Kasam 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika and Ranbir argue outside his house

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The Episode starts with Akki telling Ranbir if Kritika is your past Tanu. Ranbir says I don’t think so. Akki says that girl is coming in your dreams and says I am telling you truth, that girl can be your Tanu. Ranbir says yeah and looks surprised. Akki laughs and says I was joking. Ranbir says Kritika is my Tanu, my past. He says I think that crazy doctor was saying right. He says I will go and talk to her. Akki says I was joking. Ranbir says love is not a joke and leaves. Akki says I was joking and gets tensed. Ranbir comes home and says I was joking. They hear Batra scolding Malishka for helping Kapoors, and says you are my daughter. Malishka says what do you mean, shall I not help anyone? Batra says we are outsider even though house is mine. Malishka asks him to make her stay away from the house matters.

Batra says they are like snake and are sitting on our kundali. Mahima tries to talk, but Balraj stops him. Batra asks Malishka not to help them. Malishka says aunty ji is so good and asks him to do whatever he wants or go to court and asks him not to drag aunty between them. She says aunty is my maa and says whenever I see her, I feel like she is my mum. I have seen your love, and see mum’s love in her. Mahima gets emotional.

Malishka says I like her. Batra says I will slap you if you care for that woman. Malishka asks him to slap her. He raises his hand on her, but Mahima stops him. Ranbir says if it was London then you wouldn’t have been in jail. Batra asks Balraj to tell his wife not to use his daughter to get the house. Balraj asks why you are taking my wife’s name. Ranbir says humanity is the best thing. Mahima says she has done a good work and asks Batra how he is stone hearted. Mahima consoles and hugs her. Batra asks her to go and stay with them. Mahima asks her to come with her. Malishka signs thumb up to Batra and smiles.

Jiana asks Kritika to drop her. Kritika says I go from other way. Jiana requests her. Kritika says I can’t drop you and asks her to take other auto. Jiana says mummy will scold us if we take two autos. Balraj tells Ranbir that Malishka is nice girl and he likes her. He tells that Mahima will be busy in gossip and I will get some freedom.

Kritika drops jiana to Ranbir’s house and asks driver to take her fast. Auto driver tells that the auto stopped and he gets down to repair the auto. Kritika gets down from auto. Ranbir comes out of house and sees Kritika. He thinks she is following and came to his house. He comes to the Police inspector and introduces himself as great football player. Inspector couldn’t identify him. Ranbir tells him that Kapoor Mansion is his and that girl is following him everywhere, and says I thought she is passionate and diehard fan, but she is mental and asks him to arrest her. Kritika thinks don’t know what is happening today. Ranbir comes to Kritika and asks why is she following him. Kritika asks Inspector to arrest him. Ranbir says you have reached here. Kritika says my auto stopped here. Lady constable comes there. Inspector says it is a sitting problem of girl friend and boyfriend. He says even we used to fight with each other on many places. Kritika and Ranbir say we will not love each other. Lady constable asks Inspector to come and says their fight will continue. Kritika and Ranbir continue to fight. Inspector and Constable leave. Auto driver comes and asks Kritika to come. Kritika says see my auto is working well and says she will not come here. She turns and looks at him. Ranbir also looks at her. She sits in auto and leaves.

Kritika tells Ranbir that he will get him arrested under molestation charges. Ranbir calls her Babes. She asks him not to call her Babes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Preleap bedi fmly used to be stupid..trust tat netra..now this kapoor fmly alsi stupid..they trust this irritaring malishka. Loving kittu n jiyana bonding..the best bonding so far. Again dragging wth same fight btw kittu n ranbir..but love the way kittu give back to ranbir..loving her attitude so much..

