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Rano asks Sandy if he is still here. Sandy says he is Neha’s fiancé. Rano asks who Neha. He says she is Bani’s daughter and moves on. Bani scolds Neha that this Sandy isn’t leaving. She wonders if Rishi and Tannu are stuck together. Ahna hears Bani and Neha, Bani says to Neha she is Tannu for them and what if Tannu tells her the truth. Raaj prays for Rishi’s life.
Rishi was about to faint, Tannu holds him who fell on the floor. She places his head on her lap.
Ahan stops Neha and asks what Bani just said. Why they know her as Tannu. Neha says there is a ritual in their family about changing name after marriage, the Pandit asked her to change name before marriage so they know her as Tannu. Ahna watches her.
Tannu remembers their childhood memories. She thinks she has waited for him

since childhood, loved him and wants these moments to stay like they are. She faints as well. The firebrigade arrive, two men hold Rishi and help Tannu out of the hotel. Tannu recalls her mother’s words that she and Rishi’s fate are connected, Rishi will always need her when he will be in trouble. Tannu promises Rishi that she will never leave him in trouble. She keeps a hand on his shoulder as she walks out. They lay on stretchers hand in hand. Firebrigade calls the ambulance and informs there are two people. The boy is fainted and the girl is also not well. Tannu wakes up, she calls Rishi and struggles to stand up to hold his face and calls him to open his eyes. She rubs his hands asking him to open his eyes, gets even worried when he doesn’t move. She keeps her head over his chest to hear the heartbeat, then rubs his hands again asking him to speak to her. He clutches her hand finally. She cries keeping her head over his chest. She was moved at once, Rishi wakes up coughing. Tannu cheers. He opens his eyes weakly and says even death can’t set them apart, they are made for each other. Its for the first time with him, coughs again, what he feels, he doesn’t know what and why this happens but he only wants to live with him for his lifetime. Tannu smiles. He says he… shuts his eyes. Tannu was again worried and asks him to wake up. The ambulance arrives and the staff takes Rishi. Tannu was happy about Rishi’s words.
Tannu looks at the moon, she says she wait for seventeen years. The moon knows what Rishi is for her, today she knows what she is for Rishi. He said his heart out, inspite of such tough times. Bani comes behind Tannu, Tannu says only the moon knows what happened between her and Rishi today. She turns to see Bani standing there, she slaps Tannu hard and says moon is deaf and dumb but she isn’t. She calls Tannu characterless, she didn’t know the girl who seems so simple will show her this day. She was crazy to keep them at her home, Guljeet is trying hard to pay off her father’s debts. Tannu says Rishi said himself. Bani says Rishi is an American, he speaks to anyone in the same way. Bani says it was good her parents had already died, if Shanta taught her this. Tannu cries.
At home everyone was around when doctors was observing Rishi. He says this was good luck that saved Rishi from such a big accident. He asks them all to let him rest. Manpreet wakes Rishi, Rano also calls him. Raaj says all the credit goes to Tannu, she called fire brigade at the last moment. Rishi murmurs Tannu’s name. Raaj asks Guljeet to get Tannu here.
Neha asks Swati what would be this diamond’s cost. Swati says it must be 20 to 25 lacs. Guljeet comes to her and gets her there. Neha comes to the room, Raaj thanks Neha for saving his son’s life. He scolds Rano for saying a lot to Neha and Bani. He asks her to apologize them. Rano says she won’t say sorry, but Raaj scolds her. She says sorry angrily. Rishi calls Tannu again. Raaj says he is calling her. Neha sits with him, holds his hand and says she is near to him. Tannu’s talk echo in his mind, he sits up and looks around asking for Tannu. Rano was happy that Tannu is in his senses. He asks about Tannu. Raaj points at Neha that she is here. Neha holds his hand saying she is Tannu. Rishi says she isn’t Tannu, he walks outside the room looking around. He comes out, their childhood flashes in his mind. He walks outside towards Tannu’s room. Rano says Rishi didn’t recognize Tannu, his mind must be effected. Bani says it is all because he was hurt at head. Bee ji says may be he thinks someone else to be Tannu. Rano asks where Rishi has gone. Raaj asks where Rishi has gone. Bani nods at Neha.
Tannu stood by the wall, lost and upset. Rishi enters the room and comes to her. He keeps a hand on her shoulder and asks what she is doing here. Tannu was alert. Rishi says he wanted to see her as he opened his eyes. He says everything is fine, he has to tell her a lot of things that he will tell her today. If she is listening? He says when he first saw her beneath this bulb he felt there is something between them. It was written that they had to meet. Tannu’s tear fell off her eyes. He holds her face and asks her not to cry, everything is fine. Her love, her faith on this love, her wait; all has worked. He is completely fine. She had saved him from falling in childhood, and today from fire. His papa ji said their birthcharts are connected, it was rubbish for him but now he knows this is true. Fate exists. Her eyes has waited for him for years, and today he is here; she saved his life. His life, his heartbeat and everything is hers. He hugs her, she as shocked. She pushes him away saying she isn’t that Tannu, with whom his birthchart matches, who saved him, who waited for him, who loved him. He says she is lying. She says this is true, her name isn’t Tannu but Tanvi.

