Kasam 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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In the hospital, Tanuja recalls Rishi’s hate for her. She says she can see his love in his anger. Why it seems he belongs to her, it hurts when she come to know he didn’t come to see her. She was sure to come to him.
Rishi walks through the corridor wondering how a girl could fall so much. Vidhi was in the room, Rishi begin cursing her considering her a Tanuja. She explains Rishi about Tanuja, but he shuts her up not ready to get in her family’s trap. Vidhi wonders what Rishi would do when he looks towards Tanuja resembling Tannu now.
Tanuja passes the same spot where Rishi used to come crying for her. She watches a temple, and goes to pray there for courage to share the truth with Rishi. This was all a coincidence, she has no mistake in this all. The auto driver calls her back, she

hurries inside. In the auto, she thinks Rishi must not be angry at her for what she hasn’t done.
Bani and Neha follow Rishi if he met Tanuja. Rishi leaves without replying. They come to the room, Vidhi was talking on call. She informs the ladies Tanuja has left, Rishi was so angry when he came here. Bani and Neha were ready to keep Tanuja at their home, she is their loveable daughter, and she will take care of them if they care for her. Vidhi tells them Tanuja has gone to Rishi’s house, Bani and Neha cheer.
Rishi comes to Ahana instructing her about pooja preparations. Bee ji asks Rano to sometime scold Divia as well. Rano tells them Divia has gone for cooking classes. Bee ji says no matter what, Divia can never cook well. Rano seconds that Divia at least try. Ahana turns to go towards her room to get a few things of pooja there. Rano goes to get coins.
Upstairs, Ahana brings Pooja thaal to Rano, Rano shares that this day is a huge one. Today Raam’s Seeta entered his home. She prays for her Rishi’s Seeta, as he is incomplete and lonely since last twenty years. Tanuja stops at Beji house, it had started to rain. She walks towards the house and rings the bell. John comes to open the door, Tanuja introduces herself but John doesn’t recognize her. She wants to meet Rishi, then thinks about asking for Raaj. John asks her to wait here, he will get him. Tanuja walks inside.
Rano shares with Ahana that it’s her heart’s call that Rishi’s Seeta would surely come. She asks for the thaal to welcome Seeta, the thaal drops just in Tanuja’s feet. Rano and Ahana were shocked to see Tanuja as she looks up towards them. Ahana calls her as Di and hurries downstairs, Rano follows her. Ahana pleasantly comes to look at Tanuja, recalling her times with Tannu. Ahana walks towards Tanuja, crying… getting flashes from her and Tannu’s past.

PRECAP: Bee ji cheers that her and Rishi’s Tannu is back. Tannu turns to the famil which was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Sia

    I just want to throw some stones to that idiots (neha n bani)….selfish n shameless people ever….anyways waiting for ahana to hug tanuja….

  2. Ekta

    Nice Episode! But I hate ahana when she make faces when anyone talks about Rishi’s marriage.Missing shivani a lot.

  3. Sona

    Last scene was awesome especially when ahana walk toward tanu ja crying n getting the flashes from her n tanu past, really awesome

  4. Ali

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    all the tanshi fans in this page who that twitter please vote for tanshi on twitter.please please please guys votefor tanshi.
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  5. ALI



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  6. honey

    Dearest Maryam I left a reply to your very last comment, date: 16 September . please kindly take a look at it . your honesty made my sister cry and me to brake my word and just for this once replay to your
    pure fact comment . ( thanks )

  7. honey

    (THANKS) n=infinity supposed to be the power for (thanks) sorry, that on my message has been printed away from the actual place.

  8. Sushmita

    Why is there so much of confusion n drama ..plz b realistic wid the slot ..the writers must have gone lunatic n makin whole thing complicated.there is a limit for rubishness n practically thinkin the concept is goin in vein..show somethin real n authentic n fictional show wont ve this much evil side.i feel pity how they are murdering the lead character,showin her helpless,clueless..n wat kind of love r they depictin. Let the lead male die..he has no right to survive after keepin all blame to her lady love n tryin to b cool.the whole drama is pain in ****.

  9. Luna

    Nina2 and hony, this is my last reply to both of u. Just bcoz someone agreed to both of u does’nt mean it has become a fact. U both r not Gods and the world does’nt revolves around u. If ppl don’t agree with u take it lightly. Everyone has the right to express their views, not just both of u. So get ur head out of sand.

  10. Luna

    Maryam, I’m sorry for doubting u. I just said what I felt as this is a public forum and here everyone can express their views frankly. As for the fights I’ve created here it was Vafa,Nina2 and hony who started the fight with me by continuosly bashing me without getting my point. I be sweet to those who be sweet with me and nasty to those who be nasty with me, that’s it.

  11. Adithi

    Wow.. This was something beyond my expectations .. What I felt about tanuja meeting bedi family was something else but they showed it brilliantly.. I’m very glad that I’m tanshi fan.. Waiting for rishi to meet tanu as tanuja…
    But as many I too felt that I’m watching tanu not tanuja.. The concept is her face changed due to plastic surgery.. But the director changed the character which tanuja possessed before surgery.. That non stop taking, continuously active girl is missing.. We have to feel like it’s tanuja not tanu.. Director’s should keep note on this..
    Anyways tanshi rocks…

  12. ishani

    Hi vafa I will surely vote for tanshi on Twitter.
    Well I think guys we should not be a silent reader we should share our views if we can.

  13. Pradishma

    Kratika is looking beautiful …
    But just i want her to be portrayed a sTanuja..
    I still remember how tanuja behaved while she got beeji home..She was asking for water and everything ,just like boss of the house..
    I wish to see kratika in same chirpy nature of tanuja…
    Dont make her character like that of Tannu pls…
    Waiting to see what sandy would do on seeing tanu’s face,,
    I am very sure Rishi will obviously blame tanuja about plastic surgery and consider her a looter..
    Tanju dont be like tannu, Teach mani and neha such lessons that they run away from u and rishi

  14. MARYAM

    somesons that vote cannot open or twitter cannot open they should install on theircomputer or theri phone antifelter and so through it open every page that want opened while already cannot open that page.

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