  2. cute fight

  3. This is too much of kritika to blame someone of molesting . Molesting is serious crime and ranbir was gentle with her ,never forced her and touched her to save her from goon like ashok what ashok did with kritika was molestation . And people are appreciating that Kritika is giving back to ranbir is cool then they are fool because it’s looking over . This fights of both are ok types like typical aunty serials like yhm , kkb ,kb . I don’t find it nice and feel that I M not seeing kasam. Their eternal soul love . By now they should feel little connection from both sides .already time slot is worst plus trp 0.6 . It never rose to at lest 1.0 and I don’t find it will ever rise but now it will just go off air due to trps which I dont want

  4. No…kasam should not go off air…i luv wtchng kasam…i luv chemstry of kittu n ranbr…..with due respect to all views…written above…n writtn b4…every1 has ri8 to tell…how much n what they like in kasam…every1 has their own point of view….u should not call any1 fool…

    1. Look apsara , I am ardent fan of kasam becoz this show is my first ever watched daily soap and before this show I knew nothing about leads but when I see insta or twitter hashtags there are few people who create fights there by not being a krasha fan but a ksian or smian and degrading one actor / actors in the name of opinion . Well if you have to take out the mistakes there are many in everything of show ,leads , characters . These people appreciating one lead for fighting with other lead , appreciating their favourite, disrespecting the other lead . They are destroying the fandom by breaking it into groups . One loves kritika more , but hates ranbir and one loves ranbir more but hates kritika . I love both of them and watch threw show for both , without one other is incomplete . It’s really dissapointing so see people fighting for this so I called them fools

  5. Fully enjoying the cute nok-jhoks between Kritika and Ranbir. Both Kittu & RBK have already won the hearts of almost entire Kasam fandom. However, it’s the high time for their love story to re-emerge. Hope this comes sooner.

  6. I thought kapoors are intelligent but they are stupida like Bedis. I have started watching again from season 2 if same netra like torture shown then no use in watching this seri

  7. Kapoors another stupid family like bedis. And what to say about Ranbir he is so damn annoying.. Am Ranbir kapoor am Ranbir kapoor am this am that what type of a star he is Go to hell man worse character of indian television history

  8. Well said Fake kasam and lilly. If u re an actor and you are given stupid scenes to act people will criticise your charector. I believe Writers read our comments and act accordingly. I can’t pretend Kratika charector is interesting right now. Being a strong woman does not mean u go around picking fights with pple and jumping into conclusion. The shouting is unbearable,I m sure most pple had enough of Tanuja shouting and angry and boasting. Writers have made Kratika double that. As a lawyer she will be jumping into conclusion without investigation. hurting men along the way.There is nothing classless than a woman who likes picking up fights and shouting. All said Kasam without Kratika and Ranbir will be meaningless, but changes need to b done Some one mentioned that caretakers daughter will be like Netra I agree. And the Kapoor family looks dumber than the Bedis

  9. Loving kritika’ s character so much ?she is so cute…. her expressions are damn beautiful ?

  10. kittu supporter

    kittu is best thing happen after leap iam enjoying her through out the episode
    she is our dhakkad girl who stand against goons alone for her sister who try to misbehave with her sister
    and loving kribir nok jhok they are soo cute

  11. Mahimaa

    Loving kasam really a big fan of kratika dhi and sharad baya they are acting is really awesome.love watching kasam

  12. I love sharad and kratika. Both are fabulous actor s . Want to see their romantic side ,their care for each other and most important trust and understanding which was in tanu rishi but lacked in tanuja rush I . Also they should be there for each other . And I also want natasha and tanya knowing about their parents

  13. Kittu Is Right

    Wow here i read some non sense comment against kittu which doesnot make sense at all

    1: first i feel who saying non sense they are not daily watcher of kasam

    2: kittu make one point of view for ranbir she feel ranbir is cheap as she meet ranbir more then three times all the time she see ranbir with girls some time girls kissing him some time girl r close to him iss cheap nahi tho kya bolege ?

    3: some so called fans saying kittu dont know how to talk with celeb
    Celeb tho bada nicely baat kar raha hai hay na ? Its vice versa u cant blame kittu here only if kittu say one thing ranbir say two things if kittu as common girl bole tho galat celeb bole tho sai wah kya logic hai

    4 : here two three comment does not matter to ekta ya makers at all where in famous social platform like twitter ..facebook and instagram ppl showering the love for kittu as being strong and independent girl

    Our kittu keep shining

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