Can’t wait for the suspense……!!!!! As usual tanshi rocks?

  2. Anshika

    why can’t anything happen good today
    But rashi looked at tanuja that was the best part

  3. Wow super fast update thank u sona..

  4. Someone said raaj has Alzheimer’s.. ? raaj remembered everything tht was the best part ofcrse later he will be fooled by malaika ufffff… As usual tanu will be in pain agn..

  5. Sad tanuja dragging out of house by rano was sad.rishi should have to support her.rano p buht ghusa a raha h.m use pahari s neche phaink du GI.ghusa bhi a raha h hasi bhi a rahi h jis tarah wo tanuja ko drag kar rahi thi in precap.

  6. Aren’t these the same ppl from Tanu time… same hotel scenario… the only difference is that Rajji is helpless Rishi who knows the truth… doesn’t it ring a bell to anyone???
    Just like the last time… Rajji will be proven wrong just like Rishi (pavan in hotel room)
    There are more crying for Tanuja n more anger from monster in law… n less support from Rishi…
    Wasn’t he the stubborn child of the family, who will have his way… why is he giving “helpless” looks.
    Ahana is more brave than Rishi…disappointed

  7. this rano & malaika together make tanujas life hell i think tanuja has 2 become bold 2 face these evils pls rishi stop tanuja from going dont do this 2 tanuja

  8. Rishi should have to support tanuja and should bring her it in his house and accept her as his wife and the elder daughter in law of the bedi’s family.go to hell rano.who the hell r u rano to drag tanuja out of house.kia beeji n kabhi aisa tumhare sath kiya tha rano nahi na.beeji ko tumhare sath aisa karna chahiye tha.unho n nahi kiya .rano should have deserve this.but beeji is a kind person. U should go to hell rano.. I wish and hope
    Rishi will support tanuja and accept her as his wife.I know

  9. I’m still wondering.. How did Malaika got safe?? Waiting for Rishi stopping Rano to throw Tanuja out!!

  10. I hv heared tht rishi will nt accept tanu as a wife…..is it true ah…..Bt the episode ws gud love u tanshi

    1. poojapoonguzhali

      RISHI will accept tanuja as his leglly wedded wife whole heartedly but tanuja appeals fo r divorce on the wedding night and RISHI WILL BE SHOCKED AND CONFUSED……..this is upcoming….story..

  11. Episode was nice. plz rishi, tanuja ko bacha Lena.

  12. Problem to hoga he for tanu if Rishi accepts her serial over so a few episodes they will all dislike her she will cry cry cry then malaika will get caught then still rano will not accept Rishi will keep crying for dead love only when Rishi accepts tanuja is tanu serial will proceed till then it is cry cry cry very boring but all Hindi serials r same for heroine in in law family its only problems problems wish the script writers would grow up . this could just have been a love story


    Now show is going all nice…
    Bichari Tannuja, Beeji ki galtiyun ki sazza bhukat rehi hai, i mean kritika kamra ko wapas laane ke liye plastic surgery hui thi; but sb ke sb khass kr Ranno usko galt samjg rehi hai.. vaise bhi Ranno ko to Tannu bhi pasand nhi thi to ab Tannuja kaise pasand hogi…
    But I hope Atleast Rishi support Tanuja like Aahana and Raj..

  14. Episode ok. Sad precap. Rishi please accept thanuja.

  15. As usual there will be no one in that room..
    Thanuja will be blamed…

  16. @payal dear. u r right. rishi willnot accept tanuja as a wife just for this that promise hismother that if tanuja live them in this house he willnot touch her just for hismother . but he love tanuja madly . with enter anew boys in taunja . rishi jealous them . and will notice that he madly love tanuja. i think that this tarck will make sreial rocking again and in this season tanuja and rishi and rishisbrother will notice malika truths.

  17. nice epi….thanx for written update!!

  18. As usual the villain does not get caught ?
    All they had to do was look at Malakia,s face ?
    And once again Why blame Tanuja ?

  19. i think rishi is totally mad……he should stop rano to do this with tanuja.and even rajji forced tanuja to marry rishi now why he is not doing anything to stop her.again the pain for tanuja….Ahana is much better then Rishi…

  20. Stop this bakwas serial same story lines meri aashiqui tumse he borr mat kro irritation hota hai us malaika ko aur nhe jhel sakti

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