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Rishi drinks on the road side, and speaks to himself that he wish Tanuja returns to his life. He is helpless and can’t bring her back; but she loves him dearly. He laughs he can’t give her any love, he wish to call her and she reaches from somewhere. He shouts her name as her voice echo. The driver comes to save him and requests him to go back home. Rishi orders him to leave, as he only wants to stay there. The driver still helps Rishi saying it’s too late already, his wife must be waiting. Rishi says he doesn’t know where his wife is, he wonders where she must be.
The lady politely moves towards Tanuja and says it’s good she had a soup. She drags Tanuja inside, while Tanuja tries to run outside. She calls her men to stop him.
Rishi was sitting in the car, recalling his times with

Tanuja. The men moves towards Tanuja while the lady holds her hand tight. Tanuja tries to run into a room and bolts the door. The lady calls on Tanuja to open the door, Tanuja calls from inside that she knows well what the woman wants from her. She has broken her trust, as she trusted her about helping innocent girls. The goons push the door to break the bolt. Tanuja finds a cupboard in the room, she opens the window and climbs downstairs using cloth pieces. The goons have succeeded entering the room. He lady calls Tanuja can’t leave Manorama’s house without her will. They spot Tanuja on the road, Manorama warns his men to bring Tanuja else not return. A goon argues they haven’t yet got the money for Tanuja, the lady warns them to go behind Tanuja and may kill anyone who comes between Tanuja and themselves.
Rishi passes by the temple and stops the car. The old lady spots Rishi and runs towards him. The lady says Tanuja has run away, Rishi was drunk and forbids recognizing Tanuja. The lady was worried that Tanuja has left somewhere. Rishi confirms again about who has left, then doesn’t recognize what she is saying. The lady insists that Tanuja might be in trouble and needs him. Rishi apologetically joins his hands and turns to leave in his car. Rishi gets in the car, wondering how this lady is related to him. Tanuja asks for help in the middle of road, but none stops. Manorama makes a call to get Tanuja back in any case. The goons reach Tanuja, a car stops by Tanuja and take her away in it. Tanuja thanks the men in car for helping her. One of them turns to promise he will take Tanuja to her right place.
Tanuja spots Manorama and tells the man in car, she is running away from this same lady. The man smiles, as Tanuja hides herself under the glass. She notices the car had stopped just beside Manorama. The man brings 51 lacs to Manorama instead of 50. Manorama twists Tanuja’s hand and says whenever she gets a girl, she leaves let her lose. Tanuja runs away but was surrounded by the goons. She pleads in front of them to leave her.
Manpreet comes to the room and finds Ahana lost in some thought. She says Raaj was right that Tanuja didn’t do anything. Manpreet wasn’t ready to listen to Ahana. Manpreet insists that Rano only hurts Tanuja for whatever happens and stops the topic saying he is sleepy. Ahana was upset, and looks towards the moon. She thinks Tannu always spoke to the moon, Rishi also spoke to moon. They were connected through each other through moon, and wish Tanuja and Rishi are again united. She wonders where Tanuja must be.
There, Manorama slaps Tanuja and says she has already been sold. She tells her to go with her buyer. Then tells the goon her men would get Tanuja to his customer.

PRECAP: Rishi watches Tanuja being taken in the car, as their cars move together. He calls Tanuja and stops the goon. The goons point a gun towards Rishi. Tanuja comes to push him from behind but the bullet was shot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shakaib

    I hope now Rishi and tanuja die together and their love story start with a fresh twists…. That last was so cruel. Wonder how ekta or writers get such ideas…lool…. I hope it has gone like banoo mai Teri dulhan… Tough I’ve not watched but after reading the story… It seems nice.

  2. silent reader 2

    dear Shakaib I remember two very special members who left d show & this page while ego katerine & NINA answered your question of how ekta getting these ideas sometimes back specially katerine explained ekta via her search on google….very well * ekta’s complicated personality * d very deep bitterness & darkness of her heart ruling her words & writing* she never had any lover* husband or partner*so how come she could be familiar with happiness *beauty & enjoyment of uniting two lovers like tanshi? according to d rumors * it seems * she has a constant fight in her personal life wit her identity * & it made her so cruel &stranger with being capable of making anyone including her audience happy & satisfy * she never listened to her viewers * as sign of respect *

  3. Kasam trp is 2 no more slot reader ishqbaaz is rocks 2.1 slot reader

  4. Kasam trp is 2 no more slot reader ishqbaaz is rocks 2.1 slot reader kasam is flop

  5. silent reader 2

    xxxxxxx * u must be vafa *no one else can defend this trash but u * or even one in million xxxxxxx is someone else *then must be her friend *nieghbour * or someone at her brain’s level *

  6. ohhhhhhhh got why she’s not changing her dress???

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