PRECAP: Tannu says no, chacha chachi has saved her home, how she can break their happiness. Rishi says he has been telling her that she is Tannu but she doesn’t agree.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi guys dis is harshi iam new for this site I love this kasam…

  2. Tanu Plz understand Rishi’s feelings and God Plz make Tanshi Unite….
    Go to hell Bani n Neha.

  3. So beautiful. …

  4. when ever we think everything will be fine some or the other things happen

  5. Nice episode but i hate that bani and i just want to kill her

  6. devishivakumar

    Nice episode

  7. Wow!tooo good episode..waiting for Tannu’s confesion that she is only who is made for Rishi…Thnku so very much Sona for written updates..keep it up.☺☺☺☺

  8. Nice episode. I really like this couple.?

  9. nice episode…how dare that evil bani aunty slap tannu?? and now why tannu lie..ahna would get it that their uncle and aunt are making them fool..

  10. I hate bani and her family i didn’t understand why tannu lied to rishi that she isn’t tannu.hope ahna will do something to make her sis happy

  11. Shraddha Sharma

    Now i started this show… but how can chachi fall so low vo yeh kaise bhul gyi ki agr aaj tannu na hoti to uski beti ki shadi ka sapna rishi se adhura rehe jaata… and moreover rishi and uski family hi bahar se aaye hai but pure pindh wale ( village ke log) tannu or neha ko nhi jaante kya jo vo log bhi itni galti kr rehe hai, and rishi ke confession ke baad bhi tannu apna sach chuppa rehi hai, not fare ….

  12. Oh plz can someone shoot this wicked witch Bani???????? Hate her to the core!!! How dare she is to slap Tannu!!! Tanshi moments were super cute & awsome!! Tannu shouldn’t have lied to Rishi!!! I think their misunderstandings will get cleared on Neha’s wedding day!!!!! Any ways, waiting for the epi they both confess to each other!!! Luv Tanshi!!!?????

  13. I love rishi&tanu .
    Thanks for the update sona ji. Pls unite tanshi .
    Go to hell bani nd neha.

  14. Unite tanu and rushi.
    Love their jodi

  15. Just hate bani like hell…. selfish ,greedy, …

  16. Hate bani nd neha.plz unite tanu nd rishi??????

  17. day by day this serial is just rocking.rishi’s hug was nice but feel bad for tanu that she hav to veil her love for rishi.i think rishi will not believe that she is tanvi.unite tanshi as soon as possible.i want to see tanshi mote romance.they r really superb.chachi is really a haddi in kabob coming between tanshi’s love.

  18. I hateeeeeeeee bani! Y is she hell bent on breaking tanshi? I can’t wait for tanshi to unite! ❤️ But I’m scared that kasam might end aswell bcoz that’s wat happened with meri aashiqui tumse hi bcoz they kept creating misunderstandings and the main part we actually want to watch is tanshi together!!!!!

  19. oh God plz unite them .i LOVE kasam very much

  20. Wow superb episode tha,just hate bani and her greedy family,koi paise ke liyay itna gir sakta hai,i wish tanu khud bani aur us ki greedy family ko shoot kare.how dare she slapped my lovely jaani kratika?:-[

  21. So marvellous serial. I loved it a lot waiting for tomorrows….?

  22. Oh….what beautiful couple are they.
    Tanu and rishi love u .
    Just what to kill bani and her daughter.
    Waiting for the time when Tanu will tell ever one the truth….
    happy that rishi knows and loves the really Tanu.


  23. Loved how Rishi went to see Tanu after becoming conscious. Lovely dialogues in that scene.

  24. Guys do you know that kratika was famous because of her talent of acting,she is now 28 years old but still is a cute actress:-),love u kratika sweetie:-)

  25. Rishi u r d best best romantic hero. all d best

  26. Love this serial

  27. I think that tanu should not lie to rishi that she is tanvi,too bad,when rishi said the things to her when he was on stretcher,she was looking much happier than before but bani ne phir usay bharka dia,mujhay bani se nafrat hai,hate her and her daughter,mujhay lag raha hai ke sandy ko sab pata chal gaye ga aur wo neha ko shoot kar de ga phir khud ko,dilchasb aur amaizing story hai,love it? Same as “kis desh main hai mera dil”

  28. Neha/bani and their family are awful.

    How much longer will they get away with all these lies.

    Ahana knows the truth
    Rishi’s gran put tanu’s hand into rishi’s before the dance
    Manpreet and his cousin know who tanu’s is but no one is saying anything.
    Manpreet and rishi’s also know that neha’s is sandy’s girl.

    Lovely show but moving very very very slowly at the moment.

  29. Hai Rishi. Tamil star KAMALGASAN romantic & Emotional scean a minjitinga. Super.

  30. I love diz episode alot…love u de more @ tanshi…to hell wif neha

  31. i love diz episode alot…luv u @ tanshi

  32. Sharad is also handsome and cute actor,but now he’s 33 years old:-),just love tanshi,kratika and sharad both rock in this serial

  33. i love tanu rishi

  34. I hate kasam & tanshi

  35. xxxxxx u are mad or what everyone are telling u dont like to watch then dont watch and dont comment bad on kasam.i think u are fan of matsh.

  36. Love u rishi ..nd plz say tanu that u love her ..nd plzz tanu ..ab toh bol douh ki i love u ..
    Hope tum dono real life main bhi couple hote

    1. Kahan mohini yaar:-(,jab se sharad aur divyanka ka breakup hua tha,tab se sharad boht upset rehne lage they,leikn jab se unhey kasam main hero ka role mila,wo boht khush nazar aane lage:-)love u sharad! U ‘re the best actor,u and kratika rock in kasam

  37. Nazneen Begum

    Since diz drama hs strtd everytme tnu iz cryng if dey both will reunte nthngg will chnge as tnu will die in ftre ri8

  38. i want ahana to say truth only with rishi and they have plan to do something for neha and her family.

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