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There, Poorab tells Divia that no one from Bedi’s would know someone from their family is helping them. Divia takes a leave, she must first go to her parents.
Rohit’s mother welcomes him back home. Rohit says Smiley’s family is not ready to marry her with him anymore. Rohit’s mother assures to apologize Smiley’s family herself, Rohit was happy about it and goes upstairs. Later, she tells his father that the problem has been solved, Rohit will no longer be able to marry Smiley.
Tanuja apologizes UV. He asks for what she is apologizing, either for asking a resignation? He gives his car keys to Tanuja as this is Rishi’s car and driver and says Divia took his car in the morning, she wanted to go to her mother. He wonders what’s wrong with Divia these days, then takes a leave. Tanuja was

guilty of considering Rishi as wrong.
Smiley was reading her past cards and hides them as soon as Bee ji enters the room. Bee ji watches the cards and says this world always interfere between pure love. Rohit’s parents interfered between Smiley’s love while Naitra interfered between Tanuja’s love. She was happy that this Roka took place, now what’s hidden in the hearts would reveal.
Naitra comes to the hall where Rishi was waiting for Tanuja. She asks how much time it takes to reach Bandra? Tanuja comes home lost in her thoughts and goes to kitchen to get water for herself. Rishi notices her unconcerned, then compliments her to be looking so pretty that he wants to come to Bandra with her. Tanuja comes fuming and looks around for her phone. Rishi points the phone in her hands. He leaves with Naitra till the door then goes inside promising to go with her tomorrow.
Tanuja comes to kitchen and was about to hit Ahana. Both scream then laugh. Tanuja asks Ahana if she is angry at her for keeping Rohit as her secretary. Ahana says she was angry but she trusts Tanuja. She then asks Tanuja if she wants to have food, Raaj is concerned about her diet and wonders why Raaj isn’t angry with her. Tanuja qualifies he is happy with her the way Ahana is. Ahana tells Tanuja that John wasn’t there, Divia is nowhere to be found so she is preparing tea for Bee ji. Tanuja was lost in thought for a while, she takes the tea for Bee ji.
Naitra was relaxed in the room eating ice cream. Rano however suspected that Rishi was doing this only to make Tanuja jealous.
Bee ji tells Tanuja to find a proof against Divia so that everyone trusts her. Tanuja was determined to find a proof now.
In the room, Rishi fakes to speak to Naitra on phone. Tanuja comes inside curt and asks if he only got her to fall for. Rishi asks why is she getting jealous of Naitra, he was about to touch her hair in a stance. Tanuja jerks his hand and fuming, she pushes Rishi out of the room with his pillow and quilt stuffed in his hands. Rishi goes to the couch curt. Tanuja opens the door and says if he has really gone, she doesn’t care anymore and won’t call him back now.

PRECAP: Tanuja wakes up at midnight, worried what if Rishi is in Naitra’s room. She curses herself for not speaking to Rishi well first, and not let him be close as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Seems Rohit’s mother is going to make some trouble.
    P.s nice rishi Tanuja bedroom scene and cute precap

  2. @preeti
    If sandy comes. Nothing changes.
    He would be shocked to see Tanuja’s face as Tanu. Nothing else

    Sandy will not kill rishi or rishi to sandy. He has fallen in love with Tanuja he will forgive once sandy tells him how he is sorry in real.

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