Kasam 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: AK gets upset with Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Beeji getting angry knowing Tanuja is in police lock up. Ahana says you have done wrong. Rishi says it was Manpreet’s idea. Ahana scolds him too. Rishi says if I had not told that, then AK would have married her. Ahana says I will bring her tomorrow. Beeji says what Tanuja must be going through and might be answering to AK about her marriage with Rishi. AK is restless in room and recalls Rishi telling him that Tanuja is his wife still. He thinks of Inspector’s words that Tanuja betrayed him. He hears Tanuja coming and pretends to be sleeping. She keeps water jug on table and covers him with blanket. Suddenly phone falls….she picks it up and keeps it back. Tujhme rab dikhta hai plays…..She goes. Ishq mera bezubaan plays…Ak opens his eyes.

Next morning, Tanuja sees

Maasi and Myra’s bags and says they are going. She thinks they are going as marriage haven’t happened? She feels bad. Rohit comes there and says he came to give her tickets. Tanuja says she will make tea for him. Rohit says if she is ok with the happening as everyone is leaving. Tanuja says she will try to stop them. Rohit says you are very strong, gives her tickets and goes. Natasha comes calling AK. Ak gets emotional and hugs her. He says you are my princess always. Tanuja gives him ticket and sees AK’s tickets also. She thinks even he is going.. AK thinks it is his mistake to bring Tanuja here.

Tanuja comes to him and gives him protein shake. He says he don’t want. She asks him why is he ignoring her and asks if he fired her and not taking them to London. AK says he really don’t know and asks her to ask Rishi. Tanuja says it is between them. AK says I am not Rishi. He goes. AK sits in car and thinks he don’t want to see her face now. Tanuja tries to stop him and calls him. AK picks the call and says he is going for meeting. Tanuja says I want to talk to you. AK says I am really going for meeting and have to wrap up everything.

Myra asks Maasi to be happy. Tanuja comes there and says AK is very angry and not talking to me. Maasi says you didn’t do anything and asks her not to blame herself. She says she wanted her to become her bahu, but it didn’t happen. She says tonight we are going back. Tanuja hugs her and cries. Maasi says they are going out and have lunch outside, will leave in evening. AK asks Driver to take him home and thinks why do he loves Tanuja so much, why can’t he say no to her. Natasha asks Tanuja to tell her story. Tanuja says it is day now. Natasha asks him to call Rishi. Tanuja says you are talking so much. Natasha says she will ask Papa. Tanuja makes her sleep. She thinks Natasha don’t know AK is going to London, how she will react.

AK tells Tanuja that he is feeling as a loser as Rishi snatched his daughter and wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The draging will go on. Tanuja reduced to begging AK…looks dumb.Always cooking nobody wants her food now. Please stop this nonsense Natasha must meet her father.Tanuja begging for her job. Abisheck needed her coz he loved Natasha. He wanted her to protect him from girls.. that is a dirty job ..degrading. Netra is going and coming back just to keep dragging the whole thing.What a mess.

    1. You dont try to teach lesson i think you are a big characterless person who learn only s*x on a relationship blo*dy play person

  2. I used to be on Tanuja’s side when people said..she is not innocent in all this.but now if I look at it.She was enjoying seeing two men fighing over her.She went against Abisheck refusing for Rishi to decorate for their functions. She enjoyed to use Rishi as a shoulder to cry on when she had se*ual feelings to her it was a game she wanted to show Rishi that she can win. She pretended that she did not want him,but start searching for him at the Mall and everywhere All this going round and round I know he is here nonsense.One dumb thing is for her to ask about Abisheck not taking her to London. Your job as a savinur is finished woman. You want him to get arrested for taking someone’s daughter without permission. I can’t believe Writers want to make her look dumb more. Your life style with Abisheck is finished. That is what happens if you live a lie even if the child’s father comes into picture you still want the child not to know his father. She wanted revenge so much in the end she is humiliated. Writers move on from this confusing story please.

  3. kary mind your language , its pops opinion what he thinks , people who dont have justification of their point knows only to abuse with dirt , and fighting over show characters just because you love your own fav character is so childish , this is the thing which i am not liking why people are defending characters , fandoms are fighting among themselves the show is for entertainment bro dont take it too seriously because writers and ekta are only not taking kasam seriously

  4. correct cindy tanuja is behaving immature she loves rishi , she will love rishi then why to mess ak ‘s life . so that she can keep father daughter seperate , i feel both sorry for rishi and ak because both love natasha lot but tanuja made both of them natasha’s father , this is common sense that you cannot hide something like this as one day the truth will surely come out and how will natasha feel how can she accept the thing .also if she really loved rishi she would have forgave him because true lovers just want the happiness of their partner but she is acting selfish and biased , just thinking of herself in pretext of natasha, because i feel now she started loving ak and she also loves rishi ,evey human being in life do mistakes but the person who forgives is considered great but tanuja behaving still rude , she is person living in past and she loves rishi so she should leave aside what people and society thinks and reunite with rishi , character of tanuja shown so feeble ,fragile and desperate is not looking nice make her look strong and wise enough to take decision by heart

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